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[e][h]Terran jjakji
Player Information
Romanized Name:
Jung Ji-hoon
February 16, 1994 (age 30)
Alternate IDs:
Approx. Total Winnings:
Years Active:
2010 - 2018
2011 Global StarCraft II League November: Code S 
 × 2
2011-02-25 — 2013-07-31New Star HoSeo
2013-08-01 — 2015-05-04mYinsanity
2015-05-04 — 2015-12-01SBENU
2015-12-01 — 2016-10-18KT Rolster
2017-01-27 — 2017-12-31Team RevolutioN
2018-01-05 — 2018-06-02TitanEX1
2018-06-02 — PresentRetirement
Recent Matches
jjakji Terran South Korea
South Korea Protoss herO
February 10, 2018 - 13:40 CET  
jjakji Terran South Korea
South Korea Protoss Creator
January 16, 2018 - 12:00 CET  
jjakji Terran South Korea
South Korea Protoss Zest
November 11, 2017 - 23:25 CET  
jjakji Terran South Korea
Netherlands Terran uThermal
November 11, 2017 - 22:30 CET  
jjakji Terran South Korea
South Korea Zerg Solar
November 11, 2017 - 19:25 CET  

Jung "jjakji" Ji-hoon (born February 16, 1994) is a retired Korean Terran player who last played for TitanEX1.

Wings of Liberty[edit]

2010: An Unassuming Beginning[edit]

jjakji’s first matches as a professional StarCraft 2 game came in the 2010 Sony Ericsson GSL Open Season 2. jjakji was seeded into Group D along with players like NesTea, MVP and MC. He lost in his very first match, however. A 2-0 loss to Zenio. That turned out to be jjakji’s final action of the year as he failed to qualify for GSL until 2011.

2011: The Highest of Highs[edit]

jjakji’s first major action of 2011 came in the All-Kill Format 2011 GTSL Season 1. jjakji represented his team, New Star HoSeo in the Venus League. He first featured in week three in a match against FXOpen e-Sports. With his team down 1-0, jjakji stepped up, notching consecutive wins over Oz, OpTiKzErO, tgun and qxc to complete the all-kill and give his team the win. jjakji’s only other appearance in the regular season came in week eight, where he was one of four players defeated by LosirA in NS HoSeo’s only loss of the round.

jjakji ‘s return to the GSL came in the August Edition of the 2011 GSL. After successfully navigating the initial group stages, jjakji won his quarterfinal over Junwi to escape the preliminaries and reach Code A. Once there he defeated Luvsic 2-0 before taking down Lucky by an identical score in the Round of 16. His tournament run came to an end in the quarterfinals, though, as he fell to MarineKing 2-1. This placement was good enough to place him in the Up and Down matches. He was slotted into Group B, along with LosirA, Check, Kyrix and MC. With the format being Best of 1, jjakji got off to a fast start as he beat LosirA on Terminus. He lost to Check in his next match, but beat Kyrix and MC back to back to head into a tiebreaker with LosirA and Check. This time he lost to Losira, but he managed to beat Check twice to finish with a 5-2 record. This mark was good enough to qualify him for the next season of Code S, making it his first appearance on Korean StarCraft 2’s greatest stage.

jjakji was placed into Group F of 2011 GSL October Code S along with Happy, Leenock and Genius. His opening game took place against Leenock on [[Antiga Shipyard. jjakji lost that game, but managed to defeat Genius in the loser’s match before being knocked out by Leenock, this time on Daybreak. Despite only winning one game, the Round of 32 exit earned jjakji a spot in Code S for the following season.

jjakji returned to team league duty on September 30th as part of a losing effort for NS HoSeo. jjakji came out sixth for his team in their semifinal match against MVP, becoming the third of four players who would fall to Genius in a losing effort.

jjakji began his 2011 GSL November campaign in Group G. His first game was against the lone Protoss in the group, Killer. He lost, but bounced back with a win over SuperNova in the loser’s match, setting up a showdown in the final match against the fourth group member, Virus. The game was played on Tal’Darim Altar, with jjakji coming out on top to advance to the Round of 16. jjakji found himself in Group D along with Mvp, GuMiho and Coca. The first scheduled match was supposed to take place between GuMiho and Coca, but Coca was disqualified due to the ESV scandal [1]. jjakji meanwhile had to play against Mvp, with the Terran beating him on Crossfire. Coca’s absence meant that jjakji was moved directly to the final match where he beat GuMiho to advance to the Round of 8. Paired against Puzzle, jjakji won 3-0 to set up a semifinal battle against Oz.

