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Major League Gaming StarCraft II King of the Beta Hill Showmatch Series[edit]

The "Major League Gaming StarCraft II King of the Beta Hill Showmatch Series" is a weekly exhibition tournament being run by MLG to spread their name amongst the SC2 scene and prepare for future tournaments after the game is released. The matches are in King of the Hill format and the winner will stay on for the following week while the losing player will not be eligible for the poll for two weeks. The challenger each week is voted by the fans via polls on various fansites. The matches are casted by established StarCraft commentators such as Day[9] and Diggity alongside JP McDaniel, an MLG employee who previously worked at their World of Warcraft events as a reporter and occasionally a commentator.


The KotBH format is as follows:

  • StarCraft II beta 1v1
  • VODs are recorded from the matches, then released later.
  • Best of 7 series (Previous series were best of 5)
  • The winner advances to the next week's match, the loser is out
  • Participants voted on by multiple community sites
  • Poll Winner Announced Live Every Week with Match Preview (Thursday/Friday)


The current KotBH maps are as follows:


Beta tournaments[edit]

  • Week #3 had some issues with player availability and so two new players were chosen to replace them.
  • Week #8 had a double header show match. A Bo3 between Jinro and TheLittleOne and a Bo7 between CauthonLuck and TheLittleOne. The Bo7 match winner would move onto the next week.
# Grand Final Result Replay pack
#1  Louder  Artosis 3-1 VODs
#2  Response  Louder 3-0 VODs
#3  Machine  LzGaMeR 3-1 VODs
#4  IdrA  Machine 3-0 VODs
#5  CauthonLuck  IdrA 3-1 VODs
#6  CauthonLuck  Artosis 4-1 VODs
#7  CauthonLuck  Orb 4-0 VODs
#8  CauthonLuck  TheLittleOne 4-0 VODs
#8  TheLittleOne  Jinro 2-0 VODs
#9  SLush  CauthonLuck 4-0 VODs
#10  qxc  SLush 4-1 VODs
#11  HuK  qxc 4-0 VODs

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