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MSI Saturday Showdown Series

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[e][h]MSI Saturday Showdown Series
League Information
Game Version:
Southeast Asia / North America
Fortnightly Online
1v1, Single-elimination
Prize Pool:
$175 USD
Start Date:


The MSI Saturday Showdown Series is a fortnightly, open-access tournament that awards the top 3 finishing players with a $175 prize pool. It began in mid-September, giving the SEA community more regular tournaments to participate in. The MSI Saturday Showdown Series are run every second Saturday at 6pm AEST and are currently only held for SEA.


The MSI Saturday Showdown Series format is as follows:

  • Rounds 128 and 64 will be Bo1 with designated maps which will be specified on the brackets.
  • Round of 32 until Finals will be Bo3 series. Each player will veto two maps each. First to veto with be the highest seeded player and the players will in turn veto four maps total before playing the remaining three maps out in the order of which they appear in the map pool.


Heart of the Swarm[edit]

Showdown Date 1st 2nd 3rd
Showdown #1 2013-09-14 Australia  Ninja South Korea  Apocalypse United Kingdom  Fenner
Showdown #2 2013-09-28 South Korea  Apocalypse Australia  Iaguz New Zealand  Petraeus
Showdown #3 2013-10-12 South Korea  Arthur Australia  Iaguz New Zealand  Petraeus
Showdown #4 2013-11-02 Australia  Myuu Australia  mOOnGLaDe New Zealand  Petraeus
Showdown #5 2013-11-09 New Zealand  Petraeus South Korea  KingKong United States  Hitman
Showdown #6 2013-11-30 South Korea  eMotion South Korea  Solar Peru  CatZ
Showdown #7 2013-12-07 South Korea  Solar South Korea  BurNinG South Korea  Apocalypse
Showdown #8 2013-12-21 Australia  PiG South Korea  Apocalypse South Korea  Arthur
Showdown #9 2014-01-15 South Korea  Sage South Korea  Ryung South Korea  Apocalypse

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