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Basic information on the team, when it was formed, and when has its StarCraft II (or Brood War) section been created. Also, add what games does the team play and maybe some interesting facts concerning a clan, historical events and such.


This part is reserved for history that the team achieved in StarCraft II, separate the events in years as shown below.

  • March 55th, the team achieved this, then put a reference.
  • February 4th, the Low Land Lions StarCraft Team is formed.[1]

Player Roster[edit]

The Player roster should be split into active (can be split into several squads, e.g. Pro, Semi-Pro, Amateur, ...), inactive and former. Please use the Squad player templates for that. This way Team roster Navbox's will be automated.


Best Yearly Result:

Active Squad
IDNameJoin Date20182019
United StatesPlayer IDPlayer NameYYYY-MM-DD--
GermanyBig Gabe CaptainGabriel Segat2011-11-053 - 4th 2018 WCS Valencia3rd 2019 WCS Winter Europe


Information about staff and orgtanisation should be displayed with the help of Staff row templates.

ID Name Position
United States Day[9] Sean Plott Head Coach
Germany Khaldor Thomas Kilian Coach
United States Tasteless Nick Plott Manager
staff member staff member name role on the staff

Team Achievements[edit]

In main space all is automated via the {{Team results table|team=TeamName}}. In user space you may use the following, to list tournaments, leagues, ladders and clan wars won. Please try to put a date and the score (or even the prize won), and put a reference.

Date Event Result
2011-03-24 2011 Sony Ericsson Global StarCraft II Team League March SlayerS 5 : 4 Incredible Miracle

Highlight Videos[edit]

Speaks for itself, put the length, author, basic information and the reference.


Interviews with the clan

See Also[edit]

  • Teams
  • Eventually other links to relevant pages on Liquipedia.

External Links[edit]

Links to relevant external pages where the clan appears (such as on their home clan page or events).



Additional info[edit]

To create a team page or not to create?

Please first consult the Notability Guidelines and check whether your team is notable enough for main space or not. Any pages that do not meet these guidelines will not be deleted, but will be moved to your user space.