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[e][h]Terran MMA
Player Information
Romanized Name:
Mun Seong-won
October 29, 1988 (age 34)
Alternate IDs:
SlayerSCchapSeungEu, Jjob, M, Dream.t)1988, Na[Shield], Always
Son of Boxer, Military Terran
Approx. Total Winnings:
Approx. Winnings 2023:
Military Service:
Years active:
2011 - 2018
2011 MLG Pro Circuit Columbus2011 Global StarCraft II League October: Code S2011 GSL Blizzard CupIEM Season VI - Global Challenge KievIron Squid – Chapter I2013 WCS Season 3 Europe: Premier League2014 DreamHack Open: Moscow2014 WCS Season 3 Europe Premier LeagueHomeStory Cup XII
 × 4
2008-10-?? — 2009-10-??SK Telecom T1
2010-11-30 — 2012-11-03SlayerS
2012-11-21 — 2015-12-21Team Acer
2015-05-05 — 2015-12-01SBENU
2015-12-21 — 2017-??-??Military
2017-11-02 — 2018-07-31Team expert
2018-11-02 — PresentRetirement
Recent Matches
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South Korea Protoss MC
2023-08-05 11:00:00UTC  
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2018-07-14 04:00:18UTC  
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MMA Terran South Korea
South Korea Protoss Zest
2018-06-30 11:15:00UTC  
MMA Terran South Korea
Ukraine Protoss Hellraiser
2018-06-29 16:31:01UTC  

Mun "MMA" Seong-won (born October 29, 1988) is a retired Korean Terran player who last played for Team expert.

He is now assistant coaching Overwatch's Seoul Dynasty team.


MMA was born and raised in Incheon, South Korea. When he was in elementary school, he was introduced to the original StarCraft, which would become his passion and would later lead him to become a progamer. At first, he wanted to be a soldier, but due to a knee injury he had to be discharged from the army.[1] MMA played as a Terran on SK Telecom T1 from 2008 under the id "Dream.t)1988", although he did not play very many games.

Wings of Liberty[edit]

MMA was the first of the new recruits for BoxeR's SlayerS team, whom he knew through his old team SK Telecom T1. He later evolved into SlayerS' ace player, leading people to nickname him the Son of Boxer even to this day.

He has found success in team leagues such as Zotac and GSTL, where he has been a pivotal force in SlayerS's lineup, and is often utilized as an Ace player. In the premiere GSTL February, MMA almost performed a reverse all-kill, taking down 3 opponents from ZeNEX when his team was down 0-3. In the GSTL March, MMA has been very successful, defeating players such as MC and July on SlayerS' path to the finals. He defeated Mvp in the championship match, earning his team the GSTL title and himself the Most Valuable Player Gold Card for his performance. The following GSTL in May, MMA was once again used as the primary Ace player of SlayerS. He helped stage a comeback against fOu in the semifinals and was chosen as the last player to face MvP in the finals where he took out DongRaeGu in the deciding game to earn SlayerS a repeat victory, as well as a repeat MVP Gold Card for himself.

MMA's first individual success in Korea was his run through the GSL Super Tournament. He managed to draw only Terran opponents, including two of his teammates, GanZi and Ryung. With the exception of those two, his other series were fairly close, particularly a comeback from a two game deficit against MarineKing in the semifinals to advance 3-2. Although MMA was the heavy favorite going into the finals, he would subsequently be swept by Polt 4-0.

MMA's next notable finish in Korea would be in the Arena of Legends 1. He dominated his group, winning 2-0 against both NesTea and MC to advance to the round of 4. There, he lost 0-3 to MarineKing, therefore placing third.

MMA would be able to play in the Blizzard Cup due to the fact that Mvp qualified three times, so MMA got a spot by virtue of his 4th place position in the GSL Player Rankings. In the group stages, MMA would tie for first in his group with a score of 3-1, only dropping a game to Polt. He would later get his revenge though, beating Polt and Leenock in the tie breakers to secure first place in his group. In the bracket play, MMA would 3-0 Mvp to face DongRaeGu in the finals. MMA was up 3-0 against DongRaeGu before DongRaeGu started to make a comeback, evening the score 3-3. MMA however would not falter in the ace game and end up winning the tournament, 4-3.

MMA eventually became teamless in October 2012, as SlayerS disbanded.[2] On November 20, 2012, he joined Team Acer together with ex-SlayerS coach Cella.[3]

Code A[edit]

MMA's first Code A qualification, was for GSL March. He eliminated the foreigner Ret 2-0 to advance to the Round of 16. There he was defeated by Killer 1-2. In the subsequent Code A tournament, he quickly took out TopClass and Hyperdub making it to the Round of 8 before falling to Bomber. Entering the Round of 8 was enough to allow MMA to play in the up/down matches where he was defeated by MarineKing 1-2, and HuK 0-2, keeping him in Code A. The following season he was knocked out entirely by falling 0-2 in the first round to Puzzle.

MMA wouldn't return to Code A until 2012 GSL Season 2, falling third in his group and landing in the Ro32 where he would face Line and defeat him 2-0 to advance into the Ro24, meeting KeeN but losing to him 1-2, falling just close to a granted Code S spot, he played in the Up and Down matches, but couldn't win a game and lost 0-3, staying in Code A for the next season.

In the third 2012 GSL MMA would start in Code A vs HongUn, making this HongUn's last match from Code A before retiring,[4] MMA would advance 2-0 and face HerO, few days before the match MMA would enter a controversial fight with SlayerS and would be demoted to the B-Team [5] just a few days before his match, nonetheless MMA would take a smooth 2-0 win over the Protoss player and continue his Code A run, advancing to the Ro24 where he would play against viOLet, he would beat him 2-1 which put him back into Code S RO32.

Code S[edit]

During MMA's first Code S season in GSL August after being seeded through MLG, he 2-0'd his group, ending NesTea's undefeated GSL streak. He faced off against Polt in the Round of 16 in a rematch of the Super Tournament final, but lost to the Prime Terran once again, although this time in a close series which ended 1-2 in Polt's favor.

The next season, MMA chose NesTea for his group, not having many choices left. This time, NesTea defeated MMA, but MMA was still able to make it out of his group 2-1, by beating NaDa and KeeN. He defeated asd in Ro16 and followed it up with a 3-2 win over Clide in a hard fought series in the Ro8. In the Semifinals he went up against the IM Terran Happy defeating him 3-1. The finals were held at the BlizzCon, where he would face off against Mvp, the reigning champion, and defeat him 4-1 to win his first GSL title.

During the Group Selection for GSL November, MMA made some controversy when he picked his teammate YugiOh and criticized him. In addition to YugiOh, his group contained another teammate, Ryung, and one of the five Protoss players in Code S, MC. MMA would advance with ease, beating YugiOh and MC to place first in the group. In the Round of 16, he was in Group A with NesTea, HuK, and Leenock. There he convincingly defeated NesTea then Leenock to advance onto the Round of 8.

MMA would fall to Oz 2-3 in a close series in the RO8, ending MMA's run for November. His loss to Oz meant that MC would be able to participate in the Blizzard Cup.

In the first season of 2012 Round of 32, MMA would sweep his group with 2-0's against GuMiho and Zenio. The Round of 16 group stage went a lot closer than the previous round. With two close wins against Oz and a loss against teammate Puzzle, MMA was still be able to advance to the next round. MMA would go on to meet aLive in the RO8, where he lost 1-3. Because he made it to the RO8, he would be qualified for next season's Code S.

In the 2nd season of the 2012 Global StarCraft II League Season 2/Code S, MMA would be placed in the RO32 Group F with Squirtle, Leenock, and NaDa. MMA would first play Squirtle where he would lose 1-2, he went to the losers match to face NaDa and 2-0'ed him. He would then go to play in the final match versus Leenock where he would lose 0-2 and fall to Code A RO32.

IGN ProLeague[edit]

IPL Season 3[edit]

From September 10 to September 11, 2011, MMA participated in the IPL Season 3 Qualifier 3. MMA started off from the Round of 64. MMA defeated Volta, Artist, Heart, Min, and July , in order to advance in to the finals to face Stephano. He wasn't able to defeat Stephano and ended up taking second place after losing by a score of 1-2.

