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Major Tournaments

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Major Tournaments feature a large prize pool and a good number of top-tier players. They are generally one-time events which take place online.

Legacy of the Void Tournaments[edit]


Jan 6Jan 25OSC Championship Season 9$5,21041World OnlineTBDTBD


Nov 19Nov 21King of Battles 2 KoB2$15,00016World OnlineSouth Korea  MaruFinland  Serral
Oct 25Oct 31PiG Sty Festival$6,96016Australia OnlineFinland  SerralItaly  Reynor
Oct 21Oct 24StayAtHome Story Cup #4 SAHSC$5,00032World OnlineFrance  ClemFinland  Serral
Oct 6Oct 10DH SC2 Masters 2021 Winter: China SC2 Master CN$14,5008China OnlineChina  CyanChina  TIME
Sep 29Oct 3DH SC2 Masters 2021 Winter: TW/HK SC2 Master TW$12,2008Asia OnlineTaiwan  NiceTaiwan  Has
Sep 29Oct 3DH SC2 Masters 2021 Winter: Oceania SC2 Master OC$12,2008Oceania OnlineUnited Kingdom  TeebuLAustralia  Seither
Sep 29Oct 3DH SC2 Masters 2021 Winter: Latin America SC2 Master LA$14,5008South America OnlineMexico  SpeCialMexico  Cham
Sep 17Sep 19ASUS ROG Fall 2021$15,00016Finland OnlineSouth Korea  MaruSouth Korea  Rogue
Sep 11Dec 4ESL ANZ Champs 2021 - Season 2$5,381.9616Oceania OnlineAustralia  pigletAustralia  Seither
Aug 4Aug 8DH SC2 Masters 2021 Fall: China SC2 Master CN$14,5008China OnlineChina  TIMEChina  MacSed
Jul 28Aug 1DH SC2 Masters 2021 Fall: TW/HK SC2 Master TW$12,2008Asia OnlineTaiwan  HasTaiwan  Nice
Jul 28Aug 1DH SC2 Masters 2021 Fall: Oceania SC2 Master OC$12,2008Oceania OnlineAustralia  ProbeVietnam  MeomaikA
Jul 28Aug 1DH SC2 Masters 2021 Fall: Latin America SC2 Master LA$14,5008South America OnlineMexico  SpeCialBrazil  Kelazhur
Jul 6Jul 12WardiTV Team Liquid Map Contest #7$4,00013World OnlineGermany  ShoWTimESouth Korea  Cure
Jun 12Jul 17ESL ANZ Champs 2021 - Season 1$5,548.8616Oceania OnlineAustralia  SeitherAustralia  Probe
May 26May 30DH SC2 Masters 2021 Summer: China SC2 Master CN$14,5008China OnlineChina  TIMEChina  Jieshi
May 19May 23DH SC2 Masters 2021 Summer: TW/HK SC2 Master TW$12,2008Asia OnlineTaiwan  NiceTaiwan  Has
May 19May 23DH SC2 Masters 2021 Summer: Oceania SC2 Master OC$12,2008Oceania OnlineAustralia  ProbeAustralia  Seither
May 19May 30DH SC2 Masters 2021 Summer: Latin America SC2 Master LA$14,5008South America OnlineMexico  SpeCialBrazil  Erik
May 1May 23Championship of Russia 2021$6,791.3918Russia OnlineRussia  SKillousRussia  Couguar
Apr 11May 11WardiTV Spring Championship 2021$5,42018Europe OnlineSouth Korea  ZestSouth Korea  Cure
Mar 11Mar 14StayAtHome Story Cup #3 SAHSC$5,00032World OnlineSouth Korea  StatsFinland  Serral
Jan 23Feb 7WardiTV 2021$8,30020World OnlineSouth Korea  ZestSouth Korea  TY
Jan 23Jan 24Cheeseadelphia Winter Championship 2021$10,00032United States OnlineSouth Korea  ByuNSouth Korea  Solar
Jan 2Jan 11OSC Championship Season 8$5,73544World OnlineFrance  ClemGermany  ShoWTimE


