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[e][h] mOoNan
Player Information
Romanized Name:
Min Gyun-kim
August 14, 1986 (1986-08-14) (age 33)
Alternate IDs:
AlLaboUtyOu, FXOmOoNan
Total Earnings:
2011-01-14 - 201?-??-??

Min Gyun 'Peter' "mOoNan" Kim is a Terran player from South Korea, who is now retired.


Perhaps more known by his alternate ID 'AlLaboUtyOu', mOoNan is a high level StarCraft II Terran player and ex-Semi Pro StarCraft: Brood War player. He formerly played for FXOpen e-Sports until he retired. He is living in New York to study, but is originally from South Korea.

Being a semi-pro Brood War player his skills transferred almost immediately to StarCraft II and as such mOoNan has won several minor tournaments since beta, and placed well in several larger ones. His semi-pro career was relatively short - as a member of KTF's pro team he failed to make the draft and moved to the US.

Wings of Liberty[edit]

mOoNan was a 3000+ rating Terran player on the NA ladder.

While he had no huge breakout tournament, his list of achievements contains an impressive array of victories in smaller events such as Wysley's Diamond Open Tour, Close Combat, and Go4SC2 NA. These tournament performances show no sign of slowing as mOoNan took out Attero's Alpha $200 Tournament[1] and Undeniably Gamer #14.

mOoNan joined FXOpen e-Sports on the 14th of January 2011.

mOoNan has been inactive since mid-2011. He is currently focusing on his studies. He later retired from StarCraft II completely.


mOoNan participated in MLG Dallas 2011 where he fought his way to a high position on the Loser's Bracket.

In Columbus in that same year he would go 0-5 in his group and fall 1-2 to KawaiiRice in the Championship Bracket.

mOoNan performed better at MLG Anaheim 2011, placing 4th in his group. He was eliminated 1-2 by Socke in his first Championship Bracket match.

At MLG Raleigh 2011, mOoNan was again unable to make a decent showing. He went 0-5 in his group and entered the Championship Bracket as the #6 seed. He was able to defeat the Zerg player Orly 2-1, however was quickly 2-0'd in the next round by South Korean Protoss HerO


  • Was a semi-pro in StarCraft: Brood War after competing in and winning a Courage tournament.[Citation needed]
  • Missed out on a KTF draft position before moving to the USA.[Citation needed]


In A1Premier tournaments
2011-08-117 - 8thIGN ProLeague Season 2 "Across the Atlantic"1 : 3 ThorZaIN$1,000
2011-04-038th2011 MLG Pro Circuit Dallas0 : 2 Socke$400
In A3Minor and A5Monthly tournaments
2011-04-183rdAfter the Clash3 : 2 Stalife$75
Complete Results in any Tournament

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