The series started on Daybreak. jjakji barracks expand and Oz’s stargate opening led to a passive game that saw charge/storm face off against bio with ghosts. Having reached nearly 150 supply, jjakji cleaned up the Oz’s army by the Protosses third before forcing his way into the natural, earning a concession. Game two took place on Calm Before the Storm. Set up on two bases, Oz attacked with stalkers and sentries to even the series. Dual Sight was the setting for game three. jjakji defended early stalker pressure before doing substantial damage with a cloaked banshee. Oz counterattacked as banshees continued to do damage, but jjakji held with bio/tank to once more go ahead. jjakji started game four with a command center first, but Oz blindly punished the build by proxying a gateway and cybernetics core at the watch tower. Four stalkers and a zealot were enough to send things to game five. Game five took place on Bel’Shir Beach. Oz went for charge and high templars with a third base, while jjakji opted for ghosts along with his bio. The game swung dramatically in jjakji’s favor as EMPs landed on the meat of Oz’s army before storm was completed. Oz hung in a little longer, but soon tapped out, granting jjakji a place in the finals on December 3, 2011.

jjakji’s finals opponent turned out to be Leenock who had reached that stage by defeating Mvp 3-2. The series began on Tal’Darim Altar.

The finals opened on Tal'Darim Altar. Leenock went for muta/ling/bane, but jjakji got away with a hidden third base which put him massively ahead. Leenock assembled a massive mutalisk flock and eventually brood lords, but fell to jjakji's bio army with tanks, vikings, thors and ghosts. jjakji widened his lead on Crossfire with a one base siege tank push that broke Leenock's queen/ling defense. Game three took place on Daybreak. Having defended an attack on his third and drop on his main, Leenock tech to infestors and a greater spire while taking a supply lead. jjakji wiped out Leenock's first round of brood lords but died to Leenock's reinforcements. jjakji went for two-port banshee on Bel'Shir Beach, but was pushed back by mutalisks. Leenock went for ling/bane/muta from there, while jjakji opted for bio/tank. jjakji staged push after push onto Leenock's side of the map, but was rebuffed at every turn as Leenock prevented him from expanding. His economy completely gutted, jjakji lifted his buildings while pushing into Leenock's natural. jjakji managed to clean out Leenock's main, but Leenock had another mining base and soon evened the series. Game five took place on Dual Sight. jjakji held a ten supply lead as he sieged Leenock's fourth, but Leenock's inability to defend turned it into a 40 supply advantage that gave jjakji a 3-2 lead. jjakji initiated the first real action on Calm before the Storm, a tank push that saw both side suffer heavy losses. Leenock teched into mutalisks and built a supply lead while sniping jjakji's third, but lost his fourth and third to jjakji's follow up push. Left with only mutalisks and infestors against three thors, tanks and marines, Leenock put up a fight, but left the game as the last of his units were killed off, making jjakji a GSL champion.

2012: Fall From the Zenith[edit]

Fresh off his Code S title, jjakji opened 2012 in Season 1 of GSL 2012. Seeded directly into Code S, jjakji advanced in second from Group A which featured GanZi, BoxeR and Sen. After defeating Sen 2-0 in the first match, jjakji lost to GanZi 2-0 before eliminating BoxeR by a 2-1 score. jjakji’s Round of 16 group was played on February 8th and once more contained GanZi, though this time he was joined by MC and PartinG. jjakji lost to PartinG in the second match of the day, but managed to sweep GanZi to set up a rematch in the final match. The result was more one sided than their first encounter, with PartinG advancing by virtue of a 2-0 score.

jjakji had no time to stew over his early exit, as he once more prepared for GSTL. His first appearance was a loss to MarineKing in Round 2 of Group B in the 2012 GSTL Season 1. jjakji next came out in the Loser’s Round 2, defeating Curious and July before being taken down by Squirtle as StarTaleQ took the match 5-3.