From October 6 to October 9, 2011, MMA participated in the IGN ProLeague Season 3. IPL 3 started off with a Pools play. MMA started off in Pool D with White-Ra, TheStC, and IdrA. MMA advanced out of his pool with a score of 1-2 in to the championship bracket. In the championship bracket, MMA took down Sheth, Sleep, and PuMa, in order to advance in to the semifinals to face Lucky. He wasn't able to defeat Lucky and lost to him by a score of 0-3.

Outside Korea[edit]

MMA was announced in May 2011, to be one of the first four South Korean invites chosen to participate in the GSL-MLG Exchange Program. He participated in MLG Columbus 2011 going undefeated in his group and defeated notables such as July, SjoW and IdrA. MMA would face off LosirA in the winners final, beating him 2-1 in a best of 3 series. He would meet LosirA once again in the grand final after LosirA climbed up beating MC in the lower winners final. MMA defeated him 2-0 in a best of 3 series, claiming the first place.

He was invited to return to MLG Anaheim 2011 along with his mentor BoxeR to defend his MLG title. MMA placed second in his group, losing only to Rain, and then made his way through the Loser's Bracket in the Championship Bracket going through SLush, NaNiwa and DongRaeGu before ultimately team killing GanZi and BoxeR to make it to the finals to face Mvp. In the finals, he ended up losing 2-1 in the first best of 3, therefore coming in second. Because Mvp already had Code S status, MMA would be offered and receive it instead through the MLG - GSL exchange program.

Due to his high placing in two MLG, MMA got enough points to be one of the top four seeded players at MLG Providence 2011. However, he lost to his rival DongRaeGu 0-2 in the Championship Bracket winners' bracket and was eliminated from the tournament by Leenock losing 1-2, finishing 9th overall.

He was one of the invited players from Korea for IEM Season VI Kiev and got seeded in Group C. He took the group's first place by beating HasuObs 2-1, Pomi 2-0 and TargA 2-1. He beat Feast 3-1 in the quarterfinals and Zenio 3-0 in the semifinals. His opponent in the finals was DIMAGA, who he defeated 3-1.

Because of his first place finish at Kiev, he was invited to play in the World Championship. Placed in group A, he would go 5-0 in his group, defeating viOLet, JYP, Socke, KiLLeR, and Strelok all 2-0. Because of his strong finish in group stage, he would be seeded into the quarterfinals, where he defeated Zenio 3-0. However, in the semifinals he would lose to PuMa 1-3. He would then defeat Feast in the 3rd place match, earning him 3rd place in the tournament.

He was one of the invited players in Iron Squid – Chapter I, where he took the first place in his group with a score of 3-1, defeating Life 2-1, jjakji 2-0, losing to MaNa 1-2 and getting a win over Stephano who forfeited his match.[6] In the bracket play, he defeated PuMa 3-1 in the quarterfinals, then aLive 3-2 in the semifinals, earning a place in the finals, where he defeated Symbol 4-2.

Heart of the Swarm[edit]

With the release of Heart of the Swarm and the advent of the WCS tournament system, MMA decided to participate in WCS Europe, and received one of the 24 invites to the inaugural 2013 WCS Season 1 Europe Premier League. In the Ro32, MMA was upset by Feast 1-2 in his first match, but defeated each of SortOf and MaNa 2-0 to finish second in his group and advance to the Ro16. There, he lost 0-2 to Strelok and 1-2 to ForGG, finishing last in his group and falling to the third round of Challenger League. There, he defeated Bunny 2-0 to qualify for the 2013 WCS Season 2 Europe Premier League.

During the 2013 GSTL Season 1, MMA played for Axiom-Acer. He only played four games, going 2-2, with the majority of his team's victories coming at the hands of his former SlayerS teammate, Ryung. In their playoff match against LG-IM, where Axiom-Acer was all-killed by YongHwa, MMA was the only player of the 6-member team to not play.

In the 2013 WCS Season 2 Europe Premier League, MMA advanced to the Ro16 easily, defeating TAiLS 2-1 and TLO 2-0 to finish first in his group. In his Round of 16 group he suffered a loss to NaNiwa, but was able to advance regardless by defeating Happy twice, going 4-0 in maps against his Terran opponent. He defeated HasuObs 3-1 in the Round of 8 before falling to MC in the semifinals by the same score.

