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Load is an ability that can be used by the Command Center, Planetary Fortress, Bunker, Medivac, Warp Prism, Overlord, Nydus Network or Nydus Worm to store units within the structure/unit. The Hercules in the Campaign is also able to load, though it is not available in Multiplayer.


  • Command Centers and Planetary Fortresses can load up to 5 SCVs to protect them from hostile attacks. The limit can be increased to 10 SCVs with the Neosteel Frame (or Neosteel Armor) upgrade.
  • Bunkers can load up to 4 infantry units, to protect them and allow them to fight off invading forces. The limit is increased by 2 with the Neosteel upgrade.
  • Medivacs, Warp Prisms and Overlords can load up to 8 units for transport to other locations.
  • Nydus Networks and Nydus Worms can load unlimited number of units into a shared underground network.
  • Hercules Transports can load 24 units.