MMM Timing Push

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[e][h] MMM Timing Push
Strategy Information
Lior9999 (Lior)


Close air positions timing attack using fast Medivacs to drop 8 Marines and 4 Marauders directly into the opponent's base at the 8:00 game time mark


Cripple the opponent's tech infastructure and worker count with a carefully timed 2 Medivac drop in the opponent's main base while distracting the opponent's army elsewhere.

Basic Build Order[edit]

Basic Build


  • Call Supply Drop if supply blocked as timing of attack is cruical.
  • Building a Bunker outside the opponent's base or leading the opponent's army else where with the scouting Factory usually buys enough time to for the dual-drop deal serious damage and run away before the opponent can respond.
  • Make sure to save enough energy for a scan before you make the drop to ensure your Medivacs are not intercepted by any Anti-Air.
  • Run away the second the opponent's army shows up if it is too big to deal with.


  • SCV ideally controlling Xel'naga Towers to spot for early pressure or enemy units that may intercept Medivacs en route.