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DrekkSama and EnderSword

Inside The Scene is a show about people who have a passion for StarCraft and where that passion can take you. Every week we bring guests from different areas of the community to discuss panel style, their area of expertise.

This show is formerly known as Inside the Champ

Episode List[edit]

Date # Participants Description Links Length
2018-08-02 1 DrekkSama, EnderSword, Pklixian and Youngrustler New Maps on the horizon! TLMC 11 Finalists VOD 01:49
2018-08-09 2 DrekkSama, EnderSword, and Joe LoGuidice Decoding Cheeseadelphia with Joe LoGuidice VOD 01:33
2018-08-16 3 DrekkSama, EnderSword and Cyan Cyan Talks to ITS VOD 01:39
2018-08-23 4 DrekkSama, EnderSword, and SC2 team owners Why Own a Team in SC2? VOD 02:10
2018-08-30 5 DrekkSama, EnderSword, Atira, Allaryce and ZombieGrub StarCraft Female Friendly? VOD 02:57
2018-09-06 6 DrekkSama, EnderSword, Dabboy and RedRock StarCraft Cosplay Design 101 VOD 01:44
2018-09-14 7 DrekkSama, EnderSword,  MaSa and  puCK 2018 Balance Revamp: Pro Players POV VOD 01:45
2018-09-21 8 DrekkSama, EnderSword, Jesse Simms from Ting and Micheal JambonRose from Matcherino Why sponsor SC2? VOD 01:59
2018-09-28 9 DrekkSama, EnderSword, ZombieGrub, Maynarde and Feardragon Casting in StarCraft VOD 01:59
2018-10-05 10 DrekkSama, EnderSword and PengWin The Great SC Debate VOD 01:29

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