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MC's 1 Gate FE (vs. Terran)

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This strategy has been validated to work for patch 1.5.3.
[e][h] MC's 1 Gate FE
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This build is the safest 1 Gateway Fast Expand and can thus be performed on any map. Specifically, this build shines on maps where aggressive strategies such as the 1/1/1 and 2 Rax Reactor/Tech-Lab push are often used by Terran players, meaning that it is best used on smaller maps or maps with only 2 spawn locations. On maps where gasless expansions are commonly used by Terran players, it may be wise to consider a more economic 1 Gate Fast Expand.

Basic Build Order[edit]

Basic Build


The follow-up depends heavily on the scouting information obtained until this point. There are three main scenarios that can occur:

Scenario 1: You See A Marauder[edit]

  • 1 Rax Tech-Lab Fast-Expand
  • 2 Rax Tech-Lab/Naked Fast-Expand
  • 3 Rax All-In (Unlikely)
  • Marauder/Hellion All-In (Unlikely)
  • Another All-In (Unlikely)

In this case, it is unlikely that Cloaked Banshees will be on the field any time soon. This means that the Robotics Facility can be delayed in favour of earlier units and Gateways. The continuation of the build is as follows:

Basic Build
  • 30 Gateway
  • 30 Gateway
  • 30 Gas
  • 30 Stalker (Chrono)
  • 32 Pylon
  • Resume Probe Production
  • ~34 Robotics Facility

Scenario 2: You See 3+ Marines With No Bunker OR An Already Finished Reactor[edit]

  • 2 Rax Reactor/Tech-Lab Push
  • 1 Rax Reactor Fast Expand
  • Something Else (Unlikely)

In this case, the biggest threat is a 2 Rax push. This means that an earlier Stalker needs to be boosted out along with faster Gateways. Taking a second gas is not as important. The continuation of the build is as follows:

Basic Build
  • 30 Stalker (Chrono)
  • 32 Gateway
  • 32 Gateway
  • 32 Pylon
  • 32 Stalker (Chrono)
  • 34 Gas
  • Resume Probe Production
  • ~35 Robotics Facility

Scenario 3: You See 3+ Marines with a Bunker Finished OR A Building Reactor[edit]

In this case there are a lot of options, but the most likely is some sort of Tech-based all-in such as a 1/1/1. This means that detection will be required quickly to defend against the possibility of Cloaked Banshees, but it also means that there is no imminent danger and so you can therefore Tech up much faster. The continuation of the build is as follows:

Basic Build
  • 30 Gateway
  • 30 Gateway
  • 30 Robotics Facility
  • 30 Gas
  • Resume Probe Production
  • 31 Pylon
  • @100% Robotics Facility, 2x Observer


Why such a fast robo? This is the fastest Robotics Facility in any 1 Gate FE into 3 Gate Robo build. The reason for the fast Robotics Facility is safety. For example, your second Observer will be popping out at around the same time any Cloaked Banshee play could reach your base. However, more importantly, the faster your first Observer gets to your opponent’s base then the faster you can scout what they are up to. This scouting information is invaluable as it tells you whether you should cut probes to defend an all-in or Chronoboost Probes to gain an economic advantage versus a standard build.

Why a Stalker as your 3rd unit? A second Stalker early allows for early game map control. The Zealot/Stalker/Stalker combination will beat any unit combination the Terran can muster at the timing when the second Stalker comes out. The best army the Terran can have at this point is Marine/Marauder/Marauder, so if the Terran overextends with a 1 Rax Tech-Lab or 2 Rax Tech-Lab pressure then you will crush it. The 2 Stalkers can also easily kite Marines if your opponent is doing some type of Marine all-in or if they are overextending with their Marines. Finally, the second Stalker just allows for much easier defense against any bio pressures.

Why no early game Sentry? The reasons for this are 2 fold. First, an early Sentry from a 1 Gate 1 Gas FE is quite useless versus any early bio pressure. Secondly, if you skip an early Sentry then you can get a Robotics Facility out much earlier than most 1 Gate FE builds, adding to the safety of the build as explained above.

Why always 3 Gate Robo and not 1 Gate Robo sometimes? Even assuming you somehow scout a Factory in your opponent’s base, it is not safe to go 1 Gate Robo. Popular builds including Reactor Hellion openings and the 3 Hellion/7 Marine/1 Medivac drop will devastate anyone who attempts to skimp on early Gateways.

Replays & VODs[edit]

South Korea  MC Shows MC's execution vs the standard 2 Rax opening.
South Korea  Mvp
Date: 2011-11-20
Patch: 1.4.2 Replay
South Korea  MC Shows MC's execution vs 1-1-1.
South Korea  PuMa
Date: 2011-08-21
Patch: 1.3.6 Replay