Meanwhile, action was well underway in the group stages of Iron Squid Chapter 1. jjakji lost his opening match in Group C to MMA. 2-0, but ran over Life, MaNa and Stephano to advance to the quarterfinals, only dropping a game to Life on Daybreak. He made it no further, though, as he fell to NesTea 3-2 in the Round of 8. Meanwhile, jjakji made his return to Korean Starleagues in 2012 GSL Season 2 Code S. He was drawn into Group A, which was played on March 29th. He opened the group with a win over TaeJa, but dropped the winner’s match to TheSTC before losing to TaeJa, who had eliminated DongRaeGu in the loser’s match, 2-0. The result placed jjakji into Code A.

jjakji made his first real foray into a foreign tournaments at IPL 4. jjakji’s run started in the Open Bracket 4. He defeated Heathen, STX, CranK, HuK and TaeJa by a combined score of 10-0. This showing placed him in Group D along with Bomber, MMA, ByuN and IdrA. jjakji’s matches took place on April 7th. He lost to MMA 2-0 to start the day and also dropped his second match to Bomber 2-1. He rallied to defeated IdrA and ByuN 2-1 each, but it was not enough to save his tournament life as jjakji was eliminated in 9-12th place.

Back in Korea, jjakji began Code A with a match against JYP. jjakji got the better of the Protoss, 2-1 in the Round of 32, but lost to Symbol in the very next round. The result was good enough to see jjakji into the Up and Down matches of the next season. The Best of 1 2012 GSL Season 3 Up and Down Matches were played between May 21-25th. jjakji was placed in Group C along with Ryung, SuHoSin, Polt and VINES. jjakji lost his first three games to Polt, Ryung and SuHoSin, meaning that his victory over VINES was an empty one as he finished last in the group.

jjakji was once more called to duty by NS HoSeo for Round 1 of the 2012 GSTL Season 2. jjakji played his first games on May 28th, defeating CranK and Puma before falling to Puzzle. jjakji next appeared against Team Liquid, earning the final win over HerO to give his team a 5-2 victory. With the GSTL in full swing, jjakji returned to individual competition for GSL Season 3 Code A. He won his first match against Monster, but was defeated by Creator, 2-1, sending him to the Up and Down Matches in the following season.

Given little time to rest, jjakji was once more fielded against Team SCV Life on June 30th. He won the opening match over Shine before falling to HyuN, who defeated three NS HoSeo players as part of a 5-3 win for Team SCV Life. jjakji next came out on July 14th against FXO Open e-Sports with his team down 4-1. He managed to rattle off wins against TheBest, Whale and Sirius, but fell to Leenock in the ace match on Entombed Valley. This result meant that NS HoSeo fell short of making the playoffs. Despite the lack of team success, jjakji finished the round with a 9-3 record, trying him with Life and Gumiho for the third most wins of any player.

jjakji made his return to GSL with the Up and Down matches of 2012 GSL Season 4. He finished last place in his five man group, losing to KeeN, Bomber and HyuN, skipping the final match against MaNa who had already advanced from the group. The finish sent him down to Code A for the season. jjakji returned to the GSTL for Season 3 as NS HoSeo faced off against Incredible Miracle on September 7th. jjakji came out with his team down 2-0 and managed to defeat First, Mvp and True. He lost to Seed in the next match, though, who closed out the match 5-3. jjakji went 1-1 in his team’s loss to Fnatic the next week, defeating ByuL before losing to aLive in the ace match. The loss eliminated NS HoSeo from the event.

Back in the individual leagues, jjakji’s Code A came to an abrupt end as he lost the very first match to sOs. This placed him in the Preliminaries of GSL Season 5. He escaped out of this bracket, but once more lost the first match of Code A to BBoongBBoong on November 16th to bring an end to his year.

Heart of the Swarm[edit]

2013: The Struggles Continue[edit]

jjakji’s first Heart of the Swarm matches came in the 2013 GSTL Preseason. He won games over Dream, Shine and Monster as NS Hoseo advanced over MVP. Their run came to an end in the very next match, though as jjakji lost to ByuL, becoming the fourth member of his team to drop a game against Incredible Miracle. Having already seen team league action, jjakji headed overseas for the 2013 MLG Winter Championship. jjakji’s first round opponent was MarineKing, who he beat 3-0 to advance. His tournament came to an end in the Round of 16, though, as he was bested by Rain, 3-2.

