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Inside The Champ is a show where we mine for insights to make your StarCraft life easier. Each week we invite guests to go over replays during various segments to break down and analyze.


For most of the episodes we invite 1 to 3 guests to discuss and analyze replays with certain playstyles, stratagies. We also go through the most significant games from recent tournaments. Currently, there are five distinct segments:

  • Pro Spotlight — A player is invited to go over replays of a recent tournament and break down what went down.
  • 1 on 1 Coaching — This segment a guest coach will help break down our guest student’s flaws and make them a better player.
  • Tournament Recall — A panel of players or personalities break out the theorycrafting discussions as they go through some key replays from a recent tournament.
  • Meta Round — The panel discusses a current meta shift and how it affects gameplay moving forward.
  • Pro/Pro Dual Coaching — In this format, two progamers take turns playing live games against a practice partner. While one progamer plays, the other will be analyzing his game and making critiques and comments. The focus is for both players to exchange tips and better each other.
  • Versus Breakdown — 2 Pro players play a best of 5 show match and go over the breakdown of the strategies they chose after each match.

Episode List[edit]

Date # Participants Description Links Length
2018-01-27 1  SteAdfaSt,  Matiz and  Temp0 One on one practice Between Matiz & Temp0 VOD 1h 49m
2018-01-30 2  SteAdfaSt and  NoRegreT Steadfast is joined by NoRegret to go through some of the best games of WCS and break down what happened. VOD 1h 42m
2018-02-01 3  SteAdfaSt and  MaSa We have guest player OSC Elite's MaSa and we go over his replays from his matches from WCS Leipzig. VOD 1h 36m
2018-02-06 4  SteAdfaSt and  Temp0 Steadfast is joined by Temp0 (+more guests) to go through the replays of the best games from WESG and break down what happened. VOD 1h 54m
2018-02-13 5  SteAdfaSt,  Tenshi and  Temp0 Steadfast & Guests go through the replays of the best games from IEM PyeongChang and break down what happened. Going through matches of sOs, Elazer, SpeCial & Scarlett. VOD 2h 00m
2018-02-15 6  SteAdfaSt and  JonSnow For Pro Spotlight we invite guest Psistorm's JonSnow and go over his replays from WESG North & South America Finals. VOD 1h 40m
2018-02-20 7  Tenshi and  Temp0 Tenshi & Temp0 go through the replays of The House vs Korea tournament and break down what happened. VOD 1h 30m
2018-02-24 8  SteAdfaSt,  Tenshi,  Temp0 and  XKawaiian SteAdfaSt, Tenshi, Temp0 and guest Terran xKawaiian will break down the scenarios. VOD 3h 26m
2018-02-27 9  SteAdfaSt,  Tenshi and  Temp0 SteAdfaSt and the guests will go through the replays of TLMC 10. VOD 2h 16m
2018-03-01 10  SteAdfaSt,  Matiz and Cyan In this episode of Inside The Champ Matiz helps Cyan to become a better Zerg player. VOD 1h 21m
2018-03-08 11  SteAdfaSt,  EnderSword and DrekkSama In this episode, we’ll break down the matches of TY, Nerchio, Special, Serral, sOs, Maru, Classic and of course Rogue. VOD 2h 38m
2018-03-13 12  SteAdfaSt,  EnderSword and DrekkSama Now that Blizzard is nerfing Zerg drops, it's time to explore what goes beyond Stargate openings in PvZ. VOD 1h 41m
2018-03-19 13 DrekkSama,  Matiz and Cyan In this episode of Inside The Champ Matiz helps Cyan to become a better Zerg player. VOD 1h 20m
2018-03-21 14 DrekkSama,  THERIDDLER and  Buster Can Terrans really win tournaments nowadays, or was it just luck that Maru won WESG? VOD 1h 42m
2018-03-21 14 DrekkSama,  SteAdfaSt,  Tenshi and  Creature Meta Round : Are Lurkers too much for Protoss ? VOD 2h 1m
2018-04-03 15 DrekkSama &  EnderSword Meta Round : PvZ Chargelot All In VOD 2h 2m
2018-04-06 16 DrekkSama &  EnderSword Meta Round : How to Survive Early Game PvP? VOD 1h 46m
2018-04-11 17 DrekkSama &  THERIDDLER Pro Spotlight: TheRiddler VOD 2h 12m
2018-04-13 18 DrekkSama,  XKawaiian, Mackintac, and hjaxify Meta Round: Map Discussion (Part 1) VOD 1h 34m
2018-04-18 20 DrekkSama & Mackintac Tournament Recall: Memes & Dreams Invitational VOD 1h 43m
2018-04-20 21 DrekkSama,  SteAdfaSt,  XKawaiian &  Creature Meta Round: Map Discussion (Part 2) VOD 1h 56m
2018-04-24 22 DrekkSama,  Temp0 Nydus Discussion VOD 1h 09m
2018-04-27 23 DrekkSama, Morn Interview w/ Dan ‘Morn’ Paskert from Spawning Tool VOD 1h 27m
2018-05-04 24 DrekkSama,  NoRegreT Interview with NoRegret VOD 1h 45m
2018-05-09 25 DrekkSama,  Mackintac Hangzhou StarCraft Carnival Recall VOD 1h 20m
2018-05-11 26 DrekkSama,  Printf Cannon Rush Discussion VOD 02h 02m
2018-05-15 27 DrekkSama,  EnderSword and  Temp0 Probing New Ladder Maps VOD 02h 07m
2018-05-18 28 DrekkSama,  EnderSword, skjb, Turing's Ego and Cryptious StarCraft II AI Report VOD 01h 56m
2018-05-22 29 DrekkSama,  EnderSword and  Hjax The State of Protoss Lategame w/ Hjax VOD 01h 45m
2018-05-29 30 DrekkSama,  EnderSword and  Temp0 Where Have All the Good Mutalisk Play Gone? VOD 02h 11m
2018-06-01 31 DrekkSama,  EnderSword,  Temp0,  XKawaiian and  Creature Who is Going to Win WCS Austin? VOD 02h 01m
2018-06-05 32 DrekkSama,  EnderSword and Anthony Martin Interview w/ Anthony Martin from Sc2ReplayStats VOD 01h 23m
2018-06-08 33 DrekkSama,  EnderSword and Daniel "Pirate" Altman Live Interview w/ the Creator of Ark Star Arcade VOD 01h 41m
2018-06-12 34 DrekkSama,  EnderSword and John Keating Interview with John Keating, the Director of "Gamechangers: Dreams of Blizzcon" Documentary VOD 01h 36m
2018-06-15 35 DrekkSama,  EnderSword and Ryan Cimera Interview with the creator of SCIIUnmasked VOD 01h 59m
2018-06-18 36 DrekkSama,  EnderSword and Eivind “TheBB” Fonn Interview w/ Eivind “TheBB” Fonn from Aligulac VOD 01h 57m
2018-06-22 37 DrekkSama,  EnderSword, Avex, Timmay and Negative Zero MapMaker RoundTable VOD 02h 10m
2018-06-29 38 DrekkSama,  EnderSword and CobraVe7nom7 Interview with CobraVe7nom7, the Producer of The Pylon Show VOD 01h 10m

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