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[e][h] KeeN
Player Information
Romanized Name:
Hwang Kyu-seok
(1994-10-02) October 2, 1994 (age 26)
Alternate IDs:
KeenMvP, MVP_Keen, MVPKeeN, MYMMvPKeeN, KeeN_Lt, KeeN
Total Earnings:
Approx. Earnings 2021:
EPT KR rank:
Military Service:
Years Active:
2011 -
× 2
2010-12-15 — 2014-07-31
2015-01-04 — 2015-02-22
2015-02-23 — 2015-10-18
2015-11-24 — 2016-01-23
2016-01-23 — 2016-11-21
2016-12-28 — 2017-04-16
2018-02-07 — 2018-11-15
2018-11-?? — 2019-09-23
2021-05-18 — Present
Upcoming Matches
KeeN  South Korea
United States  Astrea
June 24, 2021 - 5:00 UTC
Recent Matches
KeeN  South Korea2:3South Korea  DongRaeGu
June 14, 2021 - 12:25 UTC
KeeN  South Korea1:2South Korea  Zoun
June 13, 2021 - 0:00 UTC
KeeN  South Korea2:0China  CHAO
June 13, 2021 - 0:00 UTC
KeeN  South Korea0:3South Korea  Rogue
June 9, 2021 - 14:00 UTC
KeeN  South Korea0:3South Korea  Zest
June 1, 2021 - 11:35 UTC

Hwang "KeeN" Kyu-seok (born October 2, 1994) is a South Korean Terran player who is currently playing for Afreeca Freecs.

He gained fame for performing ceremonies after winning games.


Little is known about KeeN's Brood War career other than that he was a young prospect for Hite Entus playing with the handle "KeeN_Lt." He did not play any televised matches with the team, however.[1]

Wings of Liberty[edit]

KeeN made his professional StarCraft II debut the Code A tournament of GSL May. KeeN quickly dispatched with former Code S players Choya and BanBans, qualifying him for the Up & Down Matches. Next he beat CoCa to advance to the Code A semifinals where he lost to MVP. He quickly gained notoriety for both his play and his post-game antics, modeled after his idol, Firebathero.[2] This reputation which eventually inspired a "Milgie Award" (a fan-conceived award for MLG contestants) for strange post match performances to be named after him.[3] In the May Up & Down Matches, KeeN beat TricKsteR 2-1, qualifying him for Code S.

The next month, KeeN played in the GSL Super Tournament, but did not perform particularly well, defeating, former GSL finalist, Rain before losing to jookTo, who had been knocked out of the GSL earlier in the year.

GSL July was not any kinder to KeeN as he was placed in a tough group that included NaDa, HongUn, and SuperNova. KeeN's loss to NaDa started the beginning of a rivalry between two that led to KeeN selecting NaDa in future GSL group selections.[4] KeeN was again seeded into Code S after prevailing in the Up & Down Matches. In the newly introduced format, KeeN beat aLive, BanBans, and InCa; the only game the KeeN dropped was to childhood friend Leenock.

KeeN was again seeded into a group with NaDa in GSL August, but did not play him. He did advance to the round of 16 via a win over Alicia and a split of two games against CoCa. KeeN stunned many in the next round by defeating Bomber by using an innovative two Starport Banshee opening in the first game and deflecting Bomber's cheese in the third. He lost to Polt in the next round, but retained his spot in Code S.

KeeN also played an integral role in Team MvP's victory in the GOMTV Starcraft 2 Team League. He had only played two games during the regular season of play, losses to NaDa and Happy, but KeeN scored the critical final wins in the team league finals against Prime's stars BBoongBBoong and MarineKing. This earned him the Gold Card award for being MvP's "Most Valuable Player."

In GSL October, KeeN again played in a group with NaDa, this time by selecting him in the group selection show in order to get his revenge for his loss to NaDa in July. This did not work out for KeeN; losses to NaDa and MMA sent KeeN to his third Up & Down Matches. He suffered two TvP losses to the up-and-coming Oz and GSL veteran HongUn, thus sending him to Code A.

During November, KeeN took a break from the GSL to travel to his first tournament in America, MLG Providence. He made a deep run in the open bracket, beating American notables Tyler and Spades before losing to fellow South Korean, HerO. KeeN continued his run by knocking Oz out of the tournament in the losers' bracket and MajOr in the championship bracket. His run was finally stopped by LosirA in the second round of the championship bracket, officially finishing in 28th place.[5] KeeN identified his performance as disappointing though, having been aiming for a podium finish.[6]

KeeN participated in 2011 GSL November Code A. Beating both Revival and YugiOh with a 2-0 victory, his next opponent was HuK. He again won 2-0, securing a Code S spot for next season.

He was eliminated from 2012 GSL season 1 Code S in Ro32, after losing to NaDa 1-2 and Puzzle 0-2, sending him back to Code A Ro32. He managed to reach Code A Ro24 after beating MacSed 2-0 and AcE 2-1. He then faced NesTea but lost 0-2. He would have to play in the Up & Down matches to get back into Code S. However he didn't succeed, going 2-3 in his group, beating Heart and Avenge, but losing to BBoongBBoong, Squirtle, and YugiOh.