Nov 30Dec 6NeXT 2020 Winter$15,310.1816China OnlineSouth Korea  TrapSouth Korea  Dark
Nov 27Nov 29ASUS ROG Online 2020$15,00016Finland OnlineSouth Korea  ByuNSouth Korea  Maru
Oct 28Nov 1DH SC2 Masters 2020 Winter: China SC2 Master CN$14,1008China OnlineChina  TIMEChina  XY
Oct 21Oct 25DH SC2 Masters 2020 Winter: Latin America SC2 Master LA$17,2008South America OnlineMexico  SpeCialBrazil  Kelazhur
Oct 21Oct 25DH SC2 Masters 2020 Winter: TW / HK / MO / JP SC2 Master TW$14,1008Taiwan OnlineTaiwan  NiceTaiwan  Has
Oct 21Oct 25DH SC2 Masters 2020 Winter: Oceania / Rest of Asia SC2 Master OC$12,0008Southeast Asia OnlinePhilippines  EnDerrAustralia  Seither
Oct 8Oct 9Gold Series Team Championship 2020 Fall Allstars GTC$7,767.348China OnlineSouth Korea  DreamSouth Korea  Solar
Sep 2Sep 6DH SC2 Masters 2020 Fall: China SC2 Master CN$14,1008China OnlineChina  TIMEChina  Jieshi
Aug 26Aug 30DH SC2 Masters 2020 Fall: Latin America SC2 Master LA$17,2008South America OnlineMexico  SpeCialMexico  Cham
Aug 26Aug 30DH SC2 Masters 2020 Fall: TW / HK / MO / JP SC2 Master TW$14,1008Taiwan OnlineTaiwan  NiceTaiwan  Has
Aug 26Aug 30DH SC2 Masters 2020 Fall: Oceania / Rest of Asia SC2 Master OC$12,0008Southeast Asia OnlineAustralia  ProbeAustralia  Seither
Jul 25Sep 4NeXT 2020 Summer$14,614.5420China Online/OfflineSouth Korea  RogueSouth Korea  Solar
Jul 1Jul 5DH SC2 Masters 2020 Summer: China SC2 Master CN$13,8008China OnlineChina  TIMEChina  Cyan
Jun 25Jun 26Gold Series Team Championship 2020 Spring Allstars GTC$7,346.298China OnlineSouth Korea  INnoVationSouth Korea  Dark
Jun 24Jun 28DH SC2 Masters 2020 Summer: Latin America SC2 Master LA$17,2008South America OnlineMexico  SpeCialBrazil  Kelazhur
Jun 24Jun 28DH SC2 Masters 2020 Summer: TW / HK / MO / JP SC2 Master TW$14,1008Taiwan OnlineTaiwan  HasTaiwan  Nice
Jun 24Jun 28DH SC2 Masters 2020 Summer: Oceania / Rest of Asia SC2 Master OC$12,0008Southeast Asia OnlineUnited Kingdom  RiSkyAustralia  Probe
Jun 11Jun 13StayAtHome Story Cup #2 SAHSC$5,00032World OnlineFinland  SerralSouth Korea  Solar
Apr 18May 24Championship of Russia 2020$6,980.1425Russia OnlineRussia  SKillousRussia  Couguar
Apr 10Apr 11StayAtHome Story Cup #1 SAHSC$5,00032World OnlineFinland  SerralSouth Korea  INnoVation
Apr 7Jun 14WardiTV Spring Championship$5,00016World OnlineSouth Korea  ZestSouth Korea  soO
Feb 11Feb 17WardiTV Team Liquid Map Contest #6 TLMCT$4,00014World OnlineSouth Korea  CureNetherlands  uThermal
Jan 26Feb 2WardiTV 2020$6,00024World OnlineSouth Korea  RagnaroKSouth Korea  Cure
Jan 3Jan 19OSC Championship Season 7$6,00046World OnlineSouth Korea  CureFrance  Denver


Dec 14Dec 15Cheeseadelphia XI$15,00064United States PhiladelphiaUnited States  NeebNetherlands  uThermal
Dec 14Dec 29Copa América 2019 Season 3$10,00016South America OnlineMexico  SpeCialBrazil  Kelazhur
Dec 11Dec 14WESG 2019 - China Qualifier WESG$15,054.2216China SuzhouChina  iAsonuChina  Cyan
Dec 8, 2019Jan 3, 2020GPC 2019 - Grand Finals GPC$12,939.554China WuzhenChina  TIMEChina  iAsonu
