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incredible Panic

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[e][h]incredible Panic
Team Information
Alexander "Fast" Zdunkevich
Kirill "KiiRjek" Ketov
Team Earnings:
$2,352 USD
Player Breakdown
Number of Players:

incredible Panic was a Russian multigaming game clan with divisions in StarCraft II, Quake Live, DotA, Counter-Strike 1.6, Call of Duty 2 and 4, League of Legends and WarCraft III. The clan also organised the Incredible Panic Team League.

The clan seems to have disbanded in the first quarter of 2013.



  • January 14, RZP joins iP.
  • February 10, OutSide and InHeartBeat leave iP.[2]
  • February 12, kinder and AvaTaR join iP, while Meamury and Harry join iP.Int.[3]
  • March 11, AvaTaR retires to play Poker.[4]
  • April 2, CrunCher joins iP.[5]
  • April 3, Ack1y, Rainman and Nce join iP.[6]
  • April 29, Unix left iP and joined 3D Clan.[7]
  • May 26, RZP, my-love and Mef1STo left iP. Helios and xydou left iP.Int.[8]
  • May 27, manager gL1de left iP.[9]
  • June 8, ACME is new general sponsor of iP.[10]
  • June 14, The team announced restructuring, and the departure of most of their team in preparation for the new season of IPL.[11]
  • June 27, the team announced Satiini as a new player.[12]
  • July 7, CoolTea and Chelovek join iP, while IntoXi leaves.[13]
  • August 18, The International roster is revamped, and Chelovek moves to iP.Int.[14]
  • October, Control joins from zNation. CoolTea is no longer on the roster.[15]
  • November 12, Satiini leaves to join Mistral eSport.[16]
  • December 18, Satiini rejoins after promises are not fulfilled by Mistral eSport.[17]
  • January 11, Turuk joins iP
  • January 31, Strange joins iP
  • April 7, New players: LuckyFish and OutSide
  • May 28, Siw joins iP
  • August 2, Turuk leaves iP
  • August 22, MuLLIka joins iP
  • August 28, LuckyFish leaves iP
  • September 12, Ciara joins iP
  • November 18, Ciara leaves iP [18]
  • January 7, iP Multigaming Team is formed
  • April 15, iP StarCraft II Team is formed
  • May 30, As a result of open enrollment in team, Joy, aShas, Mangas and Odin join iP
  • August 3, iP StarCraft II Girls Team is formed
  • August 7, Cake and Garnath join iP
  • August 12, Underdark joins iP
  • September 3, Unix joins iP
  • September 5, iP StarCraft II Germany Team is formed
  • September 11, Kroshko joins iP Girls Team
  • October, White-Ra becomes a legionary of team iP on RPL
  • October 4, Manning, Ashbringer and DaiMon- join iP
  • October 5, iP StarCraft II Germany Team changes name for incredible Panic International
  • November 11, Announcement of team league incredible Panic Team League
  • November 15, Verdi joins iP.Int
  • November 21, my-love and Kai (2v2 players) join iP
  • December 7, New players from StarCraft 1 - damaGe and Bylat
  • December 10, Snake and Cake leave iP and join Guild of Imbalance
  • December 12, sLivko and Mazay join iP
  • December 27, XuTPbluKoT joins iP

Player Roster[edit]

Notable Former[edit]

Former Players
IDNameJoin DateLeave DateNew Team
RussiaAbverAlexey Drunin201?-??-??201?-??-?? RoX
UkraineCrazyRabbitOleg Gerashchenko201?-??-??201?-??-?? 7x Team
United StatesCrunCherAbdulaziz Abed2012-03-022013-??-??
UkraineFriendAnton Yashchenko201?-??-??2013-??-?? Cascade
RussiaK1nderAndrei Yermakov2012-02-12201?-??-??
RussiacontrolYaroslav Popov201?-??-??201?-??-?? 7x Team
UkraineOutSideRoman Emelyanov2011-04-07201?-??-?? NCM Clan
FinlandSatiiniJuha-Matti Backström2012-06-272012-11-12 Cascade
RussiaSiwVladimir Syzranov2011-05-282012-??-?? Team Empire
RussiasLivkoArtem Garavtso2010-12-132011-06-23 NCM Clan
RussiaSnakeDmitry Grigoryev201?-??-??2010-12-10 Guild of Imbalance
RussiaTurukConstantin Arzhavitin2011-01-112011-08-02 NewRoSoft
UkraineUnderdarkAlexander Golik2010-08-122010-??-?? Virus Gaming


Staff at time of Disbandment
ID Name Position
Belarus FastAlexander Zdunkevich Manager
Russia KiiRjekKirill Ketov Manager

Team Achievements[edit]

2011-07-30BA2ndA3MinorRussian-language Pro League 4Russian-language Pro League 40 : 4$2,000
2011-03-11AA1stA9Undefinedincredible Panic Team League Season 1incredible Panic Team League Season 18 : 5$0
2010-11-20BA2ndA3MinorRussian-language Pro League 2Russian-language Pro League 22 : 4$352
Complete list of results in any tournament


Earnings Statistics

Team Medal Statistics


1v1 Medal Statistics


Note: This table shows the medals won by players
in 1v1 events while on the team.


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