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[e][h] Liberator
Unit Information
Air Unit
Built From:
150 150 43 3
Attack 1:
Targets: Ground
Damage: 75 (+5)
DPS: 65.8 (+4.4)
Cooldown: 1.14
Range: 10 (+4)[note 1]
Attack 2:
Targets: Air
Damage: 5 (+1) (x2)
DPS: 7.8 (+1.4)
Cooldown: 1.29
Range: 5
180 0 (+1)
10 (Fighter)
13 (+4) (Defender)
Strong against:
Weak against:


The Liberator is a versatile Terran air unit introduced in Legacy of the Void. It can be built from the Starport and does not require a Tech Lab.

"In order to combat clusters of aerial threats, the Dominion created the Liberator; a gunship-class vessel inspired by the old United Earth Directorate Valkyrie." This air superiority craft has an area of effect on its air-to-air attack in "Fighter Mode", in this mode it is only slower than transportation units without their Speed Upgrades, Phoenix and Mutalisk; able to chase down any other target. Also having a transformation into "Defender Mode" (2 second delay between each Mode) with a powerful air-to-ground plasma cannon, cannot move during and has very high damage output.

The main difference between this unit and the similarly fashioned Siege Tank is that the Liberator must have its range upgraded, unlocked by producing a Fusion core and researching Advanced Ballistics, but can also be produced from a Reactor; while the Tank is from a Factory with Tech Lab. Siege Tanks need defense from ground units via Bunkers and buildings to block the enemy from bum rushing into Tank fire, while Liberators use either Widow Mines for combined anti-air and ground or a few Missile Turrets/Vikings if the enemy has air units of their own.


Defender Mode
Duration: 2.88 s
Hotkey: E
Deploys into Defender Mode. In this mode, Liberators inflict single target damage to ground units. Liberators in this mode cannot move.
Duration: 1.46 s
Hotkey: D
Reverts to Fighter Mode. In this mode, Liberators can move, but they can only target air units.


Advanced Ballistics
 150      150      79 Hotkey: N
Researched from: Tech Lab
Requires: Fusion Core
Increases the range of Liberators in Defender Mode by 4.

Adds +4 to casting range of the Defender Mode (from 5 to 9). The sight range of the Liberator in Defender Mode also increases by 4.

Competitive Use[edit]

  • As Widow Mines are cheap on Vespene Gas, these two units are a common combination.
  • Can control choke points and air, but is too expensive and fragile to engage anti-air units without assistance.
    • Versus Terran, this problem comes down to who has more Vikings and a possibly Raven's for Point Defence Drones to have air superiority. Liberators are less common in this TvT mirror match as a result.


  • In combination with either Widow Mines, Vikings or Marines, for anti-air, can defend positions and reinforce harassing (Medivacs) or pressuring (Siege Tank) armies on the other side of the map.
  • Can be used in a similar manner to Banshees and the Raven Autoturrets for harassment.

Vs. Protoss[edit]

  • Can out range Colossus, but Disruptors are the exact opposite.
  • Opening with Marine, Widow Mine and Medivac can have the follow-up of Marauder, more Mines and Liberators to punish a greedy opponent while they have weak tech. Otherwise, it is recommended to continue Medivac harassment and work on upgrades for all the mentioned units.
  • The hard counter to Colossus-heavy armies is Starport (1 & 2 both) Reactored for Vikings (on two bases); 2-4 Liberator production as a follow-up is possible on three base economy.

Vs. Terran[edit]

  • Vikings on paper have every single advantage, except speed. Do not blindly produce Liberators in Terran versus Terran.
  • Often used as a reinforcement for Siege Tank (1-2) pushes, keep enemy Viking numbers in mind.

Vs. Zerg[edit]



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  1. In the SC2 editor, the range of the Liberator in Defender mode is 15, and the Advanced Ballistics upgrade adds 3 to give 18 range. However, given the casting range, the actual maximum distance a Liberator can reach is theoretically 10 without the upgrade, and 14 with the upgrade.


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