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Richard "Thundertoss" Johnson
Zhang "zemotion" Jingna
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Recent Player Trades:
2013-05-27 - Binski joins
2013-04-02 - Tbeezy, Zoia join

Infinity Seven is a disbanded gaming team in the North American e-Sports scene. Formed in February, 2011, the team participated in multiple team leagues such as the LaG League (ESGL) and ESEA. Its gaming prowess was first shown in a clash against Evil Geniuses where they pulled off a victory to remain one of two undefeated teams left in ESEA at the time. Now, players representing Infinity Seven compete in top tournaments, facing off against top competition in events like MLG and IEM. The team disbanded in late 2013.


Infinity Seven is an established North American e-sports organization formed in mid-2011. It has participated in numerous team leagues, including ESEA Season 9-11 and IPLTAC 3. The organization's first breakthrough was its win vs Evil Geniuses in ESEA Season 9, and it has since been participating in premier level tournaments around the world.

Infinity Seven was a concept that was spoken of in early 2011 amongst a group of friends. Called "oTL" at the time, the players (Edge, Finest, owmygroin, TOP and tehredbandit) went on to establish themselves as long-time clan members, competing in the ESGL and APL. For quite some time, Infinity Seven was a dark horse, sniping such teams in the lower tier of professional play such as LaGTT, VP Gamers, and Eternal Plague.

Over time, the clan became a team and went on to conceive a professional level Starcraft 2 team led by the team's owner, Zhang "zemotion" Jingna. Since then, it has been floating around 6-8 members, each with their own unique story to tell.

The team's most notable accomplishments include CrazymoviNG facing Liquid`HerO in the Ro48 of 2011 Nov GSL Code A, and Insur achieving a respectable 3rd place finish for WCS US, followed by a 5th place finish for WCS NA. Axslav, the most seasoned player of the roster, has been putting on a regular appearance at MLG Arena events as a Protoss Analyst, allowing viewers to have an inside look into his thoughts regarding the games casted in a more in-depth manner.


  • On April 16, Infinity Seven is sponsored by clothing company: GGWP Apparel [4]
  • On March 12, Infinity Seven signed Nick "Axslav" Ranish.[5]
  • On February 26, Ryan "Sanddbox" Kemper joins Infinity Seven.
  • On January 25, Ricardo "Maker" Flores announced that he left Infinity Seven.[6]
  • On January 16, the team announced the addition of Richard "Thundertoss" Johnson, who will act as team coach.[7]
  • On January 3, Terran player Jonathan "Pyre" Topielski joins Infinity Seven.
  • On August 2, jEcho leaves Infinity Seven.[8]
  • On September 4, KoMA is recruited.[9]
  • On September 12, Mike and TubbyTheFat join.[10]
  • On November 2, Temp0 and Kibbelz join, CrazymoviNG leaves.[11][12]
  • On November 29, Pyre leaves.[13]
  • On October 29, Maker joined Infinity Seven.[14]

Player Roster[edit]

Active at time of disbandment[edit]

ID Name 2011 2012 2013 New Team
USAUSA P Axslav Nick Ranish 9 - 12th Intel Extreme Masters 29 - 32nd MLG -
usUSA T binski Sung Bin Lee - 28th MLG 65 - 96th 2013_MLG_Spring_Championship Solaris Gaming
USAUSA P Insur Sky Xu - 17 - 24th 2012 World Championship -
usUSA z Kibbelz Andrew Dunne - - -
CACanada T KoMA Brandon Spinosa - - - Deimos
usUSA z Mike Michael Gervits - - -
USAUSA Z Sanddbox Ryan Kemper - - 65 - 96th 2013_MLG_Spring_Championship Deimos
usUSA T Tbeezy Timothy Gandionco - - 49 - 64th 2013_MLG_Spring_Championship
usUSA z Temp0 Kwame Mensah - - - IvDgaming
caCanada p TubbyTheFat Jay Martens - - 49 - 64th 2013_MLG_Spring_Championship
usUSA z Zoia Jared Eggleston - - -


ID Name
USAUSA P bbqplox Joseph Widjaja
CanadaCanada P HonoR
caCanada P Time Patrick Allen


ID Name New Team
CanadaCanada Z jEcho Joseph Lopez Pulse Esports
USAUSA T Edge Josh Yang Team Clash
CACanada P Taurent Maxime Bolduc
mxMexico T Maker Ricardo Flores Keyd Team
USUSA T TriMaster Joshua Niven compLexity Gaming
USAUSA Z owmygroin Raymond Tan ExioN Gaming
USUSA Z Daisuki Peter Yoo vVv Gaming
krSouth Korea Z Sung Sung Hyun Park Team ReIGN
krSouth Korea P Mentalist Kim Chung In ZeNEX
krSouth Korea Z CrazymoviNG Han Ki Soo
USAUSA T Pyre Jonathan Topielski


ID Name Position
Singapore zemotion Zhang Jingna Owner
USA Thundertoss Richard Johnson Team Coach
USA Anele Anele Andeshmand General Manager
USA ktsalz Katie Salzer Assist. General Manager
USA Archie Marshall Pierce Player Manager
USA Kibbelz Andrew Dunne Caster
USA Zoia Jared Eggleston Content Producer

Team Achievements[edit]

Date Event Result Prize Money
2012-11-09 ESEA 5 iS 1 : 3 Monomaniac eSports $600
2012-07-13 ESEA 4 iS 3 : 1 CheckSix Gaming $2800
2012-04-14 IPLTAC3 Qualifier #1 iS 5 : 4 Dream Team Gaming Qualified
2012-02-08 ESEA 3 iS 1 : 3 LighT eSports $200
Date Event Result Prize Money
2011-08-22 Starcraft Gaming League-2 Season 3 iS
2011-08-06 American ProLeague Season 1 Alpha League iS 4 : 3 NrG
2011-04 ESGL LaG League iS 4 : 3 Eternal Plague $100
2011-10 ESEA 2 iS 1 : 3 Evil Geniuses $600

Highlight Videos[edit]