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John Paul "itmeJP" McDaniel, also known as JP McDaniel, is an American content producer.

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John Paul McDaniel
September 15, 1985 (1985-09-15) (age 33)
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itmeJP is a popular community member in StarCraft II and he also works at MLG as the programming director and show host. JP has a degree in communication arts from the University of the Incarnate Word. Previously he broadcasted his content from San Antonio, Texas, but now resides in Galveston, Texas where he broadcasts from one of two MLG studios. JP McDaniel got his start in e-sports at gotfrag as a grunt. After MLG bought gotfrag, JP continued to work in the video game industry writing for several different sites until MLG picked up World of Warcraft, at which time he became a contractor for them. Now he works indepth at MLG and is a current full-time employee and works at their studio in Galveston, Texas.[1]

JP started producing StarCraft II content during beta with his very popular podcast State of the Game. It started on April 1, 2010, with guests Day[9], Louder, and Artosis. He also produced a popular show SC Center with co-host and long time community member Patrick "chobopeon" O'Neill. JP is part of the MLGFAQ show, which is a question and answer formatted show on[2]

State of the Game[edit]

State of the Game is a StarCraft II podcast created by e-sports journalist and enthusiast JP McDaniel. It is a show used to discuss the current happenings in the StarCraft II scene, whether it is foreign or South Korean, the pillars discuss it and their opinions. Throughout beta and since it has released, State of the Game has had numerous guests and some host changes. State of the Game consists of balance discussion, tournament happenings, and all related e-sports drama. It has produced content which is regarded by many as especially humorous and qualitatively good.

Real Talk[edit]

Real Talk[3] is a show consisting of interviews with StarCraft II progamers and casters hosted by JP McDaniel. The goal of the show is to get in contact with members of the gaming community and to, "try to learn more about them other than what we know already". The show has so far starred Hwanni, iNcontrol, IdrA, Grubby, 2GD, TotalBiscuit, Destiny, djWHEAT, Tasteless, NaNiwa, Husky, Tobiwan, Artosis, CatZ, and Carmac. In the show, JP asks the guests questions in a standard interview format. The shows have been lengths of 40 minutes but no more than 3 hours. Husky's "Real Talk" episode was the first to be recorded live with viewers interacting with the show towards the end. An official episode is sometimes followed up by an 'After Thoughts', where the interviewee is asked questions from the community.

In Beta[edit]

During beta JP created State of the Game and broadcast 7 episodes prior to the release of StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty. The cast of the show primarily consisted of JP "itmeJP" McDaniel, Sean "Day[9]" Plott, and Tyler "NonY" Wasieleski. Several well known members of the StarCraft I and StarCraft II community made guest appearances in these 7 episodes, such as Artosis, LzGaMeR, Jinro, TLO, CauthonLuck, and Tasteless.

Wings of Liberty[edit]

After StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty was officially released, State of the Game became a rather regularly scheduled podcast, often airing every Tuesday starting August 24, 2010. Not long after it becoming a regularly scheduled program, it had a continuous panel of hosts. The original pillars were itmeJP, Day[9], Tyler, and iNcontroL. Since then it has had several well known guests, ranging from IdrA to HuK to Sheth.

Along with State of the Game, JP produces SC Center. SC Center recaps daily happenings in the StarCraft II scene, globablly, 5 days a week with co-host chobopeon. Oftentimes recent tournament results, team roster changes, upcoming tournaments, and patch notes are discussed. Currently on hiatus, but SC Center vod's are always available at JP's youtube. JP also has a second youtube channel no longer in use but has a few series' he produced, such as JP and Friends, previous episodes of SC Center, and Friday Night Fights. It has high profile players such as IdrA, iNcontroL, SjoW, and Gretorp.

JP plays as Random[4] on ladder, currently ranked in Master league, and often streams his play on his personal account. JP is also a well known caster for StarCraft II, having cast for Blizzard tournaments as well as his employer, MLG. Although he did not cast at MLG Columbus 2011 or MLG Anaheim 2011 he did conduct on stage interviews as well as working full-time for MLG behind the scenes.

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