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Indie Starcraft Team League

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[e][h]Indie Starcraft Team League
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The Indie Starcraft Team League is a team league organized by iMpulse eSports, it features amateur teams competing for a chance to win the prize pool.




  1. Players may not use 3rd party Add-ons.
  2. Players may not alter game files or modify drivers.
  3. Players may not disable the “Save All Replays” gameplay option, remove a replay, or copy a replay.
  4. Players may not have streams open.
  5. Any sign of cheating may result in a forfeit of the game, disqualification from the league, forfeit of a prize, and/or a ban from a future team league.
  6. In the case of a Computer/Monitor/ malfunction, the game may be restarted from the beginning, determined by the Commissioner of the Team League.
  7. If a Player fails to report to the game within 15 minutes of when their team chooses them to play a game, they will forfeit the map. If a second player fails to report to their game within 15 minutes of when the player is selected, the team will forfeit the match.
  8. Players may ask their Commissioner for an extended break between games. The Commissioner may set a time limit by the end of which the player must be ready to play their upcoming game or they may also deny the player’s request. Players may forfeit a game(s) if they haven’t reported to their upcoming game by the end of their Commissioner’s set time limit.
  9. In order to dispute game results, players must notify the Commissioner that they would like to protest the game before a new game has begun.
  10. Players may request that they be allowed to concede victory of a Game. Players may request that their opponent not receive a Forfeit penalty.
  11. Requests made pertaining to General Rules #9-10 will be decided upon by the Commissioner.
  12. Teams and Players participating in ISTL are expected to be ready for each of their matches; further Teams must have their players and map choice decisions ready for each consecutive game. Timers will begin after a match finishes.
  13. There will be a mandatory 5 minute break between each match, In which teams will relay players and maps to Stream Host. If teams pass the 5 minute time they will be given a warning and after 10 minutes a penalty match will be scored against them.
  14. Stream Hosts will be designated for each game.
  15. Players who break these rules will be given a warning. Each subsequent warning that a player receives will result in a Forfeit of the Game.

Conduct Rules[edit]

  1. Players may not pause a game unnecessarily.
  2. Players may not chat about companies, sponsors, or products.
  3. Players may not chat excessively.
  4. Players must disable toast notifications in the options.
  5. Players must set their status to Busy.

Gameplay Rules[edit]

  1. Players who stream cheat or are given information from someone viewing the stream during a game, will forfeit the game.
  2. No race switching is allowed after you have chosen a race for the first game you play. (With prior notice to the match beginning exceptions can be applied)
  3. If a game is started without the approval of the broadcasters it will be restarted from the beginning.
  4. Players who quit out of a Game before it has ended, without Referee’s permission, will forfeit the game.
  5. Players who are disqualified prior to the start of a Game will not be allowed to play in the game. Players who are disqualified during a game must quit out of the game.
  6. A broadcaster will host all games in the match.
  7. Only official streamers may connect to a game as an observer. Inviting someone to observe a match, without permission from a tournament official, will result in a warning. Each subsequent warning that a player receives will result in a forfeit of the game.
  8. If a Player loses their connection to the host during a game or their connection becomes unstable, the in-game disconnect timer will be used. If the timer reaches 0, the Commissioner of the Team League will decide whether the game should be replayed or a winner should be declared.
  9. If an observer loses their connection to the game, but both players remain in the game, the game must continue.
  10. One team must always be blue and the other must be red. This is determined prior to the first game and then the team must continue as the same color for the entire match. Not following this rule will result is a game restart until the colors are correct.
  11. If a Game ends in a tie, it must be replayed.

Map Selection[edit]

  1. The map for Game 1 of all matches will be chosen by the Commissioner prior to the match.
  2. The loser team of a game must select the map and player for the next game.
  3. No map may be played more than once in a best of 7 match.
  4. Winning team is allowed 1 veto per selection.
  5. No map will be considered as having been used in a game that is forfeited.

Players are advised to show up 30 minutes before match. Admins are available to answer the players' questions.

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