With jjakji back in Korea, NS HoSeo’s GSTL Season 1 campaign started on March 29th, with jjakji picking up a loss to Sound as part of Startale’s all-kill. jjakji played ten matches in all during the season, going 5-5. Three of those wins came in Week 13 against Axiom-Acer as jjakji won three straight over Alicia, Scarlett and MMA to help his team finish 2-5 in their final season participating in GSTL.

Two days before the match was played, jjakji successfully qualified for 2013 WCS Season 2 Challenger by defeating AnNyeong in Group A of the Afternoon session. jjakji’s started Challenger with a 2-1 win over Trust, but lost to Life the next week to drop out of the tournament. jjakji returned for GSL Season 3. His tournament began in the Up and Down matches, where he advanced in first out of a group containing LosirA, EffOrt. Hurricane and Shine with a 3-1 record. The result placed him in Premier League for the first time all year. jjkaji was placed into Group E along with Flash, First and hyvaa. He defeated First 2-1 before being 2-0’d by Flash. Paired up against First in the final match, jjakji advanced with a 2-0 victory. jjajki’s Round of 16 group featured INnoVation as well as soO and Super. jjakji took the first match over the Zerg 2-0 before topping the group with 2-1 over INnoVation. jjakji’s tournament would come to an end in the quarterfinals, though. As he lost a best of five to Maru, 3-1.

jjakji closed out the year at a pair of foreign tournaments. He placed Top 4 at HomeStory Cup 8, beating Zenio, Socke, MC, ToD and Leenock in the quarterfinals before losing to HyuN, 3-2. He was in Germany less than a month later at ASUS ROG NorthCon 2013, but failed to escape from his group after losing to Scarlett and elfi.

2014: A Fresh Start[edit]

2014 was a year of great change for jjakji. Having left NS HoSeo for MYinsanity in August 2013, jjakji made the move to Europe to compete in WCS Season 1 Europe and international events. The first one he played in was IEM Sao Paulo which he qualified for by beating Stephano, Happy, Snute and MaNa. The tournament itself began on January 29, 2014. jjakji was placed in Group A. He finished in second place, losing to Bomber in the winner’s match, but defeated Erik and finally puCK 2-0 to advance. He defeated Polt 3-0 in the quarterfinals, but fell to MC in the semifinals, bringing his tournament to a close.

Having made it out of Qualifier 1 for WCS Europe, jjakji earned a spot in Premier by defeating HappyZerg in Challenger on February 6th. He was placed in Group B with Nerchio, ShoWTimE and LiveZerg. jjakji beat LiveZerg 2-1 before defeating Nerchio by the same score to advance in first place. Next up for jjakji was another IEM. jjakji reachedIEM Cologne through the European Qualifiers. jjakji made it out of his Round of 16 group for the second straight IEM as he overcame a 2-1 loss to Patience by taking out Dear twice. This time, however, he would not get past the quarterfinals as he lost 3-1 to Rain. jjakji played one more tournament while waiting WCS Europe to resume. jjakji qualified for The IEM World Championship through the open bracket. He managed to win his opening match over Revival, only for his tournament to come to an end as he lost to sOs 3-0.

jjakji’s WCS run continued on March 26th with Group B. jjakji won his first match over Grubby, but los to Snute 2-1, sending him to the final match where he 2-1’d jjakji to move on to the Round of 8. Meeting him there was the Spanish Zerg, VortiX. One of five Koreans in the quarterfinals, jjakji won 3-0, setting up a semifinal matchup against MC. jjakji was unable to progress any further, though. After losing game one, jjakji took game two on Yeonsu, but dropped games three and four to fall 3-1 to his countrymen. The top four finish assured him a place in Premier League for the following season.

jjakji returned on April 26th to take part in DreamHack Bucharest. Wins over DaZe, TLO, Serral and uThermal placed him opposite StarDust in the Round of 16. His tournament would come to an end as jjakji was eliminated in a critical game three on Habitation Station. With another weekender completed, jjakji looked to make another deep run in WCS Europe Season 2. He was placed in Group C with Harstem, YoDa and Bunny, but lost to Harstem and YoDa to drop out of Premier without a win.