Dec 8Dec 8WESG 2019 - North America Qualifier$17,5002Canada MontrealUnited States  NeebCanada  Scarlett
Nov 10Nov 10WESG 2019 - Canada Qualifier WESG$6,2506Canada OnlineCanada  ScarlettCanada  MaSa
Nov 9Nov 9WESG 2019 - USA Qualifier WESG$6,2506United States OnlineUnited States  NeebUnited States  Future
Oct 31Nov 3WESG 2019 - SEA Qualifier WESG$7,5009Malaysia Kuala LumpurVietnam  MeomaikAPhilippines  EnDerr
Oct 10Oct 10China Team Championship 2019 Season 2 Allstars GTC$7,299.698China OfflineSouth Korea  SolarSouth Korea  Impact
Aug 8Aug 242019 WCS Fall: Europe Qualifier WCS EU$10,00016Europe OnlineFinland  SerralItaly  Reynor
Aug 8Aug 252019 WCS Fall: North America Qualifier WCS NA$10,00016Americas OnlineUnited States  NeebCanada  Scarlett
Aug 3Aug 242019 WCS Fall: Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau and Japan Qualifier WCS TW$9,63416Taiwan Online/OfflineTaiwan  HasTaiwan  Lemon
Jul 27Jul 28Cheeseadelphia X$10,00029United States DenverUnited States  NeebUnited States  Epic
Jul 27Aug 11Copa América 2019 Season 2$10,00016South America OnlineMexico  SpeCialBrazil  Kelazhur
Jul 24Jul 282019 WCS Fall: China Qualifier WCS CN$15,880.1916China OnlineChina  TIMEChina  Cyan
Jul 23Aug 82019 WCS Fall: Oceania, SEA Qualifier WCS OC$6,757.9516Australia OnlineTaiwan  ButAlwaysUnited Kingdom  RiSky
Jul 19Jul 21World Cyber Games 2019$50,0004China Xi'anSouth Korea  MaruItaly  Reynor
Jul 2Jul 7WardiTV Team Liquid Map Contest #5 TLMCT$4,00020World OnlineSouth Korea  ClassicSouth Korea  Zest
Jun 27Jun 30HomeStory Cup XIX HSC$10,00032Germany KrefeldFinland  SerralSouth Korea  TY
Jun 18Jun 23Copa América 2019 Season 1$10,00016South America OnlineMexico  SpeCialBrazil  Kelazhur
Jun 17Jul 15Master's Coliseum 5$10,00016China OnlineSouth Korea  soOSouth Korea  Cure
Jun 8Jun 222019 WCS Summer: Europe Qualifier WCS EU$10,00016Europe OnlineFinland  SerralItaly  Reynor
Jun 8Jun 232019 WCS Summer: North America Qualifier WCS NA$10,00016Americas OnlineUnited States  NeebCanada  Scarlett
Jun 8Jun 222019 WCS Summer: Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau and Japan Qualifier WCS TW$9,63416Taiwan OnlineTaiwan  HasTaiwan  Lemon
Jun 3Jun 72019 WCS Summer: China Qualifier WCS CN$15,795.3416China OnlineChina  TIMEChina  iAsonu
May 21Jun 62019 WCS Summer: Oceania, SEA Qualifier WCS OC$6,97016Australia OnlineTaiwan  ButAlwaysAustralia  Probe
Apr 20May 42019 WCS Spring: Europe Qualifier WCS EU$10,00016Europe OnlineFinland  SerralGermany  ShoWTimE
Apr 20May 52019 WCS Spring: North America Qualifier WCS NA$10,00016Americas OnlineUnited States  NeebUnited States  JonSnow
Apr 16Apr 282019 Latin America Spring Challenger WCS LA$10,00016South America OnlineMexico  SpeCialBrazil  Kelazhur
Apr 13Apr 192019 WCS Spring: China Qualifier WCS CN$16,26016China OnlineChina  MacSedChina  Cloudy
Apr 7Apr 72019 WCS Spring: Oceania, SEA Qualifier WCS OC$7,66016Australia OnlineUnited Kingdom  RiSkyAustralia  Probe