During the Acer TeamStory Cup Season 1 group stage, MMA went 22-11, including an all-kill and a four-kill of ROOT Gaming. At the playoffs on August 17, 2013, MMA went 9-3, involving an all-kill of Team Liquid and a four-kill of Millenium.

During the WCS 2013 Season 2 Final, MMA lost to teammate Scarlett and WCS Korea champion Maru to fall out last in his group of the Round of 16.

MMA played at his first DreamHack event at the 2013 DreamHack Open: Bucharest tournament on September 14–15, 2013 in Bucharest, Romania. He was seeded into the second group stage where he took a 6-1 score against Snute, Krr, and NightEnD, with the one loss to Snute. In the third group stage, MMA took a 6-0 score against top Korean players YugiOh, Flash, and Ryung. In the bracket stage, he defeated two more top players in Avenge and ForGG before facing off against his teammate INnoVation in the semifinals. After winning the first game and securing an advantage in the second game through superior army positioning, MMA seemed poised to take the series. However, after a poor engagement near INnoVation's base, his opponent was able to push across the map before MMA could rebuild his army and tie the series 1-1. INnoVation used an aggressive strategy in the next game to close the series, and MMA had to be content with a 3-4th place finish.

He did, however, break his 18-month championship drought in the 2013 WCS Season 3 Europe Premier League. Against MC in the grand finals, he took the first three games, and then after MC closed to 3-2, he scouted MC's Blink Stalker strategy, picked off MC's Mothership Core to buy a lot of time and then delivered the coup de grâce using Medivacs and Marines with Stimpacks.[7] He would go on to beat Jaedong on his way to the final 8 of the WCS 2013 Season 3 Final and also punched a return ticket to BlizzCon for the 2013 WCS Global Finals. He also helped propel Axiom-Acer to its first GSTL championship - 2013 GSTL Season 2 - which made him and teammates Alicia and Ryung, who were also part of SlayerS' championship teams, the first players to be part of three GSTL championship clans.

It was during Heart of the Swarm that MMA also acquired a reputation for his extremely strong TvP, and a rather mediocre TvZ by comparison. In the 2014 WCS Season 3 Europe, which MMA won in convincing fashion, he emerged victorious in every single TvT and TvP, but lost the only TvZ match he was placed in. Other premier league victories by MMA in the same period also reflect this trend. This culminated in the 2014 WCS Global Finals, where MMA defeated his Terran and Protoss opponents without much trouble, but was defeated by Life in an extremely one-sided finals. Indeed, during this event, commentators repeatedly praised MMA's TvP prowess but correctly predicted that his TvZ would show some weakness. This was despite Blizzard's recent buffs to the Terran Widow Mine.

In the 2015 Global StarCraft II League Season 1, MMA also gave a weak showing against former SlayerS teammate Dark, going out 0-2 in a very one-sided affair. However, his TvP would carry him to victory once again, with an impressive 2-0 against both Protoss former GSL Code S champions, Dear and Seed.

Legacy of the Void[edit]

After representing team SBENU in Proleague and korean tournaments in 2015 he does not appear on SBENU's roster for 2016.[8]
On December 16, 2015 Team Acer announced that MMA was retiring after competing in the upcoming HomeStory Cup XII:[9] despite losing a match in the Round of 16 versus FireCake, MMA won the tournament with a game score of 18-6, taking his revenge on FireCake himself in the Grand Finals with the score of 4-1.


