Kerrigan (commander)

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This article covers the co-op commander. For the singleplayer campaign unit see Sarah Kerrigan.
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Kerrigan is the leader of a powerful Zerg army. As in the campaign, she benefits from a lot of combat abilities.

Units and Structures[edit]


  1. Mutating Carapace
  2. Immobilization Wave
  3. Ruthlessness
  4. Spawning Pool Upgrade Cache
  5. New Unit: Lurker
  6. Hydralisk/Lurker Upgrade Cache
  7. Malignant Creep
  8. Omega Worm
  9. Kerrigan Upgrade Cache
  10. Fury
  11. Spire Upgrade Cache
  12. Zergling Evolution: Raptor
  13. Ultralisk Upgrade Cache
  14. Ultralisk Evolution: Torrasque
  15. Queen of Blades

Patch Changes[edit]

General Strategy[edit]


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