Mar 30Apr 132019 WCS Spring: Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau and Japan Qualifier WCS TW$10,26116Taiwan Online/OfflineTaiwan  HasTaiwan  Rex
Feb 11Feb 17WardiTV Team Liquid Map Contest #4 TLMCT$4,00020World OnlineSouth Korea  ZestSouth Korea  Rogue
Jan 18Jan 19NeXT 2018 Winter NeXT$14,3378China GuangzhouSouth Korea  TYSouth Korea  Solar
Jan 15Jan 212019 WCS Winter Americas China Qualifier WCS$15,98916China OnlineChina  TIMEChina  Firefly
Jan 4Jan 6National Electronic Sports Open 2018 NESO$13,105.8219China ChengduChina  iAsonuChina  XiGua
Jan 3Jan 13OSC Championship Season 6$4,00050World OnlineSouth Korea  SolarSouth Korea  GuMiho


Dec 26, 2018Jan 10, 2019Master's Coliseum 4$5,00016China OnlineSouth Korea  soOSouth Korea  PartinG
Dec 22, 2018Jan 11, 2019GPL 2018 - Grand Finals GPL$13,0854China ShanghaiChina  TIMEChina  TooDming
Dec 21, 2018Jan 26, 2019QLASH Casters Invitational$7,34416Italy Online/OfflinePoland  IndyFrance  YoGo
Dec 13Dec 15WESG 2018 - SEA Qualifier WESG$7,5009Malaysia Kuala LumpurPhilippines  EnDerrVietnam  MeomaikA
Dec 8Dec 9Cheeseadelphia 8$10,00055United States Washington DCUnited States  FutureUnited States  puCK
Dec 6, 2018Jan 27, 2019Ting Open Season 5$6,00032United States OnlineSouth Korea  ZestSouth Korea  Cure
Dec 2Dec 2WESG 2018 - Canada Qualifier WESG$11,7084Canada TorontoCanada  MaSaCanada  Scarlett
Nov 24Dec 16Cup of Russia 2018$7,536.4116Russia TyumenRussia  RailChina  Cyan
Nov 11Nov 112018 Suning "Lion king" Invitational$12,999.598China BeijingSouth Korea  soOChina  TIME
Nov 9Nov 11WESG 2018 - USA Qualifier WESG$19,0004United States Huntington BeachUnited States  NeebUnited States  Silky
Oct 5Oct 7TaKe's Penthouse Party 4$4,35032Germany KrefeldSouth Korea  SolarPoland  Elazer
Oct 1Oct 3WESG 2018 - China Qualifier WESG$10,21816China SuzhouChina  TIMEChina  MacSed
Sep 29Oct 21Ultimate Series$7,00024CIS OnlinePoland  ElazerPoland  MaNa
Sep 25Sep 26NeXT 2018 Summer$14,3378China GuangzhouSouth Korea  SolarChina  iAsonu
Aug 12Aug 122018 WCS Montreal - Oceania, SEA Qualifier WCS OC$7,66016Australia OnlineAustralia  HuTAustralia  Probe
Aug 11Aug 252018 WCS Montreal - Europe Qualifier WCS EU$10,00016Europe OnlineFinland  SerralPoland  Elazer
Aug 11Aug 262018 WCS Montreal - North America Qualifier WCS NA$10,00016Americas OnlineUnited States  NeebCanada  Scarlett
Jul 31Aug 5WardiTV Team Liquid Map Contest #3 TLMCT$4,00020World OnlineNetherlands  uThermalPoland  Elazer
Jul 28Jul 29Cheeseadelphia 7$7,50046United States ChicagoSouth Korea  TRUEMexico  Cham
Jul 24Aug 12Copa América 2018 Season 3$10,00016South America OnlineMexico  SpeCialBrazil  Kelazhur
Jul 23Sep 23QLASH SC2 Invitational$6,21316Italy Online/OfflineFinland  SerralSweden  Zanster
Jul 22Aug 262018 Master's Coliseum$27,90020China ShanghaiSouth Korea  ZestSouth Korea  soO
Jul 22Aug 112018 WCS Montreal - Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau and Japan Qualifier WCS TW$9,75716Taiwan Online/OfflineTaiwan  HasTaiwan  ExpecT
