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Interceptor (Legacy of the Void)

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This article covers the current multiplayer version of this unit. For another version see Interceptor (Wings of Liberty and Heart of the Swarm).
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[e][h] Interceptor
Unit Information
Air Unit
Combat drones that automatically strafe their Carrier's target. Carriers can not attack without Interceptors.
Built from:
 15  0  9  0
Attack 1
Ground / Air
5 (+1) (x2)
4.7 (+0.93)
8 (Carrier) 2 (Interceptor)
Unit stats
40 40 0 (+1)


The Interceptor is a small, autonomous flying unit that gives the Protoss Carrier its offensive capabilities. Each Carrier warps in with an initial set of 4 Interceptors that can attack immediately. Additional Interceptors are trained in the Carrier itself. Each Carrier can support a maximum of 8 Interceptors at any one time. Unlike most offensive units, Interceptors require no supply points.

When a Carrier attacks, Interceptors launch and then attack automatically in a swarm around their Carrier. They return to the Carrier that launched them when the Carrier moves away or there are no more targets in range. Interceptors are entirely dependent on their home Carrier for survival - they instantly explode if their Carrier is destroyed. Interceptors are not individually selectable, and they cannot be given orders directly. When given no specific target, Interceptors are free to attack any target in range. They automatically prioritize targets with anti-air capabilities that might harm the Carrier or destroy the Interceptors themselves. Individually, each Interceptor is relatively weak, but in large numbers, their collective firepower can quickly overwhelm opponents.

At the start of Legacy of the Void, Interceptors were able to be released by the Carrier. Upon being released, Interceptors would roam around in a designated area for 43 seconds, attacking any target within range. After 43 seconds, all Interceptors released automatically self-destructed. This ability was removed in Patch 3.8.0.

Competitive Usage[edit]

See Carrier.


Patch Changes[edit]


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