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Marc "VitamiN" Stiebe
Player Breakdown
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March 2018

Infinity Gaming is an American based StarCraft team, with players from a wide variety of countries.


Current Players[edit]

ID Name 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019
frFrance t Clem Clément Desplanches - - - 49 - 64th 2016_DreamHack_Open/Valencia - 9 - 16th 2018 WCS Valencia 9 - 16th 2019 WCS Spring2019 WCS Summer
frFrance z Denver Clément Coste 33 - 48th 2013 DreamHack Open: Valencia - - - 25 - 32nd 2017 WCS Valencia 9 - 16th 2018 WCS Montreal 9 - 16th 2019 WCS Summer
usUSA t Future Joseph Stanish - - - - - 33 - 40th 2018_WCS_Austin 25 - 32nd 2019 WCS Winter Americas2019_WCS_Summer
hrCroatia p goblin Leon Vrhovec - - - - - - 5 - 8th 2019 WCS Spring
seSweden z Namshar Christoffer Kolmodin - 33 - 48th 2014 DreamHack Open: Valencia 25 - 32nd HomeStory Cup XI 5 - 8th 2016 DreamHack Open: Austin 9 - 12th World Electronic Sports Games 2016 9 - 16th 2018 WCS Leipzig 9 - 12th 2019 WCS Winter Europe


ID Name New Team
cnChina p Route Meng Qi (戚萌) ZZZZZ
usUSA t HawaiinStyle Maxwell Pauly ZZZZZ
mxMexico t RoRrO Oscar Romero ZZZZZ
usUSA p Kritter James Bonvanie ZZZZZ
ruRussia p SKillous Nikita Gurevich Team Blacer
krSouth Korea z Solar Kang Min Soo Triumphant Song Gaming
caCanada p Maplez Marshall MacMillan Alpha X
usaUSA z Sasori TBD ZZZZZ
usaUSA t Truth Monty Kelm Psionic Aftermath
usaUSA t Strider Harrison Deao ZZZZZ
usaUSA z Antis Nikola Pratte Psionic Aftermath
caCanada z Priest James Barber ZZZZZ
usUSA z Liqht Kailash Jayaram DuSt Gaming
usUSA t Vindicta Miguel Marmolejo DuSt Gaming
hrCroatia p Blask Bruno Šprajcar DuSt Gaming
usUSA z Jardozer Jared Collins DuSt Gaming
mxMexico t Sinner Paco Garza DuSt Gaming
skSlovakia p Fazer Jakub Ziman ZZZZZ
USUSA p Jamileon Dustin Hulse ZZZZZ
UKUnited Kingdom z JonnyREcco Paul Whyte ZZZZZ
caCanada z Kane Sam Morrissette ZZZZZ
cnChina p Mage Luyan Zhang (张璐延) Alpha X
usUSA z McMonroe Braden Wasson ZZZZZ
auAustralia z Wally Hayden Bell ZZZZZ


ID Name Position
USA gnarwhal Timothy Harlin Owner
Canada Shayps Shayne Parmelee Co-Owner
Germany VitamiN Marc Stiebe Team Operations Manager

Team Achievements[edit]

Date Event Result Prize
2nd Alpha Team League Season 11 - North America Infinity Gaming 1:3 Rise Esports N/A