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Liquipedia:BracketUpdate/Known Issues

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Known Issues with the new Bracket System[edit]

  1. bottom white space below 2SEBrackets & 4SEBrackets (reported)
  2. excess width due to 3rd place matches (reported)
  3. draw not displayed correctly in match lists (matchList module that allows it almost ready)
  4. matches with lots of maps are cut off vertically on desktop (discord discussion)
  5. team match summary popup is sometimes positioned too far left (discord discussion)
  6. each extension/module change results in all brackets/matchlists to throw ID errors.
  7. if 2 opponents qualify from a match both qualified fields are filled with the same opponent (the one that won) (reported)
  8. 3rd place matches wrapper has bad height, overlayering the finals match (reported)
  9. MatchSummary not prompted to appear when comment= is present and date= is missing
  10. passing wiki vars from one match to the next is buggy (e.g. for date and for bestof)


  1. miss-aligned popup button (suggested solution)
  2. useless bottom padding for opponent display (suggested solution)
  3. header issue for 2SEBrackets (reported)
  4. summary popup of matches with lots of maps does not fit vertically on screen. applies to desktop and mobile. (suggested solution)
  5. match summary popup is always to the right of the match list or bracket entry - this causes it to be cut off if the match list or bracket is near the right of the screen. (suggested solution)
  6. OpponentDisplay in Qualified Cells (reported)
    • shows additional Score
    • does ignore matchHeight (opponent blasted to top and race color not filled further)
  7. broken LPDB Queries. Usage offset or groupby params result in DB errors.
  8. Rx and Lx (headers) are not matched for legacy brackets (reported)

Changes to the Bracket System, that would be helpful[edit]

  • option to display stuff from lpdb data via the extension (like without the bracket id restriction and e.g. selective for only matches with a certain player) (matchList module almost ready)
  • be able to adjust width (and fixate it) of match list (so it can be docked to grouptables easier) (matchList module almost ready)
  • bestof selector in the Copy-Paste templates (defines how many maps are to be displayed in the copy-paste code)

Bug Report[edit]

Please report bugs you find in the below List. Fill in the first two cells of the row. The other 2 cells will be filled in by people working on removing the bugs.

Bug-Description Link to example Bug-Source Status
match-vod causing lua errors TESTCD SC2 implementation