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Incredible Panic Team League Season 3

[e][h]incredible Panic Team League Season 3
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The incredible Panic Team League Season 3 is the third edition of the incredible Panic Team League, organized by incredible Panic. It will feature three divisions and a $1,500 prize pool. Ten teams faced each other for six seeds into the Playoffs in Division 1, while ten other teams placed in Division 2 competed for three seeds into the Up and Down matches. The victor in the Playoffs wins the League and $1000, plus some hardware prizes.

On October 31, 2011, a trailer[1] was released on YouTube to introduce the 8 teams already qualified for Division 1. On November 8, 2011, additional details were given, including information about the qualification process.[2] Virus Gaming, which disbanded on November 1, 2011,[3] did not participate in Season 3. Therefore, an additional seed was available.

On December 27, 2011, incredible Panic announced a third division, the Russian Division. The format is the same as for the other divisions.[4]

On March 19, 2012, a new map pool was announced to replace the old map pool used during Group Stage.[5]


The Incredible Panic Team League Season 3 format.


  • First Qualifier
    • The 64 teams participating to the first Qualifier are divided into 2 brackets, Group A and Group B.[6]
    • The teams losing their first round match are disqualified.
    • From Round 2 to Round 5, losing teams go down to the Losers Grid bracket.
    • The winners of each group bracket compete for a seed in Division 1.
    • The loser of this match face the winner of the Losers Grid bracket, for a second seed in Division 1.
  • Second Qualifier
    • This season, a third seed in Division 1 is available through a second Qualifier.[7]
  • Ten teams have been picked from this Qualification stage to participate in Division 2: eight teams from the first Qualifier and two teams from the second Qualifier.

Round-robin stage[edit]

  • Division 1 (10 teams)
    • The top six teams qualify for the Division 1 Playoffs, and are automatically qualified for next season's Division 1.
    • The teams 7-9 go to the Up and Down matches.
    • The bottom team is qualified for Division 2 of season four.
  • Division 2 (10 teams)
    • Top team qualifies for next season's Division 1.
    • The teams 2-4 are qualified for the Up and Down matches.
    • The teams 5-6 are qualified for next season's Division 2 (they are able to participate in the qualifiers for Division 1).
  • Russian Division (10 teams)
    • The top six teams are qualified for the Russian Division Playoffs.
    • A VPS server from timeweb is given to the winner of the Playoffs.

These three divisions used the round-robin schedule.


The qualified teams of Division 1 compete in a 6-team bracket:

  • In Round 1, 4th place faces 5th place and 3rd place faces 6th place.
  • 1st place faces the winner of the match between 4th and 5th place.
  • 2nd place faces the winner of the match between 3rd and 6th place.
  • Losers of the first round are eliminated.
  • From Round 2, the bracket format is double-elimination.

The format is the same for the Division 1 Playoffs and the Russian Division Playoffs.

Up and Down matches[edit]

  • The winners of the following matches qualify for next season's Division 1:
    • Division 1 9th place vs. Division 2 2nd place
    • Division 1 8th place vs. Division 2 3rd place
    • Division 1 7th place vs. Division 2 4th place
  • The losers qualify for next season's Division 2 (they will be able to participate in the qualifiers for Division 1).

Clan war format[edit]

Each clan war is played with the following format:

  • Coaches pick 4 players before the matches.
  • Organizers select the first map.
  • A player is able to achieve consecutive wins against the other team until he is defeated.
  • When a player loses, the next player from the team takes his place and selects the map.

Prize Pool[edit]

The $1,500 prize pool will be spread among the teams as following.

Additionally, 3 Razer Arctosa and 2 Abyssus will be given to the victorious team.


Invited Teams
FXO.CIS Team Empire Alien Invasion
RoX incredible Panic ESC
eSuba Virus Gaming
Qualified Teams
Team vioesports BLAST
  • Virus Gaming disbanded on November 1, 2011 and did not participate.[3]
  • Team vioesports participated in the qualifiers as Team Sypher, but on December 23, 2011, it was announced that the StarCraft 2 division of Team Sypher left the team, but continued to play under the name "Team vioesports".[8]
  • eSahara could not play the league. They were replaced by BLAST, which placed third in the first Qualifier.[9]
  • Since Guild of imbalance and FXOpen parted ways in March 2012,[10] the team Guild of Imbalance was replaced by FXOpen e-Sports just before Week 9. All of the players who represented Guild of Imbalance in the previous weeks have joined FXOpen e-Sports.


ESC Gaming
Team Empire

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