jjakji remained busy, however, heading to HomeStory Cup 9 by virtue of an invite. He won his first group over NightEnD, TargA and HeRoMaRinE after beating HeRoMaRineE 2-1 and TargA 2-0. He also won his second group by defeating MaNa and Armani, who was then knocked out by Dayshi. jjakji eventually fell in the Round of 8 to MC, marking his fourth top eight or better finish in 2014. A week later, jjakji was a participant at DreamHack Summer. His Group Stage 2 group featured, DeMusliM, Avokado and MarineLorD, with jjakji defeating the latter two to advance. jjakji was paired with Oz, Harstem and StarDust in Group Stage 3. He 2-0’d Harstem and Oz to reach the single elimination portion of the event. Once there, he lost to MaNa 2-0.

jjakji’s next destination was China for IEM Shenzhen. jjakji made it through the dual tournament with wins over Vaisravana, Check and TRUE. From there, He was assigned to Group A along with Zest, San and Illusion. He lost his opening match to Zest 2-1 and, despite beating Illusion 2-0 was knocked out of the event by San. jjakji returned to Europe for the Challenger portion of WCS Europe Season 3 in which he swept HeRoMaRinE 3-0 to make Premier. jjakji’s stay was a short one, though, as he finished bottom of Group E after losing to Harstem and Vortix who beat Kas to get out in second place.

With WCS Europe done for the year, jjakji traveled to DreamHack Moscow. jjakji carved his way through Group Stage 1 and 2, outpacing five Russians while only dropping a game to MMA. jjakji’s solid play continued in the single elimination rounds as he beat First 2-0 before taking out Happy and TRUE en route to his first finals appearance since 2011. He did not emerge victorious this time, though, as he was 3-1’d by MMA. jjakji’s tour de Dreamhack continued in Stockholm. He defeated Winter, YoDa, SpaceMarine and Snute in the group stages, but lost to Patience in the Round of 16.

jjakji’s performances during 2014 were enough to earn him a place in the 2014 WCS Global Finals. jjakji was paired against San in the opening round, but failed to even win a game against the Korean Protoss who won 3-0. As he had the winter prior, jjakji attended another HomeStory Cup. jjakji was one of 28 players invited to HomeStory Cup 10, but failed to advance out of his first group after losing to MaNa in the final match. jjakji’s last tournament of 2014 was Dreamhack Winter which he qualified by virtue of his top four finish in Moscow. jjajki found himself in Group D along with Polt, MMA, Snute and Impact. Every member of the group finished 2-2, but jjakji advanced in second play by virtue of tiebreakers. This placed him in the loser’s bracket. He took out MC, MMA and First, but eventually lost to TaeJa to finish in fourth place.

2015: Return to Korea[edit]

After failing to qualify for the first two seasons of SSL and GSL, jjakji made his return to Korean individual competition in KeSPA Cup Season 2 as a representative of his new team, SBENU. jjakji defeated Kirito, Creator, Bbyong and Zest to earn his spot in the 16 man event. He was unable to make much of an impact, however, as he lost to herO 3-0 in the very first match. Having tasted mild success, jjakji turned his focus to Season 3 of GSL. He topped Group 1 of the Afternoon Session, beating TANGTANG and Trap to earn a spot in Code A. His Code A opponent turned out to be Trust, who defeated jjakji 3-0, bringing and to jjakji’s individual competition for the year. As a member of SBENU, jjakji still had to participate in Proleague. He played five times in Round 4, with his lone victory coming against Stats in Week 3. All in all, jjakji featured for SBENU eight times, posting a 2-6 record as SBENU finished the year in fifth place. His stay on SBENU would come to an end on December first as he was traded to KT Rolster for Super.

Legacy of the Void[edit]

2016: A New Team For a New Expansion[edit]

Having failed to earn a direct Code S invitation in the GSL Season 1 Pre-Season, jjakji earned a spot in Code A in the traditional qualifiers after beating Nightmare. He failed to go any further however, as he was swept 3-0 by Classic in their Code A match on January 29th. Jjakji twice in Proleague over the next few months. He lost to Curious in Round one and GuMiho in Round 2 as KT Rolster posted a pair of 4-2 records, losing to the Jin Air Green Wings in the finals the second time. He did not feature in the third round, making his career record at the league’s disbandment, 2-8.

