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Alvin Toh
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Alvin 'Lobo' Toh is a 19 year old Protoss player from Singapore, currently playing for Team VK. Lobo often competes in local Singapore events as well as online tournaments. Considering the fact that Lobo is quite a new player to the competitive scene he has been playing very well. Alvin is currently doing National Service yet still finds time to train.

Wings Of Liberty[edit]

Lobo came into the South East Asian scene late into Wings Of Liberty yet almost immediately had a impact getting solid results in tournaments like wT Majors, SEA Masters Cup and pX Weekly . Lobo consistently showed he can compete at a high level with three high placings in SEA Masters Cup; 21,22 and 24. These placings were 2nd, 5th-8th and 5th-8th, respectively. Lobo also won a pX Weekly and a wT Weekly during WoL.

Heart Of the Swarm[edit]

Lobo found the transition to HoTS very good, with the addition of Mothership cores and Oracles it opened up new builds and timings that suited his style of play. Tournament-wise Lobo continued his success in online events always placing strongly, now he could add an offline event. Lobo competed in the Vengeance Cup Singapore qualifier #1 placing second and earning a seed to the grand final event where he narrowly missed out on the bracket stage.