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Korean 4 Warpgate All In (vs. Protoss)

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This article is outdated since it's an pre patch 1.3.3 build. This build is now significantly weaker due to the increase in warpgate research time. However, it can still be used to catch an unsuspecting opponent off guard.
[e][h] 4 Warpgate All In
Strategy Information

Patch 1.3.3[edit]

This article was written before patch 1.3.3, which added 20 seconds to warpgate research. The added research time is enough to nullify this build against a good opponent since, if your opponent is playing somewhat standard, the Zealot/Stalker come out early enough to kill the standard 4 proxy Pylons that one would place with this build. It is possible to build upwards of 6 Pylons to ensure at least one round of Zealot warp-ins, but this leaves you with far fewer minerals for the second round. Although this build can work if you can place a hidden Pylon in your opponent's base, it is a build that is only useful in very specific situations. In the upper spectrum of skill, it is almost always stopped.

The correct way to adapt build post 1.3.3 is to build Pylon at 8/10 instead of 9/10, and get Gateway and cybercore earlier. You will end up with a little bit less money, but it's as destructive as before


This image shows the signs of a Korean Warpgate All In

The Korean Style 4 Warpgate build is one where you plan to end the game quickly by overwhelming your opponent with units. This is a very powerful build that can end the game very quickly if your opponent does not know the proper response. Even if your opponent knows the proper response, the build is still playable in the midgame. If you are able to warp in Zealots, then you are at an advantage since you should be able to recover probe losses easily by target firing your opponent's workers.

The classification of this as an "All In" is quite subjective. It is remarkably versatile, depending on the variation you play and the amount invested in the pressure. As such, it could be argued that the build is not strictly an all-in.

The build is easily scoutable by your opponent, especially if your opponent has unit status bars always turned on. Giveaways are:

  • 10 Gate
  • 12 Gas
  • 15 Cybernetics Core
  • Saving Chronoboost

Build Orders[edit]

Basic Build
  • Chronoboost your Nexus as soon as possible once, then save Chronoboost for the Warpgate Upgrade
  • 8/10 Pylon (1)
  • 8/10 Chronoboost Nexus ONCE
  • 10/10 Gateway (1) -->leave for scouting
  • 13/18 (@ 60/65 Gateway) Assimilator[1]
  • 14/18 (@ 100% Gateway) Cybernetics Core
  • 16/18 Pylon (2)
  • 17/18 Warpgate Research[2] Chronoboost continuously until finished.
  • 18/26 Gateway (2) + Gateway (3) + Gateway (4)[3]
  • Build proxy Pylons in opponent's main once Warpgate Research is at ~75%.[4]
  1. Mine with 3 workers until you have 50 gas, pulling one worker off at 44, another at 48 and the last at 52.
  2. Start as soon as Cyber Core finishes.
  3. Build all three Gateways at once @450 minerals, no later than 40/160 Warpgate Upgrade
  4. Try to keep your scouting Probe alive. Build about 3-4 Pylons so your opponent can't kill them all off at once.

See SC2planner build order (Basic korean 4 warpgate)

Example Games

Plexa vs Klutch This game demonstrates how powerful the build is if you try to play standard against it.
Tozar vs vengee This game uses the Tozar variation, which involves building a Pylon at 16 and building more probes than is usually necessary.

This variation allows you to build gas units as well. This may be more effective in certain situations however it will leave you with a slightly slower warpgate and you will not be able to build as many Pylons in their main. It does, however, allow you to defend against another Warpgate Rush very well, this can be found in the appropriate section below.

Variation (With Gas)
  • 10/10 Pylon
  • 10/10 Gateway (scout)
  • 10/18 Chronoboost Nexus TWICE
  • 14/18 Assimilator (mine with three probes, remove at most 1, ideally leave them all on)
  • 16/18 Cybernetics Core
  • 17/18 Warpgate Research[1] Chronoboost continuously until finished.
  • 18/18 Build 3 Gateways as you have the minerals for them
  • When warp is about 75% done start building Pylons in the other guys main (2-3 is a good number)
  1. Start as soon as Cyber Core finishes.


