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King of the Hill Australasia Series[edit]

The King of the Hill Australasia series (KOTH Australasia) is a weekly exhibition tournament being run by deL as a member of CyberGamer Australia to promote interest in and from the Australian SC2 scene. All matches are in King of the Hill format such that the winner returns the following week while the losing player will be relegated to the second poll, being required to get voted in twice in a row to participate again. The challenger each week is voted by the fans via polls on various fansites, such as CyberGamer and TeamLiquid. The matches are cast live by local casting talent from gamestah and miscellaneous communities.

The winner receives AU$50 courtesy of CyberGamer Australia.


  • Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty 1v1 match
  • Live broadcast
  • Best-of-Seven (BO7) series
  • The winner advances to the next week's match, the loser is out
  • Participants voted on by multiple community sites


The current KotH Australasia map pool is as follows:


Cup Date Winner Score Loser Prize ($ USD) Prize ($  AUD)
1Cup 1 2010-08-09 Australia  Pinder4 : 1Australia  Hectic$39$50
2Cup 2 2010-08-16 Australia  kjh2010-08-164 : 0Australia  Pinder$39$50
3Cup 3 2010-08-22 Australia  Azz2010-08-224 : 0Australia  kjh$39$50
4Cup 4 2010-08-29 New Zealand  Kowi2010-08-294 : 3Australia  Azz$39$50

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