  • Accidentally destroyed one of his own Command Centers during a game against IdrA at 2011 MLG Colombus. He then proceeded with a bit of desperation attack and won due to IdrA rage-quitting - much to MMA's surprise. After winning the series, his ceremony included miming a Street Fighter Hadoken fireball at IdrA's booth.[10][11]
  • Was dubbed the "Legend Killer" by Tastosis when he first arrived on the scene after his victories over Mvp and other notable players in clutch team league matches.
  • MMA does not like his South Korean nickname, Military Terran.[12] (MMA stands for Military Manpower Administration in Korean).
  • MMA intended for his ID to be just "M" but ended up with "MMA" because required names to be at least three characters. In MMA's first Code A season, his name was in fact announced as "SlayerS_M." He then chose the ID "MMA" because he became a fan of mixed martial arts (popularized by such organizations as the UFC, Pride, Bellator and Strikeforce) in high school.
    • His favorite fighters are Cristiano Marcello and Wanderlei Silva, and he has a certificate from Marcello after having lessons with him.
  • Says that he would be a professional footballer (soccer player) in a second life.
    • Is a Bayern Munich fan and lists Cristiano Ronaldo as his favorite player.
  • Faced only Terran players throughout the GSL Super Tournament.
  • Was featured in Gom's "Behind the Booth" mini-documentary series.[13]
  • Ended both Mvp's 15-0 GSL/GSTL TvT win-streak in the GSTL 2 Finals and NesTea's 20-0 GSL Code S win-streak in GSL August 2011.
  • Has played Mvp four times in championship series, with each player winning two and MMA leading 10-8 in sets.
  • He was the first player to make it to two consecutive MLG finals.
  • Ranked 3rd on the Liquipedia list of Accomplishments in Premier Tournaments behind TaeJa and Life.
  • According to Unofficial World Champion concept, MMA holds the record for the most defences - against 13 opponents.
  • MMA was the first person to achieve the Triple Crown.
  • Appeared in Greek attire (in his case, a foot soldier's leather armor, complete with sword, shield and spear) with BoxeR, Jessica and Eve in advertising for the Korean MMORPG Troy based on the Trojan War.[14]
  • After winning 2014 DreamHack Open Moscow, MMA discovered that his trophy misspelled "Dreamhack" as "Dramhack".[15]
  • Was featured in Madals' APM compilation at 2014 DreamHack Open: Stockholm.
  • With his victory in the HomeStory Cup XII, MMA is the first and, as of the end of 2015, only player that won a Premier Tournament in each expansion of Starcraft II.
  • MMA won at least a Premier Tournament a year from 2011 to 2015.