  • Hotkeying your Cybernetics Core and constantly checking the wireframe for the chronoboost status icon is a good way to ensure that it is always chronoboosted
  • If he is chronoboosting his first Stalker, lay down Pylons as quick as you can in their main - even if it's before 75%, since otherwise your opponent will probably be able to kill your probe before you get enough down.
  • Hiding the first of your 4 Pylons in a corner is a good idea since he may miss it if he kills the other 3, or if he does try to kill it, he'll have to waste a lot of precious time to do so.
  • Only use one chronoboost on your Nexus - this way you'll have 100 energy on your Nexus just as you start Warpgate research.
  • If he is building Stalkers just have one Zealot attack your opponent's stalker while using the other 3 to attack Probes. If you can kill sufficient probes, you're very likely to win the game.
  • if your opponent has a Zealot, build Pylons in between your Probe and the Zealot, if you build them in front there will be a slight pause in the probe's movement allowing the Zealot to possibly get a hit in (which is very bad).
  • If you are unable to plant Pylons in their main, getting a Proxy Pylon close to his natural and using that to warp in units can also be extremely effective. If he does not quickly match your Warpgate count he'll have a tough time defending.

Playing as Korean Style 4 Warpgate[edit]

1 Gate Tech[edit]

  • Signs: 1 gate, takes his assimilator and continually mines with three probes, not saving chronoboost.
  • This build should always beat this because he is not saving Chronoboost - so keep an eye on the energy of his Nexus. If your opponent goes for an early Zealot use the tip listed above to avoid being hit. If your opponent is going for a fast Stalker then plant those Pylons as fast as you can. He shouldn't be able to kill all the Pylons in time unless he pulls a lot of probes and ignores your probe running around. If he does do this, try hiding a Pylon in a corner because if a Pylon warps in - you're going to win. Once the Zealots start coming in your opponent will not be able to defend without taking significant losses.

1 Gate Tech - Warpgate Counter[edit]

  • Signs: 1 gate, takes his assimilator, continually mines with three probes, saving chronoboost, uses a probe to attack your scouting probe, chronoboosts a Stalker
  • The key difference between this and the above build is that he is saving chronoboost and he chases your probe. The best way to play this is to not seriously commit to laying down Pylons in their main and immediately send a second probe to his natural or hidden location close by to his natural
  • No matter what he does, your opponent will not have warpgate or 4 Gateways as fast as you so your plan is to get a Pylon in his natural (or close enough). It may be a good idea to build a Pylon in their main (which you intend to cancel) to keep him occupied while the Pylon close to his natural is still warping in.
  • Since your 4 Warpgates are faster than his, you will have more units more quickly than he does meaning you should be able to overwhelm your opponent's ramp unless he builds a Sentry. On maps like Scrap Station or Kulas Ravine, building a Sentry will typically not be enough to defend.
  • Example games: Game 1, Game 2
    • Both these games demonstrate the power of placing a proxy Pylon when you are unable to get a Pylon in the main

X Gate Pressure[edit]

  • Signs: multiple gates, hasn't taken his assimilator yet, probably saving chronoboost.
  • The Korean 4 Warpgate All In will lose to this build, given sufficiently small rush distance and not scouting it early. The issue here is that your opponent will be constantly producing Zealots and your opponent will be trying to pressure you. Korean style warpgates does not leave you with any early Zealots to defend. This means your base will quickly be flooded with Zealots that you cannot block. Your hope lies in the fact you have the tech advantage since he has no gas, and you have been saving chronoboost you can get Zealots out in no time. Once you see the build, instantly add as many gates as you can (wall-ing in if possible). You will need to be chronoboosting Zealots continuously and Pyloning well. If he is cutting probes then cut probe yourself. It will be hard to defend, but it's possible.
  • The best follow up is probably to lay down a quick Forge and use a simcity to defend his pressure. Staying on 2 gates while warp completes then trying to backstab him while he pressures while relying on cannons for defence may bring you back into the game.
  • Example game: Game 1
    • This demonstrates the use of a simcity + backstab to overcome a 3 gate pressure build

