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[e][h]International e-Sports Federation
Company Information
Sports federation
11 August 2008
Seoul, South Korea
Key people:
Won Suk Oh (General Secretary)

The International e-Sports Federation (IeSF) is an e-sports organization created in 2008, which holds every year an international tournament, bringing together countries to compete in video games.


In 2008, the International e-Sports Federation was formed. One year later, an event was held titled "IeSF 2009 Challenge" in Taebeck, South Korea, with Warcraft III and FIFA Online 2 as official titles, and A.V.A as an exhibition title. In 2010, the "IeSF 2010 Grand Final" was held with the same official titles, but with more participating countries.

2011 marked the start of StarCraft II as an official title, in the "IeSF 2011 World Championship", held in Andong, South Korea, alongside FIFA Online 2. In 2012, the FPS title A.V.A finally became an official title, as for the fighting game Tekken Tournament Tag 2. StarCraft II players will also compete in this event, the "IeSF 2012 World Championship".

In 2013, the "IeSF 2013 World Championship" featured a female-only tournament. In 2014, the "IeSF 2014 World Championship" will feature men's and women's StarCraft II competitions.


Event Location Date Winner Runner-Up TL Articles Notes
IeSF 2011 World Championship South Korea Andong 2011-10-06 / 2011-10-10 Sweden  SjoW Netherlands  Grubby R&S
IeSF 2012 World Championship South Korea Cheonan 2012-10-02 / 2012-10-06 Austria  monchi Romania  NightEnD R&S
IeSF 2013 World Championship Romania Bucharest 2013-11-01 / 2013-11-03 Sweden  MaddeLisk France  Akane R&S Women only
IeSF 2014 World Championship Azerbaijan Baku 2014-11-12 / 2014-11-17 Korea (South)  Zest Sweden  Zanster R&S Mixed
China  Mayuki Finland  Soyhi R&S Women only
7th e-Sports World Championship South Korea Seoul 2015-12-02 / 2015-12-05 Finland  Serral China  JieShi Mixed


Medals won per Race[edit]

Terran 1 0 0
Protoss 2 3 3
Zerg 3 3 3

Medals won per Player[edit]


   Sweden  SjoW  -  Austria  monchi  -  Sweden  MaddeLisk  -  Korea (South)  Zest  -  China  Mayuki  -  Finland  Serral


   Netherlands  Grubby  -  Romania  NightEnD  -  France  Akane  -  Sweden  Zanster  -  Finland  Soyhi  -  China  JieShi


   Romania  DeathAngel  -  Russian Federation  Verdi  -  Canada  kaitlyn  -  Romania  NightEnD  -  Sweden  QueenE  -  Philippines  EnDerr

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