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Hi, this will be a tutorial for how to create your own tournament, and maintain it, on Liquipedia. We'll go through how to deal with the different templates. The bold text will be the actual "code" and italic text will be my comments on the code. A good template ready to copy and paste will be found at the end of each segment. The Tournament Template is also available for most standard tournaments, but it is still encouraged that you first read this page to find all the tools available.


An important part of any Liquipedia page is good headings to make an easy to navigate Table of Contents (or TOC)-box at the top of the page. some normal ones include Overview, Format, Players, Group-stage, Bracket, Rules and Racial Distribution. You can of course create others and ignore some to best suit the tournament you're creating the page for. You create a heading by starting a new line and entering:
And then another line break after it so as to leave it as the only text or code on that line. HEADER NAME should be changed for the name you want to give the header, if you want to make a sub header within that section, use three equal-signs on each side of the name, and a further sub heading would be four equal-signs on each side.

Adding an infobox to your tournament page[edit]

An Infobox is one of the standard features of any Liquipedia page and it's no different for tournaments and leagues, situated at the top right corner of a page it gives brief information about the tournament. The {{Infobox league}}-template should come before the article text, but perhaps after other templates such as Tabs or Stub, and also after a banner, should you have added that to the top of the page. Following will be the explanation of the code, and some templates for you to use on a tournament page

Code Explanation[edit]

Copy & Paste Templates[edit]

You'll find three templates and a full variables list below. Chose the one that suits your needs the best.

NOTE: After you've entered all the information you have, do not add: 0, N/A, TBD etc. to empty variable fields, instead it is oftentimes best to just remove the empty ones, unless you know this information will be coming in the future (like results for first through third place) but then you can just leave the fields blank.

Adding a Talents section[edit]

The Casters, Hosts, Observers, Translators, etc. of tournaments should be displayed as well. For doing so the BroadcasterCard template should be used. This template creates a formatted list for talents at events. You should use one BroadcasterCard for each kind of position (host, commentator, etc.) at the event.

Every Hosts, Casters and Observers should only be listed in one {{BroadcasterCard}} per page.

For Series please only add the BroadcasterCards to the overview page of the series.


The following wiki code:


will produce the following:

Copy & Paste Templates[edit]

Adding a prize pool table[edit]

A prize pool table should be added to every tournament. Prize pool tables are different for team tournaments then for 1v1 tournaments.

1v1 tournament prize pool[edit]


The following wiki code:

{{prize pool start}}
{{prize pool slot|place=1|usdprize=10,000|PartinG |flag1=kr |race1=p |team1=yoe flash wolves}}
{{prize pool slot|place=2|usdprize=6,500|Flash |flag1=kr |race1=t |team1=kt rolster}}
{{prize pool slot|place=3-4|usdprize=2,500
|TaeJa |flag1=kr |race1=t |team1=team liquid
|Losira |flag2=kr |race2=z |team2=mvp
{{prize pool slot|place=5-8|usdprize=875
|Snute |flag1=no |race1=z |team1=team liquid
|HyuN |flag2=kr |race2=z |team2=roccat
|Jaedong |flag3=kr |race3=z |team3=eg
|TY |flag4=kr |race4=t |team4=kt rolster
{{Prize pool end}}

will produce the following:

Copy & Paste[edit]

Team tournament prize pool[edit]


The following wiki code:

{{prize pool start team}}
{{prize pool slot team|place=1|usdprize=50|team liquid }}
{{prize pool slot team|place=2|usdprize=20|eg }}
{{prize pool slot team|place=3-4|usdprize=10
{{Prize pool end team}}

will produce the following:


Template Brackets[edit]

We currently are in a process of switching Brackets (and Match Lists) to a new System. You can find information about the new System here.

The new System is already to be used for Team vs Team Matches. For 1v1 and other Match types the switch will happen in the next months. If you need help with setting up brackets for your tournament feel free to ask in the #starcraft2 channel on the Liquipedia Discord.

Group stage and game sets[edit]

There are templates available on Liquipedia that can be used to easily create groups for tournament pages. This page gives an overview on how to use them.

What templates can I use?

Click the template names for more information.

Automated Group Table
(This template needs the matches to be set up.)
Manual Group Table
GroupTableStart GroupTableSlot GroupTableEnd
Match Results
Match list start Match maps Match list end

Please note that the Match list start, Match maps and Match list end templates will be deprecated in the 2nd or 3rd Quarter of 2021. They will be replaced by the new Bracket/Match List System.


Group A[edit]

2020 Global StarCraft II League Season 2

Protoss Terran Zerg
Mexico SpeCial 
South Korea DongRaeGu 
South Korea TY 
Canada Scarlett 
Group Apreview lrthread Watch Game 1 Watch Game 2 Watch Game 3 Watch Game 4 Watch Game 5 Recap
July 15, 2020 - 18:30 KST
1.South Korea  DongRaeGu2-04-2
2.South Korea  TY2-15-2
3.Mexico  SpeCial1-23-5
4.Canada  Scarlett0-21-4


Netease Esports X Tournaments 2020 Summer

Protoss Terran Zerg
No team template exists for name "starcraft:wemade fox".
South Korea Zest 
France Clem 
South Korea RagnaroK 
South Korea Dream 
South Korea Solar 
Group A
August 1, 2020 - 16:00 CST
1.South Korea  Solar3-1
2.South Korea  Zest2-2
3.South Korea  RagnaroK2-2
4.South Korea  Dream2-2
5.France  Clem1-3

Example Code[edit]

How do I use it?

Copy and paste the following into the tournament page you want to edit and fill out the corresponding fields.

Copy & Paste[edit]

Combined Group and Matches[edit]

Combining the group and match template you can create the common tournament group layout:

Group A

To have this layout on your tournament page, copy & paste the following code:

Individual code snippets[edit]

Group Table[edit]
Match Results Normal Version[edit]

Race Distribution graph[edit]

A cool way of enhancing the tournament brackets. The template creates a race distribution table which provides a summary of the racial distribution at each stage of a tournament. This gives the reader an illustrative overview of each race's influence and how it changes throughout your tournament.


The code:

{{RaceDist|title=Round of 16|protoss=3|terran=6|zerg=7|first=1}}

Will produce a graph that looks like this:

  Protoss TerranZerg
Round of 16

Usage explanation[edit]

Use one template link per data line you want to draw with the graph. The variables to use within {{RaceDist}} are:

Copy & Paste template[edit]



Linking to player pages[edit]

There are a number of ways to link to players pages on Liquipedia. See below:

Template Sidebar[edit]

1. Where do I upload my banner to LP?

On the top of the page you have the menu bar, one of the options is "Tools" and there you'll find "Upload File". Please comply with the Liquipedia Copyright guide.

2. I uploaded the file and wrote the name (my_banner.png) where you told me but it still wont show the picture?

When you upload a file the wiki template always makes the first letter captial and since everything on Liquipedia is case-sensitive you need to write: My_banner.png


If you're still having problems or just need more information, feel free to contact us on: