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[e][h] JusticeSimon
Player Information
Lê Thiên Vũ
Romanized Name:
Le Thien Vu
February 7, 1994 (age 28)
Approx. Total Winnings:
Years active:
2016 - Present
????-??-?? — 2017-12-31
2019-08-19 — 2020-05-19
2020-06-01 — 2021-02-13
Recent Matches
JusticeSimon  Vietnam0:2Indonesia  Quantel
May 7, 2022 - 6:00 UTC
JusticeSimon  Vietnam2:0Singapore  Cefovalgin
May 7, 2022 - 6:00 UTC
JusticeSimon  Vietnam0:2Australia  StarDuck
May 6, 2022 - 9:00 UTC
JusticeSimon  Vietnam2:0Australia  AsherBro
May 6, 2022 - 9:00 UTC

Le "JusticeSimon" Vu (born February 7, 1994) is a Vietnamese Protoss player.

He was also the captain of Team VK Black in VTL Season 3.


  • He was a Brood War player and his race was Zerg, he changed his race to Protoss after that.
  • End of 2015, Simon permanently switched from Brood War to Starcraft II, after that, his skill improved extremely fast and he's now a core member of Team VK.

Legacy of the Void[edit]

  • October 2015, Simon started to play LotV after switching from Brood War.
  • December 2015, Simon joined Team VK, he represented them for some team events as a new member of Team VK.
  • January 2016, Simon participated in VTL (Vietnam Team League) Season 1, from there he improved very quickly. Nevertheless, his results were not impressive during VTL Season 1.
  • April 2016, Simon continued playing in VTL and had some good results for Team VK. He also played in the Grand Finals match between Team VK and Team EZ, but unfortunately he lost his game and Team VK also lost in the final match.
  • August 2016, Team VK divided into 2 small teams: VK Black and VK White. Simon became captain of Team VK Black when VTL Season 3 started.
  • September 2016, Simon started to Compete in SEA/NA/CN/KR weekly tournaments, here he has established himself as a solid player and shown some potential as an upcoming Vietnamese protoss player.
  • Simon has also had some notable victories in various online tournaments, such as beating CatZ, Neuro, and other high level players.


  • Simon is known as one of the fastest improving protoss players in the Vietnamese Starcraft 2 scene.


In A2Major Tournaments
2018-12-06CA3rdANZ Proleague Season 3Vietnamese All StarsVietnamese All Stars2–2Grp S.$26.27
In A3Minor Tournaments
2020-11-22BA2ndESL Vietnam StarCraft 2 NovemberArchangel GamingArchangel Gaming0 : 3$86.18
2020-09-05BA2ndAo Dai Weekly #50Archangel GamingArchangel Gaming1 : 3$45
2020-08-16BA2ndSoutheast Asia LeagueTeam VietnamTeam Vietnam3 : 4SingaporeSingapore$0
2020-05-16BA2ndThe NA Apprentice: Spicy League 2BearMe1 : 4Ponies$26.25
2020-04-29BA2ndAlpha X vs Team GP 2Alpha XAlpha X2 : 3Team GPTeam GP$12
2020-04-06AA1stAlpha X vs Team GPAlpha XAlpha X3 : 1Team GPTeam GP$22.50
2020-03-28AA1stNA Team League RumbleAlpha XAlpha X4 : 2Icebound EsportsIcebound Esports$21.43
2019-12-01AA1stAlpha X Civil WarSippyCup5 : 4IC$100
2019-10-21BA2ndLPL Play StarCraft II 2019 Season 3: AmateurAlpha XAlpha X1 : 3$89
2019-07-22AA1stCyberGamer StarCraft II 2019 Season 2: Open3 : 1$42
In A4Basic Tournaments
2020-10-24AA1stAo Dai Weekly #57Archangel GamingArchangel Gaming3 : 0$20
2020-10-17AA1stAo Dai Weekly #56Archangel GamingArchangel Gaming3 : 1$20
2020-10-03AA1stAo Dai Weekly #54Archangel GamingArchangel Gaming3 : 2$20
2020-08-29AA1stAo Dai Weekly #49Archangel GamingArchangel Gaming3 : 2$20
2020-08-15AA1stAo Dai Weekly #47Archangel GamingArchangel Gaming3 : 0$20
2020-08-01AA1stAo Dai Weekly #45Archangel GamingArchangel Gaming3 : 0$20
2020-07-11AA1stAo Dai Weekly #42Archangel GamingArchangel Gaming3 : 2$20
2020-07-04AA1stAo Dai Weekly #41Archangel GamingArchangel Gaming3 : 1$20
2020-06-27AA1stAo Dai Weekly #40Archangel GamingArchangel Gaming3 : 0$20
2020-04-20AA1stAlpha X Apprentice #3: Code AAlpha XAlpha XW : FF$10
2020-04-04AA1stAo Dai Weekly #28Alpha XAlpha X3 : 2$20
2020-03-14AA1stAo Dai Weekly #25Alpha XAlpha X3 : 1$20
2020-02-08AA1stAo Dai Weekly #22Alpha XAlpha X3 : 0$15.90
2019-12-22AA1stAo Dai Weekly #21Alpha XAlpha X3 : 0$13.30
2019-12-15AA1stAo Dai Weekly #20Alpha XAlpha X3 : 0$12.50
2019-12-08AA1stAo Dai Weekly #19Alpha XAlpha X3 : 0$14.03
2019-11-17AA1stAo Dai Weekly #16Alpha XAlpha X3 : 1$17.50
2019-10-27AA1stAo Dai Weekly #13Alpha XAlpha X3 : 1$17.50
2019-10-13AA1stAo Dai Weekly #11Alpha XAlpha X2 : 0$19.25
2019-10-06AA1stAo Dai Weekly #10Alpha XAlpha X3 : 1$22.75
2019-09-22AA1stAo Dai Weekly #8Alpha XAlpha X3 : 2$27.50
2019-08-25AA1stAo Dai Weekly #4Alpha XAlpha X3 : 1$42.50
2018-02-28AA1stStarcraft Amazing Race 2018: February3 : 1$5
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Matchup Statistics

 vs vs vs vs Total
as 226 - 26645.9 %184 - 11761.1 %264 - 34743.2 %5 - 550 %679 - 73548 %

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