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Ling/Roach/Infestor (vs. Terran)

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[e][h]ZergLing or Roach, Infestor > Counter Marine, Siege Tank
Strategy Information
Mid-game Strategy


Aims to use Zerglings en masse to stop any Terran push in the mid-field (where Zerglings are strongest) and save up gas in order to get Infestors out early for Fungal Growth, which can pin Marines and Hellions down, allowing the Zerglings to deal damage more efficiently. It is also possible to use Infested Terrans to break heavily fortified areas like a turtling Terran's natural base.

Replace Zerglings with Roaches if the Terran maintains a strong number of Hellions, or if that is your preference. Zerglings are only needed to keep the Creep spread alive needed for slower units like Roach, Hydralisk and Infestor.


Using the Larvae from an early third Hatchery, Zerg masses up large numbers of Zerglings with heavy upgrades for a decent mid-field army and harvests gas on two bases for an Infestation Pit at roughly the 10 minute mark.

Basic Build Order[edit]

Any opening will work as long as it gets you to 2 bases.

Basic Build


  • Scout for Terran pushes and mass Zerglings as soon as they move out.


  • Roaches are good defensively but poor offensively against guarded Siege Tanks, Zerglings are only strong in the mid-field with large number advantage, and hopefully the upgrade advantage as well.
  • In the mid-game some people gravitate towards Roaches, and forget to Tech, or to use their Tech, please do not be one of these people.


  • If the third base is easily defendable, take it after seeing Terran expand.
  • What this build does well is mid-field engagements. It cannot delay bases when the Infestors do not have enough energy, a Mutalisk switch or at least a feint would force the Terran to play less greedy with early third, etc. base timings.
  • Banshees and Starport units in general are troublesome but expensive, build either Hydralisks or Corruptors does not matter which.


One of the main weaknesses of this army compared to Muta/Ling/Bane is that it has difficulty dealing with prolonged drop play. Once you get your 3rd base established, you need to keep a small force, enough to deal with a 8 Marine drop, at each of your bases. Once your Spire is completed, you can add Corruptors and begin denying drops.


  • See Destiny, known for his heavy Infestor usage in all match-ups.