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Liquipedia 2 is the continuation of Team Liquid's StarCraft:Brood War strategy wiki. With everything from unit and building information to more complex topics like build orders and advanced tactics, this collaborative effort by the TL community aims to be your one stop shop for all your gameplay related questions and issues.

This resource is built on the hard work of Team Liquid members who spent their time and energy in putting together what we believe is one of the most solid StarCraft strategy forums on the Internet. Using the content found within the forum as a guideline, this resource was created in the hope that the wider StarCraft community would benefit from the experience and expertise of TL's many veteran players.

If you'd like to begin exploring Liquipedia, the Strategy section is a great place to start. Beginning with the solid strategy guides found in Team Liquid's Strategy forum, this resource hopes to expand quickly and eventually cover the entire length and breadth of Starcraft strategy. Of course, none of this will be possible without your participation, so be sure to sign up and begin contributing right away.


Although Liquipedia is community effort, there are several people who are instrumental in making sure it remains a great resource. Visit the admin page to find out more about this wiki's movers and shakers.