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Player Information
Kelby Williams
May 3, 1988 (1988-05-03) (age 30)
Total Earnings:
2009-08 – 2011-02
2011-02-16 – 2011-05-09
2011-06-25 – 2012-03-28

Kelby "iNkA" Williams is an American Protoss player formerly playing for Quantic Gaming. iNkA played Protoss in Brood War and currently plays as Protoss in StarCraft II.


iNkA has been playing StarCraft since 2001. He played Terran until 2006 when he decided to "race switch" by playing TvP, PvT, and PvZ. He became a full blown Protoss player in 2008, which is the year he started to play StarCraft competitively. He played for teams such as Micro Gamerz (a top European team) and Nerds at Work (a top Swedish team) until the summer of 2009 in which his skill increased significantly and he was invited to join Evil Geniuses.

On February 16, 2011, Lazarus Gaming announced iNkA as their new recruit.[1] iNkA also served as Lazarus Gaming management. Lazarus Gaming folded in early May 2011. iNkA went teamless for about a month until he was picked up on June 25 by the newly formed Quantic Gaming. On March 28, he parted ways with Quantic Gaming.[2]

Wings of Liberty[edit]

iNkA's first notable achievement after the StarCraft II beta was a third place in the TeamSpeak TL Open 16. iNkA defeated Ryze and PredY then lost to MajOr for a respectable third place.

On August 23, it was announced iNkA would be playing in the NASL 2, in a group alongside superstars Sen, Ret and SeleCT. There, he ended the season with a 2-5 record, managing to defeat SeleCT and iNcontroL.[3]

His performance in NASL 2 earned him a spot in its third season, however, he chose to retire from professional gaming, causing NASL to hold a poll, where MC was voted to replace him.[4]


In A3Minor and A5Monthly tournaments
2011-10-292ndTexas StarCraft Showdown1 : 2 State$500
2010-08-152ndGreen Forest E-Café: 1st Green Forest Tournament1 : 3 PainUser$300
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