Jun 28Jul 1HomeStory Cup XVII HSC$10,00032Germany KrefeldSouth Korea  INnoVationSouth Korea  soO
Jun 25Jun 30GPL 2018 Season 3 GPL$12,01516China ShanghaiChina  CyanChina  TooDming
Jun 17Jun 172018 WCS Valencia - Oceania, SEA Qualifier WCS OC$7,66016Australia OnlineAustralia  SeitherAustralia  HuT
Jun 13Jun 232018 WCS Valencia - Europe Qualifier WCS EU$10,00016Europe OnlineFinland  SerralSweden  Namshar
Jun 13Jun 242018 WCS Valencia - North America Qualifier WCS NA$10,00016Americas OnlineSouth Korea  TRUEUnited States  puCK
Jun 10Jun 232018 WCS Valencia - Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau and Japan Qualifier WCS TW$10,26116Taiwan Online/OfflineTaiwan  HasTaiwan  Rex
Jun 7Jun 24Copa América 2018 Season 2$10,00016South America OnlineMexico  SpeCialBrazil  Kelazhur
May 26May 27PeopleImages Starcraft League 2$6,0008World OnlineGermany  HeRoMaRinEItaly  Reynor
May 18May 19BTSL S1: Vancouver$8,0008Canada VancouverSouth Korea  ImpactFrance  DnS
May 7May 12GPL 2018 Season 2 GPL$12,01516China ShanghaiChina  iAsonuChina  XY
May 5May 52018 WCS Austin - Oceania, SEA Qualifier WCS OC$7,6608Australia SydneyAustralia  SeitherAustralia  NXZ
Apr 29May 12018 Hangzhou StarCraft Carnival$47,31010China HangzhouUnited States  NeebSouth Korea  herO
Apr 22Apr 222018 WCS Austin: Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau and Japan Qualifier WCS TW$10,2618Taiwan TaipeiTaiwan  HasTaiwan  ExpecT
Apr 18May 6Copa América 2018 Season 1$10,00016South America OnlineMexico  SpeCialBrazil  Kelazhur
Apr 14May 122018 WCS Austin - Europe Qualifier WCS EU$10,00016Europe OnlineFinland  SerralNetherlands  uThermal
Apr 14May 132018 WCS Austin - North America Qualifier WCS NA$10,00016Americas OnlineUnited States  NeebCanada  MaSa
Mar 20Mar 24GPL 2018 Season 1 GPL$12,01516China ShanghaiChina  TIMEChina  BreakingGG
Feb 14Feb 20WardiTV Team Liquid Map Contest #2 TLMCT$4,00016World OnlineSouth Korea  INnoVationSouth Korea  soO
Feb 2Feb 4GPL 2017 - Grand Finals GPL$19,0704China ShanghaiChina  TIMEChina  iAsonu
Feb 1Feb 4WESG 2017 - North & South America Qualifier WESG$34,00012United States OnlineUnited States  NeebMexico  SpeCial
Jan 20Jan 21Cheeseadelphia 6$7,50064United States PhiladelphiaUnited States  NeebMexico  Cham
Jan 13Jan 142018 WCS Leipzig - Latin America Qualifier WCS LA$10,00016South America OnlineMexico  SpeCialBrazil  Kelazhur
Jan 11Jan 14WESG 2017 - Asia-Pacific Qualifier WESG$40,00019China JiaozhouSouth Korea  ClassicSouth Korea  Dark
Jan 6Jan 72018 WCS Leipzig - Oceania, SEA Qualifier WCS OC$7,66016Australia OnlineAustralia  ProbeAustralia  Seither
Jan 5Jan 72018 WCS Leipzig - Europe Qualifier WCS EU$10,00016Europe OnlinePoland  ElazerFinland  Serral
Jan 5Jan 72018 WCS Leipzig - North America Qualifier WCS NA$10,00016North America OnlineUnited States  NeebCanada  Scarlett
Jan 4Jan 14OSC Championship Season 5$10,00050Oceania OnlineUnited States  NeebCanada  Scarlett


