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[e][h]Kung Fu Cup (功夫杯 )
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Kung Fu Cup (中文:功夫杯), shortened as KFC, is a weekly online tournament held on the Taiwan/Korean server. Each week, a top Chinese progamer and a top Korean progamer are invited to compete for the prize of $100. The first three sessions were sponsored by SCBoy's taobao store, which sells PC gaming peripherals (headsets, mice, keyboards, etc.). Kung Fu Cup then became sponsored by NeoTV.


Season 1: Wings of Liberty[edit]

Cup Date Winner Score Loser Prize ($ USD) VOD
1Cup 1 2012-05-06 South Korea  Classic4 : 2China  Loner$100VOD
2Cup 2 2012-05-12 South Korea  TheStC4 : 2China  Comm$100Games 1-3 - Games 4-6
3Cup 3 2012-05-19 South Korea  BBoongBBoong4 : 3China  Jim$100VOD
4Cup 4 2012-05-26 South Korea  Vampire4 : 0China  F91$100VOD
5Cup 5 2012-06-02 South Korea  KeeN4 : 0China  XiGua$100VOD
6Cup 6 2012-06-09 South Korea  KingKong4 : 1China  Top$100VOD
7Cup 7 2012-06-16 South Korea  Maru4 : 0China  LoveTT$100VOD
8Cup 8 2012-06-23 China  TooDming4 : 2South Korea  Noblesse$100VOD
9Cup 9 2012-06-30 South Korea  sC4 : 1China  Jim$100VOD
10-1Cup 10-1 2012-07-04 China  TooDming2 : 1South Korea  MarineKing$100VOD
10-2Cup 10-2 2012-07-04 South Korea  MarineKing2 : 0China  LoveCD$100VOD
10-3Cup 10-3 2012-07-04 South Korea  MarineKing2 : 1China  F91$100VOD
11Cup 11 2012-07-21 South Korea  Sting4 : 2China  MacSed$100VOD
12Cup 12 2012-08-11 South Korea  PartinG4 : 0China  Loner$100VOD
13Cup 13 2012-08-18 China  Comm4 : 0South Korea  TAiLS$100VOD
14Cup 14 2012-09-01 South Korea  finale4 : 1China  F91$100VOD
15Cup 15 2012-09-08 Taiwan  Sen4 : 2South Korea  ByuN$100Part 1 - Part 2
16Cup 16 2012-09-22 China  Jim4 : 3South Korea  Maru$100VOD

Season 2: Heart of the Swarm[edit]

Cup Date Winner Score Loser Prize ($ USD) VOD
1Cup 1 2013-06-06 China  Jim4 : 1South Korea  HyuN$100VOD
2Cup 2 2013-06-13 South Korea  GuMiho4 : 1China  Comm$100VOD
3Cup 3 2013-06-20 South Korea  KangHo4 : 1China  Top$100VOD
4Cup 4 2013-06-27 South Korea  DongRaeGu5 : 3China  CN players$100VOD 1 - VOD 2 - VOD 3
5Cup 5 2013-07-04 South Korea  YoDa4 : 2China  TooDming$100VOD
6Cup 6 2013-07-11 South Korea  Lucky4 : 1China  DouDou$100VOD
7Cup 7 2013-07-18 South Korea  Seed4 : 3China  Loner$100VOD


  • 06 May 2012, Classic defeated Loner 4-2, and became the first winner in KFC history.
  • 26 May 2012, NeoTV became new sponsor of KFC. Instead of casting in SCBoys' homes, KFC is broadcasted in NeoTV's television studio now.
  • 23 June 2012, TooDming won the 8th session of KFC, making him the first Chinese winner in this competition series.
  • 04 July 2012, MarineKing was invited to the special 10th event of KFC. Tripling the prize pool in this event, the winner of each BO3 would get $100. Finally MarineKing lost the first BO3 to TooDming, and defeated LoveCD and F91 in the rest games.
  • 08 August 2012, Comm became the first Chinese player to 4-0 his Korean opponent finale.
  • 08 September 2012, Sen and ByuN were invited for the 15th KFC. This was the first KFC without a (mainland) Chinese player present. Sen also became first Chinese winner from Republic of China.


  • NeoTV (mainly for the audiences in mainland China)
  • MS-Joy's TwitchTV (mainly for the audiences outside mainland China)


  • KFC initially started out as series of grudge matches between members of SC2Boy (星际老男孩). It was referred to as "IQ-Cup" (智商杯). After IQ-Cup developed into a weekly show match between top Chinese and Korean players, SC2Boy changed the name to Kung Fu Cup (功夫杯).[Citation needed]