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[e][h] KnowMe
Player Information
Steffen Fritzemeier
August 5, 1984 (1984-08-05) (age 34)
Alternate IDs:
Total Earnings:
2013-01-25 - 2013-11-30
2014-01-25 - 2015-01-05

Steffen "KnowMe" Fritzemeier is a former German Protoss player.


Steffen "KnowMe" Fritzemeier is a former German Protoss player who played for Team ALTERNATE. He played as Protoss in Brood War and continued to play as Protoss in SC2 as well as working as a neuroscientist.[1] Meanwhile, he plays Heroes of the Storm.[2]

The Beginning[edit]

KnowMes long journey started a while ago playing StarCraft on maps like ICE HUNTERS and Big Game Hunters. At first he used the nickname FeNiX. In the year 2000, he and his friend YouBetterRun created a new clan called YouBetter. He then changed his name into YouBetterKnowMe. Later on, he left SC:BW behind and started to play WC3 in his first big clan called Projekt-Warcraft. He stayed in this clan for several years and started to participate in online tournaments like the Go4WC3 cups. He also went to offline events like the Fusionlan 2002 where he achieved the second place, right behind is teammate, PW-Sirius.


The first touch with SC:BW was on a private lan in 1999. Since that lan, KnowMe was always in love with the starcraft universe, but he also tried a lot of other games before the beta for StarCraft II started. In 2004 KnowMe joined the Templars of Twilight. This clan should be known to most as one of the best foreign SC:BW teams and because of former members like Mondragon, iNcontrol, Ret, Cloud etc. KnowMe participated in one of the ToT-Lans where he got to know his German teammates in person. In 2010, the Templars of Twilight came to an end, because they didn't believe that they would be able to compete in StarCraft II on the same level as in SC:BW. In his final statement Mondragon stated about KnowMe: 'I actually do not have any clue when you joined Steffen. I just remember you inviting us to your home in Berlin for WCG 2006 (was it?) where Simon showed Aces with his first hand :P I’ve always considered you as a very skilled and appreciated member which you have proven in SC2 by being higher in ladder than me ;D'

Wings of Liberty[edit]


In the beginning, KnowMe was dedicating a lot of time to StarCraft II and got into the first Grandmaster League on the ladder. After investing many hours especially in the beta, he had to step back a bit afterwards, because he finished his studies in 2010, and then started to work as a neuroscientist. Despite that he started to play in the ESL Amateur Series in the Winter Season 2011 and reached the relegation for the German EPS several times since then. In spring 2012, he played in each Cup of the EPS Spring Season 2012, with some top placings. Overall he reached the 20th place. In summer 2012 he again competed in each cup of the EPS Summer Season 2012. He also tried to qualify for the TSL4 where he was ranked 52nd in the NA/EU-Ranking as of Cup 8 by reaching the Ro32 and Ro16 once. KnowMe stayed clanless in this time for several months.


On January 13, 2013 KnowMe joined nexmultigaming alongside Delphi.[3][4]


On January 25, 2014, it was announced that KnowMe, alongside KauP and Monty, had been taken in by Team ALTERNATE, only days after Socke had been released as the last player in their SC2 roster.[5]


On January 5, 2015, it was announced that KnowMe left Team ALTERNATE.[6] In June 2015, he joined Team Spartanien to play Heroes of the Storm (see his player profile). He sometimes casts LotV for TaKeTV,[7] see Legacy of the Ultras for more information.


  • He was a regular guest of the German podcast Szenecast.
  • Wrote blog entries for "SC2Pro".
  • Played Protoss in Brood War.
  • Is well known for the "KnowMe Cannon", a cannon spot on some Daybreak versions.
  • Hosted a weekly German Show called "AheadOftheMetagame" with HeRoMaRinE and Biphy.


In A3Minor and A5Monthly tournaments
2014-12-072ndLeipzig eSports Community Cup0 : 4 TcUltimate$31.13
2014-07-313 - 4thACe-Series#20 : 2 roof$26.78
2013-02-014thTuDoCup1 : 2 GoOdy$136.48
Complete Results in any Tournament





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