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[e][h]Terran Laukyo
Player Information
Laurent Chung
1994 (age 28-29)
Alternate IDs:
VirusLaukyo, Oo.Laukyo, ProS.Laukyo
Approx. Total Winnings:
Years active:
2011 - 2013
201?-??-?? — 201?-??-??
201?-??-?? — 2011-11-01
2013-03-27 — 201?-??-??
Recent Matches
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France Protoss StraightEdge
2013-10-12 00:00:17UTC  

Laurent "Laukyo" Chung is a Terran player from France who is currently retired.


Wings of Liberty[edit]

Laukyo started to make his name at the end of 2010, when he reached repeatedly the final rounds of several weekly online cups. He also competed in Master Series 2010/2011 offline events, where his best results was a quarterfinal in MaXlan 2011.

He made his first step in eGG-one Starleague during eOSL Summer 2011, after he won an online qualifier against ToD. In this tournament, he was able to get a spot in the main bracket at the expense of Adelscott whom he eliminated. He was then defeated by the defending champion and future winner of the event, SarenS. This achievements led him to be regarded as one the best French Terran players.


Go4SC2 #111[edit]

During Go4SC2 #111 in June 2011, Laukyo was caught being helped by an observer, who was his coach, ShiBa. He was indeed streaming his games with his microphone activated, which caused viewers to hear ShiBa warning him that baneling were incoming, that his opponent had a hidden expand, and many others illegal advices.[2]

As a result, ESL banned both Laukyo and ShiBa for six months, from June 15, 2011 to December 15, and both of them got life ban from being observers in any games played in ESL French, German, and European events.[3]

eOSL Summer 2011[edit]

While the Go4SC2 cheating matter was discussed in an esports website, a viewer stepped forward and admitted he illegally helped Laukyo in the online qualifiers for eOSL Summer 2011.[3] eGG-one staff investigated and found out Laukyo actually received help from an observer during his match against ToD. eGG-one subsequently decided to ban him of the incoming season, and to retire his prize for the eOSL Summer 2011.[4] He eventually apologized for this incident on November 1, 2011.[5]

Departure of Virus Gaming and training in China[edit]

On November 1, 2011, Laukyo was mentioned by ShiBa (Virus Gaming's manager) as one of the players who had already left the team.[6] Laukyo explained that he left the team because his wages hadn't been paid for five months, because his manager and personal coach ShiBa was also leaving the team, and because Virus's owner, Skyboot, made him false promises.[5] At the same time, he stated that he was going to live in Hong Kong for a few months, for personal reasons, and will take this opportunity to train on the Korean ladder.[7]


  • His favourite player is MarineKing. He shares with him a strong micro-gestion, and a special affection for Marines.[8]
  • He often trains on the Korean ladder.[7]


2012-07-0813th - 16thMinor2012 StarCraft II World Championship Series: France Nationals2012 StarCraft II World Championship Series: France Nationals2012 StarCraft II World Championship Series: France Nationals0 : 2$250
2011-05-165th - 8thMajorESL Pro Series France XESL Pro Series France XESL Pro Series France X
Virus GamingVirus Gaming
7-1Grp S.$143.58
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Matchup Statistics

 vs Protossvs Terranvs Zergvs RandomTotal
as Terran10 - 1638.5 %10 - 1050 %9 - 1047.4 %1 - 0100 %30 - 3645.5 %

Earnings Statistics


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