Dec 15Dec 17National Electronic Sports Open 2017 NESO$13,634.7920China SichuanChina  iAsonuChina  TooDming
Dec 7Dec 30PeopleImages Starcraft League$7,0008World OnlineSouth Korea  BunnyFrance  DnS
Dec 2Dec 102018 WCS Leipzig: Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau and Japan Qualifier WCS TW$9,9818Taiwan Online/OfflineTaiwan  NiceHong Kong  GogojOey
Nov 23Nov 26WESG 2017 - European Qualifier WESG$40,00020Spain BarcelonaFinland  SerralPoland  Nerchio
Nov 12Nov 252018 WCS Leipzig: China Qualifier GPL$8,55016China ShanghaiChina  TIMEChina  XY
Oct 26Dec 1Nordic Championship 2017 Winter$5,965.1112Sweden JönköpingFinland  SerralSweden  Namshar
Oct 7Nov 26Ting Open Season 4$4,00032United States OnlineFrance  DnSUnited States  Neeb
Oct 3Oct 13Master's Coliseum 2$10,00020South Korea OnlineSouth Korea  herOSouth Korea  Dear
Sep 29Oct 1TaKe's Penthouse Party 3$4,35032Germany KrefeldSouth Korea  SolarFinland  Serral
Sep 16Sep 22WardiTV Team Liquid Map Contest TLMCT$4,00016World OnlineSouth Korea  soOFinland  Serral
Sep 12Sep 19Ballistix Brawl Finals #1$5,0008South Korea OnlineSouth Korea  GuMihoSouth Korea  ByuN
Sep 7Sep 10WESG 2017 - Asia-Pacific China Qualifier WESG$7,92628China SuzhouChina  iAsonuChina  XiGua
Aug 25Aug 262017 WCS Montreal - North America$10,00016North America OnlineUnited States  NeebSouth Korea  TRUE
Aug 18Aug 192017 WCS Montreal - Europe WCS$10,00016Europe OnlineGermany  ShoWTimESweden  Namshar
Aug 9Aug 16GPL 2017 Season 3 GPL$8,55016China ShanghaiChina  iAsonuChina  Cyan
Aug 5Aug 13Copa América 2017 Season 4$10,00016South America OnlineBrazil  KelazhurMexico  Cham
Aug 5Aug 262017 WCS Montreal - Oceania, SEA Qualifier WCS$7,902.778Australia SydneyAustralia  SeitherAustralia  Probe
Jul 29Jul 30Cheeseadelphia 5$5,00056United States PhiladelphiaCanada  MaSaSouth Korea  TRUE
Jul 23Aug 32017 WCS Montreal - Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau and Japan Qualifier WCS$9,8248Taiwan OfflineTaiwan  HasTaiwan  ExpecT
Jul 21Jul 23DreamHack Atlanta 2017 BYOC$7,50033United States AtlantaCanada  MaSaSouth Korea  TRUE
Jul 20Jul 23HomeStory Cup XV HSC$10,00032Germany KrefeldSouth Korea  ZestSouth Korea  ByuN
Jul 2Aug 27Master's Coliseum 1$10,00016South Korea OnlineSouth Korea  GuMihoSouth Korea  soO
Jul 1Sep 182017 StarCraft II StarLeague Season 2 - Challenge SSL$11,96010South Korea SeoulSouth Korea  soOSouth Korea  Bunny
Jun 29Aug 5Nordic Championship 2017 Summer$6,182.0512Finland HelsinkiNorway  SnuteSweden  Namshar
Jun 25Jun 30GPL 2017 Season 2 GPL$8,55016China OnlineChina  CyanChina  iAsonu
Jun 17Jun 18Game Land Invitational$7,3208Canada TorontoSouth Korea  ZestSouth Korea  KeeN
Jun 10Jun 242017 WCS Valencia - Oceania, SEA Qualifier WCS$7,541.948Australia SydneyAustralia  iaguzAustralia  Probe
Jun 6Jun 102017 WCS Valencia - North America$10,00016North America OnlineCanada  MaSaCanada  Scarlett
Jun 5Jul 2Copa América 2017 Season 3$10,00016South America OnlineMexico  MajOrMexico  Cham
