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MC's 2 Gate Pressure into Blink/Observer (vs. Protoss)

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This strategy is for a previous expansion of the game.
[e][h]ProtossMC's 2 Gate Pressure into Blink/Observer
Strategy Information
Opening, Aggression
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Blink Stalker Observer openings are one of the safest, most powerful ways to play in PvP. There are multiple openings you can do with Blink Observer, and this is a very aggressive variation of it.


When you play this build, you want to be applying some pressure onto your opponent, and you must do damage, for example kill off his expansion, for this build to be worth it. You have to be good at denying scouting from your opponent, and controlling your Stalkers while warping in units, otherwise with some basic micro your opponent can hold off your attack.

Basic Build Order[edit]

"MC's 2 Gate Pressure into Blink/Observer"[1]


Probe Scout[edit]

MC doesn't usually probe scout with this build, however if you are going to do this regularly it is recommended you do scout after you build your first Gateway .If you have seen your opponent build a second Assimilator, use more than two Chrono Boosts on probes and not stop probe production, then you can be fairly sure your opponent is not going to 4 Gate. If you do not see anything in his base, then scout around your base, natural and third location for a Proxy 2 Gate Rush. If you scout that your opponent is going to 4 Gate, then don't be afraid to abandon the build and begin producing Sentries. You should hold off any 4 Gate aggression with no trouble, assuming you scout and react to it properly.

5 Stalker Scout[edit]

When you push out with your Stalker force, there are a few things you need to be checking for. If you see that your opponent is going for a 1 Gateway Blink rush, you have very limited time to do damage. Should you scout this, then at your base begin producing Immortals and Sentries. If you're facing a similar Blink Observer build, then you have two routes you can take. You can begin making Immortals and try to expand, or you can continue Stalker production and be very aggressive. However, if he has gone for the Immortal expand route, you must have excellent macro. If you see your opponent making a lot of Zealots, you may be facing against a Dark Templar build. The best way to confirm this is with your Observer.

Observer Scout[edit]

When you first send your Observer into your opponents' base, check for a Dark Shrine. If you see one, immediately build another Observer, and leave it at your base for defence. If you scout a Twilight Council and 4 Gateways, you are most likely up against a very aggressive Blink build. Should this be the case you need to return home and begin producing Sentries, as he has more Stalkers than you and will easily kill you if you miss a Force Field.


  • With your 5 Stalker push, you just want to see if your opponent has expanded yet, and try to get into their main base to see what build they are doing. If you can pick off a Sentry or Immortal, that actually strengthens your final push quite a lot.
  • When you do attack your opponent with the 9 Stalker 2 Sentry army, you need to be careful how you engage. If your opponent is still on 1 base at this point you may have trouble attacking, so there is nothing wrong with just retreating and producing Immortals while expanding. If your opponent has expanded, you want to load your Sentries into the Warp Prism and elevate them up into your opponents main. You then Blink the Stalkers up, and Force Field the ramp to prevent your opponents army coming back. Begin focusing down Pylons to unpower his Warp Gates and continue warping in reinforcements.
  • If half your opponents army are down by his natural and half in his main base, that's fine. Just play it normally, Force Field the ramp and kill one half before letting the other half and killing that too. However, you will have to be confident in your Blink micro to successfully win with this.
  • If your push doesn't straight up kill your opponent, which it will in a lot of cases, then just retreat home, expand and begin Immortal production while transitioning into a normal game. However, you will be behind unless you did a decent amount of damage.


Pro features[edit]

  • Any map which has a cliffed main that can be Blinked up to from the low ground outside the natural is excellent for this build. Examples are Antiga Shipyard, which is the map it works the best on, Cloud Kingdom, and to some extent Ohana

Con features[edit]

  • Any map where the main can only be accessed from the natural is terrible for this build. Your opponent can easily spot the push coming and crush it without taking any losses. An example of a map like this would be Daybreak.

Replays & VODs[edit]

South Korea Protoss MC BeSt opens with a Robotics Facility and then expands, but can't hold MC's pressure
South Korea Protoss BeSt
Date: Patch 1.5.2
Patch: 2012-09-01 VOD