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Intel Extreme Masters Season VII

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The Intel Extreme Masters is ESL's flagship competition sponsored by Intel. IEM is a huge tournament spanning many months and individual competitions culminating in the Global Championships. While each year the games played changes, for Season VII, Starcraft 2 will be played alongside League of Legends. Tournaments involved in the IEM range from small online qualifiers with $100 prizes to huge live events giving away upwards of 5 figure cash prizes to the winners of major events.


Season VII features a number of Global Challenges and a World Championship.

Season VII:

IEM Global Challenge Guangzhou was cancelled due to a flareup in tensions between China and Japan because of a territorial dispute.[1][2]

Finals / World Championship:

Prize Pool[edit]

Qualifying Leaderboard for World Championship[edit]

Players in Green are highest ranked in their region (qualified).
Players in Blue have finished top 2 in an IEM or top 1 in a HSC (qualified).
Players in Brown are qualified based on points.

Tournament Info[edit]


The ESL has not yet released any updated rules for IEM season 7, though the Season 6 rulebook is still available. Newer editions will likely be made accessible here.

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