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Icebound Esports

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[e][h]Icebound Esports
Team Information
Chris "BoO" Yap
Team Earnings:
December 2018

Icebound Esports is an American based StarCraft team.

On January 18, 2021, the owner announced that the team was going on an indefinite hiatus.

BoO's Statement: Hey guys. Unfortunately with everything that has happened in the last year with covid and judging the state of the Starcraft scene, but today I am making the decision to put icebound on an indefinite hiatus. I really enjoyed ride and hope maybe sometime in the future when the world is less crazy we can run it back. Thank you to everyone who supported us.


  • January 10, FoxeR leaves the team.[1]
  • January 15, DisReSpeCT leaves the team.[2]
  • January 18, the team enters an indefinite hiatus.

Player Roster[edit]

Active at the Time of Disbandment[edit]

Former Players
IDNameJoin DateLeave DateNew Team
United StatesCalebAracousCaleb Jones2019-02-162021-01-18
United StatesKozanBlaine O'Brien2019-04-182021-01-18
United StatesNycroJoshua Kanter2018-12-282021-01-18
United StatesSeigifriedPeter Spoto2019-04-032021-01-18
BrazilTurkeyDanoDaniel Fernandes2019-04-182021-01-18
United StatesWildGameBrian Flores2019-04-032021-01-18


Former Players
IDNameJoin DateLeave DateNew Team
United StatesDisReSpeCTBrian Rowntree2019-07-162021-01-15 Intensity eSports
United StatesFoxeRMatt Harris2019-10-082021-01-10 Genesis Gaming
United StatesRhizerRohin Gulati2018-12-282020-10-08 Archangel Gaming
United StatesJardozerJared Collins2019-05-012020-12-23 Archangel Gaming
United StatesTruthMonty Kelm2019-10-112021-01-15 Archangel Gaming


ID Name Position
United States BoOChris Yap Owner/CEO
United States RibeyeLogan Schiff CMO
United States SieGeNolan Arnold Player Manager
United States ManipulationKyle Roberts Player Manager
United States ModeMark Haber Editor in Chief

Team Achievements[edit]

2020-09-02FA6thA3MinorNA Team League Rumble 3NA Team League Rumble 30-5Grp S.$0
2020-08-30BA2ndA4BasicAlpha SC2 Team League: Season 16 NA ProAlpha SC2 Team League: Season 16 NA Pro0 : 3$72
2020-06-17BA2ndA3MinorNA Team League Rumble 2NA Team League Rumble 20 : 4$90
2020-03-28BA2ndA3MinorNA Team League RumbleNA Team League Rumble2 : 4$90
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