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Liquipedia:2014 WCS Season 1 Contest

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Video guide


1. Log in to Liquipedia using your ID and password.

2. Create your own user page for GSL (America, Europe) for the bracket to go in.

3. Copy all the code from the according tab below.

  • From and including "{{" until the final "}}"
|R1=Quarterfinals (Bo5)
|R2=Semifinals (Bo5)
|R3=Finals (Bo7)

|R1D1=sOs |R1D1race=p |R1D1flag=kr |R1D1score= |R1D1win=
|R1D2=Zest |R1D2race=p |R1D2flag=kr |R1D2score= |R1D2win=
|R1D3=Rain |R1D3race=p |R1D3flag=kr |R1D3score= |R1D3win=
|R1D4=herO |R1D4race=p |R1D4flag=kr |R1D4score= |R1D4win=
|R1D5=Life |R1D5race=z |R1D5flag=kr |R1D5score= |R1D5win=
|R1D6=Maru |R1D6race=t |R1D6flag=kr |R1D6score= |R1D6win=
|R1D7=PartinG |R1D7race=p |R1D7flag=kr |R1D7score= |R1D7win=
|R1D8=soO |R1D8race=z |R1D8flag=kr |R1D8score= |R1D8win=

|R2W1= |R2W1race=p |R2W1flag=kr |R2W1score= |R2W1win=
|R2W2= |R2W2race=p |R2W2flag=kr |R2W2score= |R2W2win=
|R2W3= |R2W3race= |R2W3flag=kr |R2W3score= |R2W3win=
|R2W4= |R2W4race= |R2W4flag=kr |R2W4score= |R2W4win=

 <!-- FINAL MATCH-->
|R3W1= |R3W1race=p |R3W1flag=kr |R3W1score= |R3W1win=
|R3W2= |R3W2race= |R3W2flag=kr |R3W2score= |R3W2win=
|R1=Quarterfinals (Bo5)
|R2=Semifinals (Bo5)
|R3=Finals (Bo7)

|R1D1=Alicia |R1D1race=p |R1D1flag=kr |R1D1score= |R1D1win=
|R1D2=Bomber |R1D2race=t |R1D2flag=kr |R1D2score= |R1D2win=
|R1D3=TaeJa |R1D3race=t |R1D3flag=kr |R1D3score= |R1D3win=
|R1D4=HyuN |R1D4race=z |R1D4flag=kr |R1D4score= |R1D4win=
|R1D5=Polt |R1D5race=t |R1D5flag=kr |R1D5score= |R1D5win=
|R1D6=Revival |R1D6race=z |R1D6flag=kr |R1D6score= |R1D6win=
|R1D7=Oz |R1D7race=p |R1D7flag=kr |R1D7score= |R1D7win=
|R1D8=Arthur |R1D8race=p |R1D8flag=kr |R1D8score= |R1D8win=

|R2W1= |R2W1race= |R2W1flag=kr |R2W1score= |R2W1win=
|R2W2= |R2W2race= |R2W2flag=kr |R2W2score= |R2W2win=
|R2W3= |R2W3race= |R2W3flag=kr |R2W3score= |R2W3win=
|R2W4= |R2W4race=p |R2W4flag=kr |R2W4score= |R2W4win=

 <!-- FINAL MATCH-->
|R3W1= |R3W1race= |R3W1flag=kr |R3W1score= |R3W1win=
|R3W2= |R3W2race= |R3W2flag=kr |R3W2score= |R3W2win=
|R1=Quarterfinals (Bo5)
|R2=Semifinals (Bo5)
|R3=Finals (Bo7)

|R1D1=StarDust |R1D1race=p |R1D1flag=kr |R1D1score= |R1D1win=
|R1D2=MC |R1D2race=p |R1D2flag=kr |R1D2score= |R1D2win=
|R1D3=VortiX |R1D3race=z |R1D3flag=es |R1D3score= |R1D3win=
|R1D4=jjakji |R1D4race=t |R1D4flag=kr |R1D4score= |R1D4win=
|R1D5=Snute |R1D5race=z |R1D5flag=no |R1D5score= |R1D5win=
|R1D6=MMA |R1D6race=t |R1D6flag=kr |R1D6score= |R1D6win=
|R1D7=San |R1D7race=p |R1D7flag=kr |R1D7score= |R1D7win=
|R1D8=Welmu |R1D8race=p |R1D8flag=finland |R1D8score= |R1D8win=

|R2W1= |R2W1race=p |R2W1flag=kr |R2W1score= |R2W1win=
|R2W2= |R2W2race= |R2W2flag= |R2W2score= |R2W2win=
|R2W3= |R2W3race= |R2W3flag= |R2W3score= |R2W3win=
|R2W4= |R2W4race=p |R2W4flag= |R2W4score= |R2W4win=

 <!-- FINAL MATCH-->
|R3W1= |R3W1race= |R3W1flag= |R3W1score= |R3W1win=
|R3W2= |R3W2race= |R3W2flag= |R3W2score= |R3W2win=

4. Fill out the page

  1. See an example of how a completed bracket might look like: EXAMPLE
  2. Paste the code and fill out the player names, races, countries, scores, and if the player won.
    • After |RxDy= you have to fill in the name of the player.
    • After |RxDyrace= it is the race of the player (p, z, t, r).
    • After |RxDyflag= you should put the countrycode of the players country (see Template:Flag for countrycodes)
    • After |RxDyscore= you should put the score the player gets in the game (1, 2, 3, 4)
    • After |RxDywin= the winner gets a 1, while you leave it empty for the loser.
    • If you edit the |Rz= variables, it will change the words in the grey boxes above the generated bracket.
  3. The variables are ordered in the same order as the generated bracket. (from top to bottom)
  4. Hit "Show preview" to see if it looks all right.
  5. Hit "Save page".

5. Done!

Tips and tricks[edit]

  • Use the preview button to check your progress!
  • Names are not case sensitive.
  • No cell of the bracket should have a white background, if one or more has then it's not formatted correctly. Please check the cell in question or inform staff.
  • If anything does not work out, or if you still have questions, visit our Discord Server.