2 Gate Tech[edit]

  • Signs: second gate after core (no early Zealot) or second gate before core (inferior variation - but safe against proxy), not saving chronoboost, taken gas and is mining from it.
  • This build should be able to defend the warpgate all-in, if he plays it right. To win with the warpgate push you're going to need to distract your opponent, assuming he knows what your opponent is doing.
  • If he is chronoboosting his first Stalker, he knows what your opponent is doing. In addition, if he is chasing your probe with a probe it strongly recommended that your abort your plan and try to instead plant a proxy Pylon near their main to pressure your opponent instead.
  • You may have to be wary of units, but eventually you should be able to outmass him (unless he adds 2 more Gateways pronto). Use the first 4 Zealots you warp in to advance with a probe and get a Pylon in your opponent's base - from there you can continue to pressure
  • See 1 Gate Tech - Warpgate Counter for example games of the proper continuation

Korean Style 4 Warpgate All In[edit]

  • Signs: 10gate, cutting probes off gas, no early Zealots, saving chronoboost.
  • This is tricky. You will both be trying to warp in stuff in each other's mains but at the same time, you will want to warp in stuff at home to defend. It's a tricky balance. Basically, whoever gets warpgate first is going to have the advantage since your opponent will be able to get the first warps in. The other player will have to defend against it, at home, and probably will lose probes in the process (and hence the game). The aggressor is aiming to kill probes while the defender is aiming to not lose mining time, the defender has a really difficult job. If the defender tries to counterattack, then the aggressor should win since he'll be able to kill stuff first. Hiding Pylons in this scenario is an excellent idea. You will have to play a lot of this by gut unfortunately.
  • Example Games: Game 1, Game 2
    • Game 1 illustrates that the person who gets the faster warp (even if it is by 2 seconds) will typically win the game since he has the attacking advantage.
    • Game 2 illustrates that the game is still playable after neither players invest too much into the rush. Both DT and Robo follow ups are viable.
  • Game 2 illustrates how the Variation of this build can be adapted to defend against a quicker Warpgate build
  • After 18 Warpgate Tech, follow the following build:
    • Chronoboost Warpgate
    • 18 Gateway
    • 18 Stalker
    • 20 Gateway
    • 20 Zealot
    • 22 Gateway
    • 22 Pylon
  • Assuming you do not fall behind in warpgate, you should be able to defend with your first set of warp ins fairly easily. You will not be able to stop the probe from warping in Pylons in your main, but since you have a bigger army, he shouldn't be warping in anything so you can go around and clean those up.

2 Gate Proxy[edit]

  • Signs: proxy buildings in obvious locations, no Gateways at home etc.
  • You will most likely die. The things going in your favor is that you have a 10gate and Chronoboost. Plant another 2 Gateways (ideally creating a wall) and chronoboost Zealots out like mad. Unfortunately, your opponent will probably have 2 gates up faster than you so your opponent will be able to hit your first Zealot with two Zealots and get a compounding advantage from there.

Playing Against Korean Style 4 Warpgate[edit]

General advice is to:

  • Save chronoboost for your Gateways / Warpgates and use it well.
  • Do not miss Pylons (ridiculously important, since you are under pressure it is easy to forget)
  • Do not stop building units

More specifically:

  • Chronoboost your first Stalker
  • Get a Sentry after the Stalker to prevent any further pressure
  • Get 4 Gateways up as soon as you can

Defending from 1 Gate Tech[edit]

The following, more detailed advice assumes that you are playing a 1 Gate tech build, which is more or less standard.

  • The signs you need to look for are: 10 Gate, sending Probes off gas, no early Zealots, saving chronoboost, chronoboosting Cybernetics Core continuously (probably too late by then).
  • The moment you see this:
  1. Stop chronoboosting your Nexus, as you must use it on key units and tech later on. This is the first essential part of defeating this strategy.
  2. Send 1 Probe to chase his Probe that's in your base. if your opponent hasn't revealed his scouting Probe, that's probably because your opponent is trying to hide Pylons - be careful! Sending one Probe to attack the scouting Probe is the second key part to defending.
  3. When you are able to (i.e. as soon as possible after your Cybernetics Core) build a Zealot. You do not have to chronoboost it, since the Probe shouldn't be warping in Pylons before the Zealot finishes and since the Probe is faster than the Zealot, a good player will be able to outrun your Zealot.