With Season 1 completed, jjakji entered qualifiers for GSL Season 2 on May 11th and SSL Season 2 on May 12th. His attempts in GSL were successful as he defeated JYP and TRUE to reach Code A. He progressed in SSL as well, this time beating Bunny to advance. Jjakji’s Code A match against MyuNgSiK was the final match to take place on Day 4. After falling behind 2-0, jjakji won on Orbital Shipyard, but lost game four, ending his participation in Code S for the year. He took part in SSL Challenge eight days later. His six man group was played round robin style and contained, aLive, ByuN, Dear, Rogue and Impact. Jjakji split games with Dear and ByuN, but posted a 2-7 record overall, good for last place. Unable to make the WCS Global Finals, jjakji’s final tournament of 2016 was IEM Gyeonggi. Having navigated the online qualifiers, jjakji was seeded into Group C with Dark, ByuL and Classic. Jjakji lost his opening game to Dark 2-0 before being knocked out in the loser’s match by ByuL, again by a 2-0 score.

2017: The Winds of Change Blow Once More[edit]

Jjakji made his return to Code S after defeating Junbo and Dear in the qualifiers on December 27, 2016. He was placed into Group E along with Dark, Leenock and Cure. Despite showing respectable results in online tournaments, Jjakji only managed to take a game off of Cure, before losing to Leenock 0-2 to drop out of the event. Undeterred, jjakji flew to Katowice under the Team RevolutioN banner to participate in the offline qualifiers for IEM Katowice. He was placed into Bracket 3, losing to GuMiho, before taking down Bunny and Impact to reach the main event. Jjakji, along with aLive, Stats, TY, Harstem and Neeb formed Group B. jjakji beat Neeb and TY 2-0, but dropped his three matches to finish in fourth place, one position shy of advancing.

Jjakji next appeared in the qualifiers for the recently announced SSL Season 1. He advanced out of his Round 1 Group along with TY after beaten the Splyce Terran and Cure. He fared less well in Round 2, though, finishing last in a group that contained Solar, aLive and Ryung after losing to Ryung and aLive. The fourth place finish placed him in Challenge where his woes continued. Jjakji lost his first matches ByuN, Dear and herO in weeks one, three and four respectively, only managing a 2-1 win on the final day against GuMiho. Having placed fifth in his group, jjakji was relegated to the qualifiers for the next season. The qualifier took place on June 18th. He beat Hurricane in the bracket phase before finishing second in Group A, where he lost to Rogue 2-0, but beat Gamja and Creator without dropping a game to reach Challenge for the second consecutive season.

Jjakji made it back to Code S in Season 3 after defeating Eagle and Pet in his qualifiers on June 25th. SSL Challenge opened on July 1st, with jjakji part of a group that featured Bunny, soO, sOs and Patience. Jjakji lost to soO on Day 2, 2-1, but won the next week against sOs. Jjakji played in GSL three days later. Group E was composed of Patience, Solar and Maru. jjakji opened the group with a surprise 2-0 over Maru, but lost to Patience and Solar without winning a game to drop out of the tournament. With his GSL run at an end, jjakji resumed play in SSL. He beat Patience 2-1 and Bunny 2-0 to finish at the top of Group A with a 3-1 record. This result placed him in the Second Stage along with Bunny, soO, ByuN, Rogue and Impact. Jjakji lost to ByuN 3-0 on Day 1, soO 3-2 on Day 2 and Rogue 3-1 on Day 3 before closing out the campaign with a 3-1 over Impact and a 3-2 victory over Bunny. Despite ending the season with back to back victories, jjakji was eliminated from Challenge, relegating him to the qualifiers in the next edition of the tournament.

jjakji rounded out 2017 at HomeStory Cup XVI. He emerged from his Round of 32 Group in second place, losing to Snute 3-0 while posting a pair of 3-0’s over PtitDrogo. From there, he was placed into Group C of the Round of 16 with Solar, Zest and uThermal. jjakji lost his opening match to Solar 3-2, but bounced back against uThermal with a 3-1 victory before being eliminated in the final match by Zest 3-1.



