Love Your Girlfriend

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[e][h]Love Your Girlfriend
Team Information
Pascal "Alizée" Anton
James "FosTA" Foster
Team Captain:
Vasily "LikeAPanda" Kuznetsov
20th February 2013
17th March 2014

"Love Your Girlfriend" (also known as LYGF) was founded as a StarCraft II clan on February 20th, 2013. In September 2013, Pulse Esports merged with the team, further strengthening the team's ambitions in the professional scene.

Towards the end of 2013, LYGF recruited several high profile players such as Genius, Tassadar and Mamuri, reputedly offering sizable salaries as well as unveiling plans to create a team house in Germany. This was met with skepticism across the scene, further substantiated by claims from players such as HTOMario of the team's failure to pay his salary or bring to fruition any of the promises made.

On the 17th of March 2014, after a year of activity, the team announced that it would be closing its doors as the team's CEO, Pascal Anton is unable to continue managing the team due to a terminal heart illness, promising that players would be paid till the end of the month.


Player Roster[edit]

Notable Former[edit]

Full list of player transfers and former players here.

ID Name Join Date Leave Date Duration New Team
usUSA t Badcop Austin Worthington 7th December 2013 17th March 2014 4 months Team Ascension
krSouth Korea p Believe Ju Yeol 16th August 2013 17th March 2014 7 months KT Rolster
KRSouth Korea P Genius Jeong Min Soo 25th December 2013 17th March 2014 3 months ZZZZZ Retirement
RussiaRussia P LikeAPanda Vasily Kuznetsov 27th April 2013 17th March 2014 10 months ZZZZZ
UkraineUkraine P Lisandro Vlad Rybkin 28th April 2013 17th March 2014 10 months London Conspiracy
IrelandIreland Z Lucoda Peter Healy 15th September 2013 17th March 2014 6 months London Conspiracy
krSouth Korea z Mamuri Lim Jae Hyun 28th December 2013 17th March 2014 3 months MicroGamerZ
KoreaSouth Korea t MotoK Chun Hee Su 26th December 2013 17th March 2014 3 months RuW
KoreaSouth Korea T Neige Jeong Ho Jung 6th February 2014 17th March 2014 2 months ZZZZZ
krSouth Korea t Sia JeaHyun Ryu 25th December 2013 17th March 2014 3 months ZZZZZ
KRSouth Korea P StuN Seung Hyun Kim 16th August 2013 17th March 2014 7 months Deimos
krSouth Korea P Tassadar Kim Jung Hoon 25th December 2013 17th March 2014 3 months ZZZZZ
caCanada p Trace Travis Beatty 29th November 2013 17th March 2014 4 months ZZZZZ
KRSouth Korea T ParkChoRong Jin-Kyu Kim 김진규 8th August 2013 17th March 2014 8 months ZZZZZ Inactive
mxMexico t Maker Ricardo Flores 26th February 2014 10th March 2014 12 days Kaos Latin Gamers
krSouth Korea t DynaMite Ji Hoon Um 18th November 2013 1st March 2014 3 months SK Telecom T1
CanadaCanada P Ineffable Zac Batten 16th September 2013 16th February 2014 5 months ZZZZZ
SwedenSweden t MonstR Alexander Nilsson 16th September 2013 13th February 2014 5 months Nuit Blanche
SwedenSweden z Winter Felix Hegethorn 25th October 2013 7th February 2014 3 months ECVisualize
beBelgium T HTOMario Geoffrey van der Spek 10th June 2013 6th February 2014 8 months No Dice Academy
KRSouth Korea P Ghost Kwon Oh Kun 25th December 2013 4th February 2014 2 months No Dice Gaming
usaUSA p Bails Bailey Thomas 4th September 2013 25th November 2013 3 months Deimos


ID Name Position
Europe Alizée Pascal Anton Managing Director
USA montisumo Calvin Carter Player Director
South Korea FionaMyLove Jung min Ok 옥정민 Technical Director
Germany SeKtEnAtZe Mataius Benecke Finance Director
Canada FosTA James Foster StarCraft Manager
South Korea Kiddin Hyun Soo Kim Head Coach

Team Achievements[edit]

Date League Result Winnings
2013-11-29 Top Dog EU Team League Season 1 Love Your Girlfriend 3 : 2 Team Darkstar
2013-11-24 The Ascension Season 1 Love Your Girlfriend 4 : 0 NrG $200

Team Interviews[edit]


Community concern about LYGF started off when the relatively unknown team started signing several big-name Korean players such as Genius, Tassadar Mamuri and Neige, offering the players salaries despite lacking any form of sponsorship. Reputedly, Genius was offered a salary of up to $4,000 a month,[43] a sum far above what is considered to be standard in the industry. In an effort to appear transparent, the team was subject to several interviews, in which they stated that they had found an investor who would be paying for their professional team.[44], however, the name of the investor was retained as being confidential, further sparking the community's suspicion.

Eventually, one of the team's main players HTOMario, revealed that he had not been paid in months, leading to his departure from the team,[45] confirming most of the community's suspicions. A few weeks later, LYGF issued an announcement stating that the team was disbanding, as the CEO was faced with a terminal illness rendering him unable to continue running the team.[46] In the absence of all proof or credibility, or an explanation as to why couldn't anyone else step into the CEO's shoes and the fact that players still had not been paid, numerous community members condemned the team.


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