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Kappa StarLeague

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[e][h]Kappa StarLeague
League Information
Game Version:
B07 Showmatch
Prize Pool:
$125 USD
Start Date:
End Date:
Liquipedia Tier:

The Kappa StarLeague (KSL) is an online showmatch series that promotes a stress-free tournament environment, designed to give players a way to have some extra fun with StarCraft II while making a little money on the side.

The KSL was founded in 2014 by Nathanias, with the intention of filling time between tournaments and increasing tournament participation for viewers as well.


  • A best-of-seven between the two players. At the start of the KSL, each player off-raced with the usual race of his opponent. Later on, matches were played with usual race, on Starbow maps.
  • Winning player receives $100, and loser gets $25. Usually, a new player is invited the next week to attempt to dethrone the previous winning player.

Detailed Results[edit]

Match 1 (Race swap)[edit]

December 31 2013, 15:00 EST

Match 2 (Race swap)[edit]

January 5 2014, 15:00 EST

Match 3 (Race swap)[edit]

January 6 2014, 15:00 EST

Match 4 (Race swap)[edit]

January 8 2014, 04:00 EST

Match 5 (Starbow)[edit]

January 16 2014, 18:00 EST

Match 6 (Race swap)[edit]

February 9 2014, 02:30 EST

Match 7 (Race swap)[edit]

February 14 2014, 02:00 EST

Match 8 (2.1.0 Balance Test v1.1)[edit]

February 23 2014, 16:00 EST

Match 9 (Race swap)[edit]

July 8 2014, 14:00 EST

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