2017-07-251stWeek. (Min.)OlimoLeague Week #96OlimoLeague Week #96
Team RevolutioNTeam RevolutioN
3 : 1$100
2017-07-251stWeek. (Min.)Ballistix Brawl Week #4Ballistix Brawl Week #4
Team RevolutioNTeam RevolutioN
3 : 2$200
2017-07-212ndMajor2017 VSL Season 2 - Team League
Team LeenockTeam Leenock
1 : 4
Team INnoVationTeam INnoVation
2017-06-111stMinorBaseTradeTV June 11 Showmatches
Team RevolutioNTeam RevolutioN
2-0Grp S.$289
2017-05-141stWeek. (Min.)BaseTradeTV Star League Season 4 Round 1BaseTradeTV Star League Season 4 Round 1
Team RevolutioNTeam RevolutioN
2 : 0$113.50
2017-04-281stMajor2017 VSL Season 1 - Team League2017 VSL Season 1 - Team League
Team ZestTeam Zest
4 : 3
Team herOTeam herO
2017-02-052ndMinorESL ANZ Summer Cup #11
Team RevolutioNTeam RevolutioN
0 : 3$250
2015-09-023rdMajorCascade1xbet Clan League Season 7Cascade1xbet Clan League Season 7
4 : 1
Extreme SupremacyExtreme Supremacy
2014-11-294thPremier2014 DreamHack Open: Winter2014 DreamHack Open: Winter
0 : 3$6,000
2014-09-142ndPremier2014 DreamHack Open: Moscow2014 DreamHack Open: Moscow
1 : 3$5,000
2014-08-291stMinorZOTAC Season 2 Final 2014
3 : 0$1,606
2014-04-123rd - 4thPremier2014 WCS Season 1 Europe Premier League2014 WCS Season 1 Europe Premier League
1 : 3$7,500
2014-03-232ndMajorVasacast Invitational 2014Vasacast Invitational 2014
2 : 3$1,200
2014-03-121stWeek. (Min.)Gfinity Weekly Cup #3
3 : 2$350
2014-03-111stMon. (Min.)Go4SC2 February 2014
3 : 0$415.66
2014-03-094thMajorSeatStory CupSeatStory Cup
2 : 3$1,000
2014-02-261stWeek. (Min.)Gfinity Weekly Cup #1
3 : 0$350
2014-02-111stMon. (Min.)Go4SC2 January 2014
3 : 0$409.11
2014-02-081stMinorRaidCall ESL Euro Series Winter 2013RaidCall ESL Euro Series Winter 2013
3 : 2
2014-02-013rd - 4thPremierIEM Season VIII - Sao PauloIEM Season VIII - Sao Paulo
1 : 3$2,000
2014-01-131stMon. (Min.)Go4SC2 December 2013
3 : 1$410.01
2013-12-101stMon. (Min.)ZOTAC Monthly Final November 2013ZOTAC Monthly Final November 2013
3 : 2$687.95
2013-11-173rdPremierHomeStory Cup VIIIHomeStory Cup VIII
3 : 1$3,000
2012-04-031stMajorIPL Tournament of ChampionsIPL Tournament of Champions
New Star HoSeoNew Star HoSeo
3 : 0$5,000
2012-03-092ndMajorIPL Team Arena Challenge 2IPL Team Arena Challenge 2
New Star HoSeoNew Star HoSeo
7 : 8
2012-02-162ndMinorESV TV/Twitch TV Grand Prix
New Star HoSeoNew Star HoSeo
2012-02-124thMajorFXOpen Invitational Series #5FXOpen Invitational Series #5
New Star HoSeoNew Star HoSeo
1 : 3$500
2011-12-071stPremier2011 Global StarCraft II League November: Code S2011 Global StarCraft II League November: Code S
New Star HoSeoNew Star HoSeo
4 : 2$44,550
2011-10-083rd - 4thPremier2011 Global Starcraft II Team League Season 12011 Global Starcraft II Team League Season 1
New Star HoSeoNew Star HoSeo
2 : 5
2011-07-191stMinoriCCup/Nationvoice Korean Weekly Season 1 Finals 1
New Star HoSeoNew Star HoSeo
4 : 1$225
Extended list of results
All-Kill Achievements
2014-05-26 All-KillAcer TeamStory Cup Season 3
2011-07-08 All-Kill2011 GSTL Season 1


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Matchup Statistics

vs Protossvs Terranvs Zergvs RandomTotal
as Terran440 - 30359.2 %286 - 26152.3 %400 - 31156.3 %4 - 0100 %1130 - 87556.4 %
as Random3 - 537.5 %0 - 0-5 - 455.6 %0 - 0-8 - 947.1 %
Σ443 - 30859 %286 - 26152.3 %405 - 31556.3 %4 - 0100 %1138 - 88456.3 %

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