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Martijn "Martijn" Bloemheuvel
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LLL. - LowLandLions is an organisation based in the BeNeLux, whose StarCraft II team that was created on February 4th 2010. The Low Land Lions organization started off their StarCraft division by recruiting a top ranked Brood War player in Jos "Ret" de Kroon, from the Netherlands.

The LowLandLions organization is also known for its success with its many other e-sports teams. It was also known for producing the organization currently known as Western Wolves, which formed as a result of a split between the foreign players and the BeNeLux players on LowLandLions.

LowLandLions owns a series of e-sports teams in:

  • League of Legends
  • Call of Duty: Ghosts
  • Street Fighter 4
  • Hearthstone
  • Super Smash Bros Melee


  • March 20th, aGaham joins the team. [1]
  • June 6th, Jona does not renew his contract and, as a consequence, LowLandLions decide to close its StarCraft II section which left aGaham team-less.[2]
  • January 9th, PoYo leaves the team. [3]
  • January 11th, ELVIS joins the team. [4]
  • September 10th, Martijn becomes Team Manager.
  • September 12th, uThermal leaves the team. [5]
  • October 17th, ELVIS announces his retirement. [6]
  • January 15th, DanteStyle, Dlovan, NTT, Sheriff and Zion were removed from the organisation's roster page. The removal was confirmed after contacting the management, with the reason for removal being inactivity.
  • November 9th, uThermal, Makouni, Melle, Leon and Jona join the organisation, while Orly becomes inactive for an unknown period of time and Dlovan rejoins the team as a coach. [7]
  • February 4th, the Low Land Lions StarCraft Team is formed.[9]
  • February 4th, Ret joins Low Land Lions. [10]
  • March 2nd, Orly joins the team. [11]
  • March 18th, Zion joins LLL. [12]
  • May 11th, The team adds DanteStyle. [13]
  • September 4th, Sheriff, who earlier was the SC2 news writer for LLL, joins the team as a player. [14]
  • September 8th, Ret leaves Low Land Lions. [15]
  • November 1st, Low Land Lions adds NTT and Dlovan. [16]
  • December 28th, former Warcraft III player DaBoO joins the team.

Player Roster[edit]


ID Name New Team
nlNetherlands z aGaham Luca Lin AT Gaming
nlNetherlands z Jona Jonathan Stelma AT Gaming
nlNetherlands t BlinQQ Leon ter Bogt mCon esports
nlNetherlands z DaBoO Patrick Bolleboom
nlNetherlands p Melle Arjen Jelgersma
beBelgium p Makouni Corentin Lacroix
beBelgium z Orly Olivier Bellemans
beBelgium z ELVIS Antoine Paquay
nlNetherlands t uThermal Marc Schlappi AT Gaming
nlNetherlands T PoYo Tom Brekelmans mCon esports
beBelgium T DanteStyle
nlNetherlands Z Ret Joseph de Kroon Team Liquid
nlNetherlands t NTT Anker Jacob Scharn
beBelgium p Sheriff
beBelgium z Zion Ian Gryncewicz


ID Name Position
Belgium M2X Birger De Geyter CEO
Netherlands TheAllSpark Patrick Marinus Head Manager & Media
Netherlands Martijn Martijn Bloemheuvel Team Manager & Caster
Belgium SenZ Sander van der Haegen Content Manager & Media
Belgium Mutte Bram Meskens Content Manager & Media
Netherlands Rido Rick Doorakkers IT Manager

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