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[e][h] LoveCD
Player Information
Romanized Name:
Li Jungfen
Alternate IDs:
WE.GIGABYTE.Lovecd, We.2012.Lovecd, We.2012.Hotmail
Total Earnings:
2010-10-?? — 2013-??-??
Recent Matches
LoveCD  China2:0China  Courage
October 5, 2021 - 13:24 UTC
LoveCD  China2:0China  Google
October 5, 2021 - 13:24 UTC
LoveCD  China2:0China  XiaoZ
October 5, 2021 - 13:24 UTC
LoveCD  China2:3China  MacSed
October 5, 2021 - 12:35 UTC
LoveCD  China1:2China  Jim
October 5, 2021 - 12:35 UTC

Li "LoveCD" Junfeng is a Protoss player from China, currently playing for World Elite.


As the younger brother of Sky, LoveCD joined his brothers long time team World Elite in its 2012 division. He had no experience at higher levels in any RTS prior to playing SC2.


Similar to former teammate LoveTT, LoveCD plays a passive macro style which then evolves into harassing the enemy in every way possible, often with the Blink Stalker which is a staple in Chinese play. Once he gains enough map control it is not unusual for him to place many pylons around the map for vision and faster reinforcements.

Wings of Liberty[edit]

LoveCD first appeared in the international scene as one of the six Chinese qualifiers in the StarsWar Killer 6 tournament where he took out GSL champion NesTea in the first round and went on to eliminate TLO and DIMAGA to reach the offline portion of the tournament. There he defeated his teammate and fellow countryman LoveTT and went on to meet MC in the tournament finals, where he lost 4-1 and took second place overall.

LoveCD qualified for the G-League Season 1 after going through a tough open bracket. He defeated Lengmo 2-1 in the first round, but was defeated by the up-and-coming Zerg player XiGua 2-1 in the Round of 8.

With his recent success in several tournaments, World Elite decided to include him in their main team.

Due to Jim being a year too young, LoveCD was supposed to represent China at IEM Season VI - Global Challenge Cologne but he forfeited his spot due to conflicting schedules with CPL and the Chinese qualifiers for Blizzcon.

After advancing out of his group in G-League Season 3 and defeating TooDming in the semis, he lost 2-3 in the finals to XiGua.

LoveCD also participated in PLU Scorpio Cup PSL where he defeated JiFeng, Loner and Jim to advance to the finals. He then faced former teammate LoveTT to whom he lost 3-4.

He has qualified for NEO Star League Season 1 Round of 16. In the group stage, LoveCD scored 5-2 in group B and was 2nd in his group earning him a seat in the elimination stage of final 8. He then defeated XiGua 3-0 in the quarterfinal and defeated TooDming 3-0 in the semifinal. He faced his teammate Loner in a Bo7 final which went to the last game where he was victorious ending his losing streak in the finals.[1]


  • He is the younger brother of WC3-pro  Sky.[2]
  • Has been knocked out by the eventual champion in G-League every season. First by XiGua in the Ro8, then by Lyn in the finals and yet again by XiGua in the finals.
  • The "CD" in his name LoveCD stands for his girlfriend's name.[Citation needed]


In A2Major tournaments
2013-11-084thNational Electronic Sports Tournament 2013World EliteWorld Elite1 : 2 MacSed$0
2013-07-023rd2013 Asian Indoor-Martial Arts GamesWorld EliteWorld Elite2 : 1 Sen$0
2013-03-093 - 4thG-League 2012 Season 2World EliteWorld Elite2 : 3 XiGua$1,600
2012-08-113 - 4thG-League 2012 Season 1World EliteWorld Elite2 : 3 TAiLS$1,570
2012-04-151stNEO Star League 2012 Season 1World EliteWorld Elite4 : 3 Loner$6,345
2012-01-072ndG-League 2011 Season 3World EliteWorld Elite2 : 3 XiGua$3,100
2011-10-152ndG-League 2011 Season 2World EliteWorld Elite0 : 3 Lyn$1,568.73
2011-08-074thCPL Invitational 2011World EliteWorld Elite1 : 2 qxc$0
2011-06-122ndGIGABYTE StarsWar Killer 6ZZZZZ1 : 4 MC$1,542.95
In A3Minor tournaments
2011-07-102ndNetEase Starcraft2 League 2011: Individual TournamentWorld EliteWorld Elite0 : 3 F91$773.34
2011-06-251stNetEase Starcraft2 League 2011: Stars ShowWorld EliteWorld Elite3 : 2 Uhen$308.88
1970-01-011stIfeng Electronic Sports Cup 1World EliteWorld Elite3 : 0 WP$163
1970-01-012ndIfeng Electronic Sports Cup 4World EliteWorld Elite0 : 3 XiGua$82
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