Through 2012 GSL season 2 he achieved a very successful run, earning his Code S spot for the next season by eliminating Golden 2-1 and then proceeding to upset both NesTea and MMA 2-0 and 2-1 respectively.

OnGameNet Star II League[edit]

2012 OSL Non-KeSPA Preliminaries[edit]

On July 2, 2012, KeeN participated in the 2012 OSL Non-KeSPA Preliminaries. KeeN received a BYE in round one and then took down 구동연, Revival, Arthur, and faced Oz in the finals. He was not able to advance any further and had to take 2nd place after he lost to Oz by a score of 1:2.

Team Liquid Starleague 4[edit]

KeeN qualified for TSL4 by defeating the then ZeNEX player Life in the finals of the 5th and last South Korean qualifier. The main tournament saw him defeat Eclypsia's Welmu in the first round securing a 3-0 victory over the Finnish Protoss. He would win two close series after that against foreign Zergs VortiX in the round of 16 and JonnyREcco in the round of 8 both series going to a final map. The round of four featured a qualifier rematch against the now StarTale player Life but he could not repeat his qualifier victory getting routed by the South Korean Zerg 4-1 sending him to the 3rd place match. There he was matched up against the teamless Terran Sting where he claimed a 4-0 victory over the Terran to secure a 3rd place finish.

Heart of the Swarm[edit]

On February 22, 2015, he announced that he had left his former team Invasion eSport.[7]

One day later, on February 23, 2015, it was announced that he had joined Prime.[8] Then, he became a staple in Prime's Proleague lineup, being fielded seven times (as of June 17, 2015, see 2015 Proleague Statistics). However, despite showing good games against opponents such as Losira and Life, he was unable to defeat any of them and lost six Proleague games in a row. On June 12, 2015, KeeN successfully qualified for GSL Season 3 Code A after defeating Axiom's Alicia. Three days later, KeeN was finally able to win his first Proleague match for Prime after defeating SKT's player Impact.

KeeN participated in the ASUS ROG tournament in late July 2015 but was eliminated in the round of 8 by the eventual champion, Losira. However, his form was improving at the time, as he was getting more wins for his team in Proleague. On September 25, KeeN finally won his first individual trophy in StarCraft II at the Gfinity Summer Masters II. He accomplished this by defeating the recently crowned WCS Premier League champion Lilbow, followed by Korean Protoss player MyuNgSiK, and finally the French Terran player MarineLorD.

On October 18, 2015, KeeN announced that he had left Prime.[9]

Legacy of the Void[edit]


On November 24, 2015, it was announced that he had joined team SBENU alongside Leenock.[10] In December, he failed to qualify for the first season of SSL, but managed to get into Code A, where he is scheduled to face Journey.


On April 16th, 2017, KeeN announced that he had left Team LeiFeng. [11]


On February 7th, 2018, Team RevolutioN announced KeeN as their latest addition. [12]