After those first steps:

  • Do not forget to build your second Pylon! You're going to need units
  • You will probably have to cut Probes when you hit 20 psi to get up a second Gateway.
  • When your Cybernetics Core finishes, chronoboost your first Stalker.
  • Also start Warpgate tech, this will be key to not fall behind later on
  • Your Stalker will finish before Warpgate is finished, so immediately go after his Probe. The Probe will need to lay down Pylons early (before 75%) to get enough Pylons in your base before the Stalker is able to kill it.
  • After the Stalker completes, chronoboost out a second Zealot if your opponent has planted Pylons down. Zealots kill Pylons faster than Stalkers, that's why you want a second Zealot instead of a Stalker

If he did not plant down any Pylons:

  • Build a Sentry and chronoboost your Warpgate(s) continuously.
  • You will need a third Pylon after your 3rd unit from the Gateway; also add a third Gateway when you get a chance
  • Use your Stalker/Zealot to scout for any proxy Pylons, even if you find them you probably will not be able to kill them before he warps in a set of units, but knowing he is pressuring you is important to be able to play the rest of the game right.
  • Use your ramp and forcefield to divide units and prevent him from pressuring you.

If you find a proxy Pylon:

  • You are going to need 4 Gateways.
  • The best unit mixture to defend early aggression is Zealot/Sentry with minimal Stalkers.
  • Use your ramp and forcefield to divide units and prevent him from pressuring you.
  • You will be behind in units usually, so be very careful and pick off what you can.
  • This pressure is ridiculously hard to stop without near perfect micro and Pyloning.
  • Do not forget to construct additional Pylons, or you will be supply blocked and your opponent will overwhelm you
Example Game 1 This game demonstrates the proper way to counter this strategy.

You will be able to tell if your opponent is abandoning his plan by checking your opponent's base for any of the following signs:

  • Chronoboost used on Nexus
  • Resumed Probe production
  • Probes returned to Gas
  • Taking his second Gas
  • Starts building Zealots at home

If one of the signs appear you can probably resume "normal play", but be wary of the 4 Warpgate Stalker push. You're going to need at least 3 Warpgates + Robo or 4 Warpgates to hold that off. You should be ahead in Probes, so the game should be yours!

Example Game 1 This game demonstrates that even if you defend the first attempts to Pylon your main, and he is not able to proxy Pylon somewhere and pressure you, that you can still lose to a quick mass of units if you forget Pylons. The underlying message from this game is to not let your guard down.

Example Games

Indy vs Plexa Indy follows the advice given above very closely and is easily able to defend the rush.
HuK vs NaNiwa This demonstrates how quickly Zealots can kill Pylons, but also demonstrates the necessity for the defender to build more Gateways and get a Stalker out quickly to stop further Pylons warping in
Kowi vs Plexa This game shows the importance of getting a fast Stalker to kill the Probe. Note that kowi would have had a hard time if more Pylons were planted, but Plexa was not able to since his Probe was killed. While not a proper response, it illustrates the importance of the Stalker and a good way to follow up stopping the rush.
HuK vs Socke This game illustrates the importance of quickly bringing your warpgate count up to four to be able to deal with this build.

Kowi Counter[edit]

If you know that your opponent is going to use the 4warpgate strategy, the Kowi build is the optimal counter. This build also allows you to transition into a delayed 4warpgate build which still is a very strong opening against Protoss. The key points of the build is only use 2 Chrono Boosts on your Probes and get a quick second Gateway. When your Cybernetics Core finishes you immediately pump out 2 Chrono Boost Stalkers to deal with the Probe in your main.

  • 10 Pylon
  • Chrono Boost your Probes once the Pylon finishes
  • 12 Gateway - scout
  • Chrono Boost your Probes once you start production of your 13th Probe
  • 14 Assimilator
  • 15 Gateway
  • 16 Cybernetics Core
  • You should be aware that he is 4warpgating you now
  • 16 Pylon
  • 19 Double Stalkers - both Chrono Boosted
  • 22 Warp - Chrono Boosted
  • If he is warpgating you, do not resume Probe production add two more Gateways and Stalkers as you can. Note that because you have 2 Stalkers from the Gateways, despite the later Warpgate (it shouldn't be that far behind), you should be able to keep him out massed assuming he hasn't gotten a Pylon in your main. Usually you should add a Gateway at 22, a Pylon at 24, and another Gateway at 26, alternating buildings in between Stalkers.
  • If he is not warpgating you, then you can transition into anything that you like since this build will not leave you too far behind. Note that you will have two quick Stalkers which you can use to pressure your opponent and control the map.