2023-08-053rd - 4thShowm. (Maj.)Gamers8 2023: LegendsGamers8 2023: Legends1 : 3$10,000
2018-04-221stPremierStarCraft II: NationWars VStarCraft II: NationWars V
South KoreaSouth Korea
5 : 3
2015-12-201stPremierHomeStory Cup XIIHomeStory Cup XII
Team AcerTeam Acer
4 : 1$10,000
2015-08-093rd - 4thPremierIEM Season X - gamescomIEM Season X - gamescom
Team AcerTeam Acer
0 : 3$2,000
2015-03-113rd - 4thPremier2015 Global StarCraft II League Season 1: Code S2015 Global StarCraft II League Season 1: Code S
Team AcerTeam Acer
1 : 4$3,610
2014-12-071stMajorFragbite Masters Season 3Fragbite Masters Season 3
Team AcerTeam Acer
4 : 3$10,150
2014-11-082ndPremier2014 WCS Global Finals2014 WCS Global Finals
Team AcerTeam Acer
1 : 4$50,000
2014-10-051stPremier2014 WCS Season 3 Europe Premier League2014 WCS Season 3 Europe Premier League
Team AcerTeam Acer
4 : 2$25,000
2014-09-141stPremier2014 DreamHack Open: Moscow2014 DreamHack Open: Moscow
Team AcerTeam Acer
3 : 1$10,000
2014-07-271stMajorAcer TeamStory Cup Season 3Acer TeamStory Cup Season 3
Team AcerTeam Acer
5 : 4
Team LiquidTeam Liquid
2014-04-132ndPremier2014 WCS Season 1 Europe Premier League2014 WCS Season 1 Europe Premier League
Team AcerTeam Acer
2 : 4$15,000
2013-12-151stMajorAcer TeamStory Cup Season 2Acer TeamStory Cup Season 2
Team AcerTeam Acer
5 : 1
2013-11-231stPremier2013 Global Starcraft II Team League Season 22013 Global Starcraft II Team League Season 2
6 : 7
2013-10-061stPremier2013 WCS Season 3 Europe: Premier League2013 WCS Season 3 Europe: Premier League
Team AcerTeam Acer
4 : 2$20,000
2013-09-153rd - 4thPremier2013 DreamHack Open: Bucharest2013 DreamHack Open: Bucharest
Team AcerTeam Acer
1 : 2$3,072.16
2013-08-182ndMajorAcer TeamStory Cup Season 1
Team AcerTeam Acer
3 : 5
2013-08-113rd - 4thPremier2013 WCS Season 2 Europe: Premier League2013 WCS Season 2 Europe: Premier League
Team AcerTeam Acer
1 : 3$7,000
2013-07-193rdPremier2013 Global Starcraft II Team League Season 12013 Global Starcraft II Team League Season 1
0 : 5
Incredible MiracleIncredible Miracle
2013-05-231st - 8thMajor2013 WCS Season 1 Europe: Challenger League2013 WCS Season 1 Europe: Challenger League
Team AcerTeam Acer
2 : 0$300
2013-03-294thMajor2013 Ritmix Russian StarCraft 2 League Season 42013 Ritmix Russian StarCraft 2 League Season 4
Team AcerTeam Acer
1 : 3$500
2012-12-163rdMajorEvil Geniuses Master's Cup Series League VIIIEvil Geniuses Master's Cup Series League VIII
Team AcerTeam Acer
0 : 3
2012-07-282ndPremier2012 Global StarCraft II Team League Season 22012 Global StarCraft II Team League Season 2
0 : 5
FXOpen e-SportsFXOpen e-Sports
2012-07-251st - 12thPremier2012 Global StarCraft II League Season 3: Code A2012 Global StarCraft II League Season 3: Code A
2 : 1$869.28
2012-07-073rdMajorFight Club at Hot Import NightsFight Club at Hot Import Nights
0 : 2$1,500
2012-07-013rdMajorEvil Geniuses Master's Cup Series League VIIEvil Geniuses Master's Cup Series League VII
2 : 3
2012-06-163rdMajorGIGABYTE StarsWar 7GIGABYTE StarsWar 7
3 : 1$750
2012-05-051stPremierIron Squid – Chapter IIron Squid – Chapter I
4 : 2$12,500
2012-04-084thPremierIGN ProLeague Season 4IGN ProLeague Season 4
0 : 2$5,000
2012-03-103rdPremierIEM Season VI - World ChampionshipIEM Season VI - World Championship
3 : 0$9,000
2012-01-221stPremierIEM Season VI - Global Challenge KievIEM Season VI - Global Challenge Kiev
3 : 1$6,500
2011-12-171stPremier2011 GSL Blizzard Cup2011 GSL Blizzard Cup
4 : 3$34,400
2011-10-221stPremier2011 Global StarCraft II League October: Code S2011 Global StarCraft II League October: Code S
4 : 1$43,580.58
2011-10-093rd - 4thPremierIGN ProLeague Season 3IGN ProLeague Season 3
0 : 3$7,000
2011-10-013rd - 4thMajorArena of Legends
0 : 3$423.37
2011-09-251stMajorGeForce Starcraft II Pro/Am
3 : 0$4,725
2011-07-312ndPremier2011 MLG Pro Circuit Anaheim2011 MLG Pro Circuit Anaheim
1 : 2$3,000
2011-06-182ndPremierLG Cinema 3D Super TournamentLG Cinema 3D Super Tournament
0 : 4$27,900
2011-06-051stPremier2011 MLG Pro Circuit Columbus2011 MLG Pro Circuit Columbus
4 : 1$5,000
2011-05-191stPremierGlobal Starcraft II Team League MayGlobal Starcraft II Team League May
5 : 4
2011-03-241stPremierGlobal Starcraft II Team League MarchGlobal Starcraft II Team League March
5 : 4
Incredible MiracleIncredible Miracle
Extended list of results
All-Kill Achievements
2018-03-31 All-KillStarCraft II: NationWars V
2013-12-14 All-KillAcer TeamStory Cup Season 2
2013-08-17 All-KillAcer TeamStory Cup Season 1
2013-06-14 All-KillAcer TeamStory Cup Season 1

MMA also achieved the Most Valuable Player Gold Card in the 2011 GSTL March and 2011 GSTL May.




DongRaeGu-MMA MMA has stated that he sees DongRaeGu as a rival.[Citation needed] Because of their 1:1 GSTL record before 2011 MLG Anaheim, MMA stated that he wished to defeat DongRaeGu at Anaheim to settle the score between them.[Citation needed] The two did face off in the later stages of the Championship Bracket where DongRaeGu lost 2-1. DongRaeGu and MMA faced each other once again in 2011 MLG Providence, where DRG was able to eliminate him 2-0.

