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Italian Clan Championship

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The ESL Italian Clan Championship is a StarCraft II team league held and organized by the Italian Electronic Sports League.


Italian Clan Championships
Serie B Winner
ICC1 Team Redbyte Italia Old School Clan Team Redbyte Italia B
ICC2 Old School Clan inFerno eSports oSc Orange
ICC3 inFerno eSports Old School Clan oSc Orange Clan PuNk
ICC4 Tt Old School Clan NextGaming HsDL B
ICC5 Old School Clan MG eSports oSc Orange BsG - Team SenzaGloria
ICC6 Old School Clan oSc Academy BsG - Team Bastardi Core Gaming ICC-A
ICC7 Old School Clan oSc Academy Born Elite Humans Alpha Team AiR
ICC8 Knights of Redemption Element PuNk Black Team AiR Element PuNk Blue
ICC9 Team Extreme Supremacy Team Skill Kapped Team AiR Team Skill Kapped 2

Medals won per Team[edit]


Old School Clan
Team Redbyte Italia ; inFerno eSports ; Tt ; Knights of Redemption ; Team Extreme Supremacy


Old School Clan
Old School Clan Academy
inFerno eSports ; MG eSports ; Element PuNk Black ; Team Skill Kapped


Old School Clan Academy
Team AiR
Team Redbyte Italia B ; NextGaming ; Bastardi Senza Gloria ; Born Elite Humans

Players awards[edit]

Most Valuable Player
Finals Man of the match
ICC2 Italy  Apocalypse
Italy  oRioN
ICC3 Italy  Apocalypse
Italy  Maestro
ICC4 Italy  StarEagle
Italy  Nogard
ICC5 Italy  Evaner
Italy  Narcotic
ICC6 Italy  Narcotic
Finland  Cankerworm
ICC7 Italy  Nogard
Italy  Nikui
ICC8 Italy  Exehn
Italy  Rik
ICC9 Italy  Exehn
Italy  Nogard

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