Inferno Online League

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The Inferno Online League is a league organized by the Swedish internet cafe Inferno Online in Stockholm featuring the games Counter-Strike 1.6, Heroes Of Newearth, FIFA11 and Starcraft 2. It is currently on its 3rd season and its first complete season season featuring Starcraft 2 as a continuation of the success of the Inferno Online SC2 Cup 1. Each season is divided into four parts and a grand final, a FINAL4, IOL 3 held its FINAL4 at DreamHack Summer 2011.


Tournament Date Winner Runner-Up
IOL SC2 Cup 1 2010-08-01  SjoW  MorroW
IOL 3.1 2010-11-14  Bischu  SjoW
IOL 3.2 Wildcard  MorroW -
IOL 3.3 2011-05-08  NaNiwa  merz
IOL 3.4 Wildcard  SjoW -
IOL 3 FINAL4 2011-06-18 – 2011-06-21  MorroW  Bischu

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