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Kevin Knocke

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[e][h]Unknown Kevin Knocke
Commentator Information
Kevin Knocke
March 20, 1987 (age 35)
Alternate IDs:
Years active (caster):
2012 - 2013

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Kevin Knocke is a professional StarCraft II commentator who worked for the IPL but was absorbed into the Blizzard's eSports division when Blizzard bought the IPL assets.


Kevin Knocke started out as a small-time streamer and caster. He got his break during the qualifiers for the first IGN ProLeague, where he served as one of the event's guest casters. He was subsequently hired by IPL as to be one of their in-house casters along with HDstarcraft, PainUser, and DoA. He is known for his enthusiastic color commentary style. He often cites his history as a DJ at his college radio station as being the source of his strong voice and enthusiasm while casting.

On April 16, 2012, Kevin Knocke officially changed his handle from CatsPajamas to his real name Kevin Knocke citing professionalism.[1][2]




  • Knocke is known for quick math calculations during casts.
  • During the casting of the IPLTL games between NSHO vs DTG, he noted his 10-year history of competitive piano playing and being an art buff.