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Player Information
Fredrik Johansson
September 26, 1984 (1984-09-26) (age 34)
Alternate IDs:
Total Earnings:
2010-08-07 – 2011-01-12

Fredrik "MaDFroG" Johansson is a former Warcraft III player who casually plays Zerg in StarCraft II.


A famous Warcraft III player, MaDFroG dominated the early scene with his Undead play and winning many large tournaments. To his fans' dismay, he retired in 2005 before returning to pro-gaming with StarCraft II in 2010. For his Warcraft III history, MaDFroG was a very popular player.

In Beta[edit]

Playing under "UnknownArt", MaDFroG stealthily played through beta without entering many tournaments. It was not until just before launch that his identity as MaDFroG was revealed.

Wings of Liberty[edit]

On the 7th of August 2010, MaDFroG returned to his old organization of SK Gaming as a sponsored StarCraft II player.[1] MaDFroG's first event was the Inferno Online SC2 Cup 1 where he was knocked out in the second round by eventual winner SjoW. MaDFroG then played a Best of 5 showmatch against TheLittleOne at the European Warcraft Regionals. He lost the match 2-3.[2] He was subsequently invited to the IEM Global Challenge Cologne to play in the live $15,000 tournament. There he once again faced TLO, this time losing 0-2. Despite being defeated by TLO, MaDFroG surprisingly advanced from the group stage by beating the well-respected players ClouD and White-Ra. MaDFroG subsequently lost 0-3 to Tarson in the quarterfinals.

Owing to a steady gain in ranking points since the StarCraft II release, MaDFroG was the highest rated Zerg on the European server as of October 9, 2010.[3][Citation needed]

In early November 2010, MaDFroG finally laid claim to being one of Europe's top contenders. He began by placing top 8 in the first three Go4SC2 Cups of the month and followed it up by beating Naama 3-1 in the Finland vs. Sweden national exhibition match.[4][5] Both played from local video game expos, MaDFroG from Gamex, Sweden, and Naama from DigiExpo, Finland. MaDFroG further proved himself by finishing 1st in the group stages of ESP Nordic Season 3, beating players such as MorroW, Naama and ThorZaIN in the process.

On January 12, 2011, SK Gaming announced that MaDFroG would be leaving the organization, due to new, high demands for enlarging his salary and opening a pro-gaming house for him in South Korea.[6][Citation needed] Since then, he has reverted to playing casually online.


  • Former top Undead player in Warcraft III.[7]
  • Former top Swedish Zerg player in StarCraft: Brood War.[8]
  • Won bronze as part of the Swedish National Team in StarCraft: Brood War at WCG 2001.[8]
  • The #1 WC3:TFT player in terms of prize money won during 2004.[9]


In A1Premier tournaments
2010-08-205 - 8thIEM Season V - Global Challenge Cologne0 : 3 Tarson$600
In A2Major tournaments
2010-11-272ndESL Pro Series Nordic Season 30 : 2 SjoW$1,324.10
Complete Results in any Tournament


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