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MMA build (vs. Zerg)

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[e][h] MMA (Marine-Medivac Aggression), 3 Reaper FE > Siege Expand > Mass Bio-Tank
Strategy Information
Opening, Harassment, Preditory


Opening with Reapers for fast harassment on Zerglings, slowing down a Baneling Bust; switching immediately into a Siege Expand to only build Siege Tanks to defend against Roach Pressure and secure the low ground, while building into a mass Marine/Medivac build to push out onto the map with strong Engineering Bay upgrades.

In the mid-game, a slow and methodical push across the map is used to deny Zerg extra bases until they are forced onto two bases and overrun by a Terran that is free to expand to riskier expansions. Use Medivac-based drops to keep Mutalisk from being able to move out; and drop wherever the Mutalisks are not.

It is highly recommended to watch Day[9]'s Steal! This Build! episode that covers all the basic situations for dropping the opponent and best targets.

Basic Build Order[edit]



  • Force Mutalisks out of position and to play defensively by mimicking their ability to hit-and-run. Snipe Drones, until they run away and then aim for structures and retreat once the troops arrive. This exploits Zerg's poor anti-air abilities with normal Baneling, Zergling and Mutalisk Compositions.
  • Push slowly across the map and keep to good positions, never be caught unsieged and run Marines away back into the tank line when need be.