In A1Premier tournaments
2012-09-083rdTeamLiquid StarLeague 44 : 0 Sting$3,000
2011-05-043 - 4th2011 LG Cinema 3D Global StarCraft II League May: Code A1 : 3 Mvp$740
In A2Major tournaments
2017-06-182ndGame Land InvitationalZZZZZ3 : 4 Zest$1,514
2017-01-082ndOSC Championship Season 44 : 2 ByuN$1,000
2015-09-251stGfinity Summer Masters II3 : 1 MarineLorD$5,000
2012-09-154th2012 WCG Korea National Finals0 : 2 PartinG$0
In A3Minor tournaments
2019-08-151stMomentum Cup Season 3 KR: Finals0 : 1 Cure$300
2019-08-041stStarCraft Sundays Season 1, Weekly #33 : 1 Bly$80
2019-07-161stMomentum Cup Season 3 KR Cup 23 : 2 Zest$60
2019-07-152ndMSI Pro Challenge0 : 2 GuMiho$100
2019-07-151stMomentum Cup Season 3 KR Cup 13 : 2 aLive$60
2019-06-181stOlimoLeague Week #1583 : 0 INnoVation$130
2019-06-111stMomentum Cup Season 2 NA Cup 73 : 1 Cham$60
2019-06-091stAfreeca World 394 : 0 RiSky$125
2019-05-261stAfreeca World 384 : 2 Creator$125
2018-11-111stAfreeca World 254 : 3 TaeJa$125
2018-10-142ndAfreeca World 231 : 4 Cure$75
2018-09-261stBallistix Brawl: Season 4 Week #23 : 2 Leenock$100
2018-09-252ndOlimoLeague Week #1352 : 3 Trap$50
2018-05-232ndBallistix Brawl: Season 3 Week #60 : 3 GuMiho$50
2018-05-022ndBallistix Brawl: Season 3 Week #31 : 3 GuMiho$50
2018-05-011stAfreeca World 144 : 2 Elazer$125
2018-04-032ndOlimoLeague Week #1170 : 3 TY$50
2017-11-142ndGo4SC2 October 2017ZZZZZ1 : 3 DnS$58
2017-11-122ndMasters Cup 105ZZZZZ0 : 3 GuMiho$200
2017-10-221stWardiTV Americas OpenZZZZZ4 : 3 Cham$272.50
2017-10-102ndGo4SC2 September 2017ZZZZZ0 : 3 DnS$58
2017-07-302ndCorsair Cup Season 7 FinalsZZZZZ0 : 3 HeRoMaRinE$100
2017-07-091stCorsair Cup Season 7 Round 1ZZZZZ3 : 2 ShoWTimE$60
2017-06-211stSC2 ONLINE Community Open #46ZZZZZ3 : 2 Nice$75
2017-06-122ndWardiTV Weekly S2 FinalsZZZZZ0 : 3 ByuN$147
2017-01-302ndCorsair Cup Season 1 Finals0 : 3 Neeb$100
2016-11-281stCorsair Cup 42ZZZZZ3 : 1 MaNa$60
2016-10-291stBonus Pool #23 : 2 aLive$200
2016-09-282ndLeifeng Cup 1550 : 2 Solar$400
2016-09-251stBonus Pool #13 : 2 aLive$200
2016-09-161stEURONICS Gaming Cup #63 : 1 aLive$66.93
2016-09-051stCorsair Cup 333 : 1 aLive$60
2016-08-091stGo4SC2 July 20163 : 1 Beastyqt$341
2016-08-011stCorsair Cup 293 : 2 Guru$60
2016-06-272ndOlimoLeague Monthly Finals: June 20160 : 4 Super$200
2016-06-112ndOlimoLeague Week #622 : 3 ByuN$50
2016-06-061stCorsair Cup 223 : 1 Miniraser$60
2016-05-171stCorsair Cup 203 : 1 MaNa$60
2016-04-271stDouyu Cup 183 : 2 aLive$75
2016-04-212ndMatcherino Weekerino Cup 41 : 3 Bunny$61
2016-04-131stDouyu Cup 123 : 1 DeParture$75
2016-02-212ndASL Season 6 Challenger League0 : 4 Kelazhur$100
2016-01-171stDingIt StarCraft II Invitational Season 14 : 2 TaeJa$427
2015-05-161stOlimoLeague Week #303 : 1 Center$75
2014-12-272ndOlimoLeague Monthly - DecemberZZZZZ1 : 4 eMotion$150
2012-03-291stMSI Pro Cup #83 : 0 ThorZaIN$931.24
2011-12-161stBenQ StarCraft II Clash3 : 2 Oz$587.18
In A4Basic tournaments
2021-05-151stAlpha Pro Series Match 260ZZZZZ5 : 2 Nice$79.56
2021-04-211stGrand Prix Series Match 9ZZZZZ4 : 2 Percival$90
2017-03-261stSC2 Americas Open #1113 : 2 TRUE$50
2017-03-191stSC2 Americas Open #1103 : 1 Snute$50
2016-10-231stSC2 Americas Open #912 : 1 aLive$50
2016-10-161stSC2 Americas Open #903 : 0 Namshar$50
2016-08-281stSC2 Americas Open #833 : 1 GAMETIME$50
2016-08-071stSC2 Americas Open #803 : 1 Hellraiser$50
2015-07-051stTeam Gravity's Fight Night 2015: July, Week 1 Match 34 : 0 BBoongBBoong$60
2012-06-021stKung Fu Cup Weekly Season 1 Cup 54 : 0 XiGua$100
Complete Results in any Tournament

Team Achievements

In A1Premier tournaments
2017-06-043rdNEO Star League 20162 : 3$290.26
2013-07-202nd2013 Global Starcraft II Team League Season 13 : 5$1,424.08
2012-12-082nd2012 Global Starcraft II Team League Season 33 : 5$1,540.36
2012-07-283 - 4th2012 Global Starcraft II Team League Season 24 : 5$439.23
2012-04-073 - 4th2012 Global Starcraft II Team League Season 13 : 5$441.82
2011-10-081st2011 Global Starcraft II Team League Season 15 : 3$2,509.09
2011-05-192ndGlobal Starcraft II Team League May4 : 5$657.48
In A2Major tournaments
2016-11-204thVSL Team League3 : 4$141.11
2014-04-012nd2014 Proleague: Round 21 : 4$524.95
2013-08-181stAcer TeamStory Cup Season 15 : 3$769.23
2012-07-211stAsia StarCraft II Invitational Tournament5 : 1$3,333.33
2011-12-223rdIPL Team Arena Challenge3 : 5$90.91
In A3Minor tournaments
2019-04-071st2019 BJ Destruction Match Season 14 : 3$1,107
2018-10-312ndBJ Destruction Match Season 10 : 4$592
In Premier/Major Team Leagues
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Matchup Statistics

 vs vs vs vs Total
as 716 - 56455.9 %656 - 53455.1 %783 - 62155.8 %4 - 266.7 %2159 - 172155.6 %

Earnings Statistics


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