Example Game

Game 1 This game demonstrates how the Kowi Counter works, and how it gives you a unit advantage which the warpgater shouldn't be able to overcome even if your opponent has a proxy Pylon.

Kowi Counter Variation[edit]

For maps with small rush distances, the following variation on the Kowi Counter takes advantage of the fact that your opponent does not produce any early Zealots. Use the first two Chronoboosts at the same time as before.

  • 10 Pylon
  • 10 Gate
  • 12 Gas
  • 15 Gate
  • 15 Core
  • 15 Zeal - Chronoboosted
  • 18 Pylon
  • 19 Stalker/Stalker both Chronoboosted
  • 23 Gateway (add another afterwards if need be!)

Example Game

Game 1 This game shows how if you are able to sneak a Zealot out, then the game is essentially over.


There are varying degrees of failure with this build. Most of the time, however, you will be able to play into a midgame with a disadvantage. It is difficult to accurately give advice as to how behind you are, since it depends on your opponents Gateway count, Probe count, unit count etc. as well. Here are some very general guidelines - note that your experience with this build will give you a far better insight as to how the game is playing out than this guide can.

Able to warp in Zealots and kill Probes, your opponent was able to stop the rush though

This means you are equal, or ahead. With 4 warpgates you will have a lot of aggressive power and can transition into a blink Stalker build or some kind of quick unit pressure with a proxy Pylon. Just be mindful of what he is doing and you should be fine.

Was not able to warp in any Pylons

This doesn't mean you are behind, in general. Your best response is to send a second Probe and Pylon close to his natural. Warp in your first set of units at home if need be, and use them (along with your second set if timing permits) to get a warp in a closer Pylon. Chances are you will be able to overwhelm him with units. The more experienced player should win in this scenario.

Warped in 4 Pylons, cancelled some, built second Pylon in main, he is catching up in Gateway count, no Probe kills, no Zealot warps ins.

This means you are slightly behind with a playable disadvantage. Use the warpgates as best you can, typically you will transition into Stalkers. You should have resumed Probe production as soon as you decided not to follow through with the rush. You shouldn't be overly behind in Probe production since you will be chronoboosting your nexus and he will chronoboost his Gateway. The better player should win from this scenario.

Warped in 4 Pylons, cancelled some, built second Pylon in main, he is not catching up in Gateway count, no Probe kills, no Zealot warps ins

Since he is not building Gateways to catch up, build a proxy Pylon and you should be able to quickly overwhelm him with units.

Warped in 4 Pylons, he pulled Probes to defend, zero Probe kills, no lost Zealots

This means you are slightly behind with a playable disadvantage, in general. If he cut Probes you will be equal, or better, however they usually do not cut Probes. You should be chronoboosting your nexus to make up for lost Probes. Use the warpgates as best you can, typically you will transition into Stalkers. The better player will usually win from this scenario.

Warped in 4 Pylons, tried to warp in Zealots, did not kill any Probes

This means you are significantly behind. Chances are you will not be able to recover from this. Best bet is to plant a forward Pylon and try to Stalker all-in him.

Warped in 4 Pylons, warped in Zealots, got completely crushed

The game is pretty much over. Chances are you will not be able to recover from this. Best bet is to plant a forward Pylon and try to Stalker all-in him.

Example Games

Pinder vs Plexa The rush managed to get 3-4 Pylons in their main, but was not able to warp in Zealots. Pinder pulled probes to defend, so the warpgater was behind in probe count but was still in a playable position. The warpgater went on to lose because your opponent was the inferior player.



Strong Maps[edit]

Weak Maps[edit]

  • Steppes of War is somewhat weak, due to proxies and cheese being common. HuK vs Nani Game 2 demonstrates how the small rush distance can really hurt the effectiveness of this build