Back in Korea, DongRaeGu and MMA faced off against each other in the Blizzard Cup finals. It was the first time they would face each other in an individual finals and as well as their longest match yet, being a best of 7.[16] The final series between the two did not disappoint, going the full 7 games after MMA was up 3-0 and DRG making the come back for a final game on Shakuras Plateau. The last map was a drawn out game with both players making incredible comebacks, eventually DRG managed to get Broodlords inside MMA's production lines but MMA held strong and took down the series 4-3. Many considered these finals as the best GSL finals yet.[17]

In the 2012 MMA and DRG participated in 4 players, double-elimination invitational IPL Fight Club at Hot Import Nights. In the first round MMA and DRG faced each other with DRG easily defeating MMA 2-0. In the Loser's bracket MMA swept Illusion to face DRG once again, after the Korean Zerg lost to HerO. This time the game was much closer with DRG coming barely on top 3-2.

Overall DRG is leading the rivalry 4-3 (9-12 in sets).



Mvp-MMA Mvp and MMA - being arguably two most accomplished StarCraft II players and two best Terran players faced each other several times. Their games quickly became highly anticipated by the community clashes of the SC2 titans.

On MMA's road to supremacy in late 2011, he had to overcome many obstacles, in particular his Terran rival, Mvp. In 2011, MMA and Mvp faced each other six times in individual series and team leagues. Their first meeting was at the finals of the 2011 Global StarCraft II Team League March, between IM and SlayerS. Tied at 4-4, MMA was brought out as the SlayerS ace to take down Mvp, who had taken down Ryung and GanZi. MMA successfully swept the title for his team, in a nail-bitingly close marine-tank game.[18] Also ironically taking the MVP award for the season.

Next time MMA met Mvp during 2011 MLG Anaheim. Once again the fought in the final where MMA was coming from the lower bracket as the defending champion. This time Mvp left no room for doubt easily defeating MMA 2-1.

Not a full month later they met again in GeForce Pro/AmPro - an online tournament. Both MMA and Mvp qualified to the event, topping their qualifying groups. Then they met in the quarterfinals of the upper bracket with MMA barely edging his opponent 3-2. However Mvp fought his way through the loser's bracket facing SlayerS' ace once more, this time in the grand final that took place full month later. This time MMA comfortably won 3-1.

At the end of October 2011, Mvp and MMA crossed their paths again. First - at the BlizzCon 2011 they played in 2011 GSL Code S October final. The match was highly anticipated as - at the time - both players were considered two best progamers in the StarCraft II pro scene. On one hand Mvp was trying to win record-breaking fourth title being - at the same time - defending champion. On the other - MMA was trying to prove that he indeed was GSL Championship worth player. To add fuel to the hype before the match, both players represented very different styles in TvT, with Mvp known for his safe and efficient mech style and MMA known for his perfected drop and harassment bio-based play. While the match didn't disappoint fans of the game, the result did: MMA easily secured GSL Championship 4-1.

A week later they played against each other in MLG Global Invitational South Korean online qualifier. Once again they played in a final and while Mvp edged MMA 4-2, it may be considered a bittersweet victory considering there was a lot less on the line in terms of prestige, money and popularity.

In December 2011, MMA faced Mvp in the 2011 Blizzard Cup semi-finals, where he took the series with a convincing 3-0. He went on to win the tournament, and was awarded as "best" player of 2011.[19] It is however worth to note that Mvp's list of 2011 accomplishments is arguably more impressive, especially as he maintained high form during most of the year, while MMA achieved everything only in the second half.

In September 2012, Mvp and MMA faced once again in the 2012 GSL Season 4 where Mvp defeated MMA in two exciting series with a final score of 4-1.

In March 2014, Mvp and MMA met again in 2014 WCS Europe Seaon 1 Round of 16 in the deciding match of Group A where MMA was able to defeat Mvp with a score of 2-1 and advanced to the Round of 8.[20]

In total, MMA is leading the rivalry 6-4 (and 20-15 in sets).[21]



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Matchup Statistics

 vs Protossvs Terranvs Zergvs RandomTotal
as Terran292 - 21657.5 %294 - 24254.9 %348 - 28754.8 %10 - 283.3 %944 - 74755.8 %

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