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This Page is just a ToDo-/Info-List for the BracketUpdate on the SC2 wiki.

General Workflow[edit]

The Bracket Update will be done in 4 steps:

  1. Create the wiki-specific Modules for the new Bracket system to work. (This is the basis for the new System to work.)
  2. Check all the old brackets for compatibility. Create the mappings (adjust them where necessary) and post the conversion command in the according Discord channel (Reviewer+ rights needed for this channel). Some (new system) brackets might have to be created on commons but most should already exist. (No lua-skills needed with this)
  3. Adjust all modules that use the current lpdb match data structure for their queries. (I suggest to do those modules as sandboxes of the existing ones. so we can switch them all when we remove the Legacy backwards conversion.)
  4. Update Help/Project (Liquipedia name space) pages.

People that want to help (with #1 and #3)[edit]


Please mark Modules/Templates that are currently being worked on with "" ({{Yellow line}}) and Modules that are already finished with "" ({{GreenCheck}}).

Step 1 (Base Modules)[edit]

Design Choices[edit]

Some Design choices have to be made, see here.

Test pages[edit]

Needed Modules[edit]

  • Module:Brkts/WikiSpecific -- handles altering/filling the data of match depending on the input. This includes applying pagevars, formatting dates, setting winner/placements, among other things. It also handles, as the name suggests, all wiki specific input of a match. The arguments are piped through this module, to, for example, save arguments that do not exist in the match2 table in the matches extradata.
    • Status:
  • Module:OpponentDisplay -- handles showing an opponent, be it a team, a player or something different. It also handles how scores are shown
    • Status:
  • Module:MatchSummary -- handles how the match summary popup should look, has to have functions for each type of match type (1v1, team, 2v2, archon, ...)
    • Status:
  • Module:Match/Legacy -- allows storage so that backwards compatibility is possible. This should include storing the match to the (old) LPDB match table. (SUGGESTION: We already kick smw here as it isn't used on the sc2 wiki for any query anymore.)
    • Status: (1v1/teams done -- 2v2/3v3/4v4/Archon useless)
  • Module:MatchGroup/Legacy/Default -- handles the generation of the default mappings for bracket templates to be used by MatchGroup/Legacy. It can also generate lua code of a default mapping to allow creating non-standard mappings.
    • Status:

Old Modules that will be deprecated after the switch[edit]

You might want to copy some stuff from here/check if everything was considered in the new Modules. Some of these Modules also have to be adjusted regarding their lpdb storage.

Old Templates that will be deprecated after the switch[edit]

You might want to copy some stuff from here/check if everything was considered in the new Modules. Some of these Modules also have to be adjusted regarding their lpdb storage.

Step 2 (Conversion of old brackets)[edit]

Step 2.1 Activate it[edit]

Staff has to enable the new brackets for the wiki and set some default wiki values (cell width, ...) in the MediaWiki Namespace.

Step 2.2 (the actual conversion)[edit]

Every Legacy (old) bracket will have to be mapped to the new brackets, this happens via a module for each of the old brackets. For this a default mapping Module will be provided (see Step 1).

For Brackets that completely use the Standard Syntax this default Module should be able to handle everything.

For Brackets that use non Standard Syntax somewhere an extra Module has to be created to resolve the non standard syntax in the mapping. For this the Default Mapping Module will be able to create the code-basis. (You can generate the code as if the old bracket would completely use standard syntax. After that just adjust the non standard stuff in that generated code and you are done.) Those Extra Modules will have the name "Module:MatchGroup/Legacy/Bracket/..."

Bracket transclusions (Bracket set and updated on subpage and this subpage being transcluded on the events page) also have to be checked and updated.

More information will be added later. (Including a list of all bracket templates on the sc2 wiki)

Step 3 (adjusting query Modules/Templates that use match data)[edit]

This step can be started as soon as Step 1 is finished. Best would be to create the Modules/Templates that use the new LPDB tables as Sandboxes. Once the old Brackets have all been mapped to the new System we can just copy the sandboxes to the live Versions and remove the "Match/Legacy" after that.

Step 4 (Update Help/Project pages)[edit]

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