Jun 2Jul 72017 VSL Season 2 - Individual League$8,84016South Korea SeoulSouth Korea  INnoVationSouth Korea  soO
May 30Jun 32017 WCS Valencia - Europe WCS$10,00016Europe OnlineFinland  SerralPoland  Elazer
May 30Jun 82017 WCS Valencia - Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau and Japan Qualifier WCS$9,8248Taiwan OfflineTaiwan  HasTaiwan  Nice
May 23Nov 19Kung Fu Super League 2017$17,00016China OnlineMexico  SpeCialChina  TooDming
May 23May 272017 WCS Jönköping - North America Qualifier$10,00016Americas OnlineCanada  ScarlettUnited States  Neeb
May 16May 28Copa América 2017 Season 2$10,00016South America OnlineBrazil  KelazhurMexico  MajOr
May 16May 202017 WCS Jönköping - Europe Qualifier WCS$10,00016Europe OnlineFinland  SerralPoland  Elazer
May 16May 252017 WCS Jönköping - Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau and Japan Qualifier WCS$9,8248Taiwan Online/OfflineTaiwan  SenSweden  Winter
May 13May 212017 WCS Jönköping - Oceania, SEA Qualifier WCS$7,422.6916Oceania OnlineAustralia  iaguzAustralia  Seither
May 6May 7DreamHack Tours 2017$5,49913France ToursFrance  DnSFrance  ShaDoWn
May 5May 7TaKe's Penthouse Party 2$4,35032Germany KrefeldSouth Korea  GuMihoGermany  ShoWTimE
May 3May 21GPL 2017 Season 1 Second Half GPL$24,40412China ShanghaiChina  iAsonuChina  TooDming
Apr 4Apr 82017 WCS Austin - Europe$10,00016Europe OnlineGermany  ShoWTimEFinland  Serral
Apr 1Apr 132017 WCS Austin - Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau and Japan Qualifier WCS$10,00016Taiwan Online/OfflineTaiwan  HasHong Kong  Bistork
Mar 28Apr 12017 WCS Austin - North America$10,00016North America OnlineUnited States  NeebKazakhstan  PiLiPiLi
Mar 25Apr 22017 WCS Austin - Oceania, SEA Qualifier WCS$10,00016Oceania OnlineAustralia  ProbeAustralia  iaguz
Mar 24Jun 32017 StarCraft II StarLeague Season 1 - Challenge SSL$11,96010South Korea SeoulSouth Korea  herOSouth Korea  Classic
Mar 23Apr 9GPL 2017 Season 1 First Half GPL$24,35012China ShanghaiChina  iAsonuChina  TIME
Mar 18Mar 26Copa América 2017 Season 1$10,00016South America OnlineMexico  MajOrMexico  Cham
Mar 16Apr 202017 VSL Season 1 - Individual League$8,761.8916South Korea SeoulSouth Korea  ImpactSouth Korea  herO
Feb 8Mar 26Ting Open Season 3$5,00032United States Online/OfflineSouth Korea  GuMihoUnited States  Neeb
Jan 7Jan 8Cheeseadelphia 4$4,00064United States PhiladelphiaUnited States  JonSnowUnited States  Suppy
Jan 1Jan 8OSC Championship Season 4$10,00050Oceania OnlineSouth Korea  ByuNSouth Korea  KeeN


Dec 29, 2016Jan 1, 2017National Electronic Sports Open 2016 NESO$12,9558China ShenzhengChina  iAsonuChina  Cyan
Dec 16, 2016Jan 8, 2017GPL 2016 - Grand Finals GPL$17,3058China ShanghaiChina  TooDmingChina  iAsonu
Nov 24Nov 24Nordic Championship 2016$5,272.504Sweden JönköpingNorway  SnuteSweden  Zanster
Nov 11Nov 13World Cyber Arena StarCraft 2016 Americas Qualifier$13,9008United States OnlineBrazil  KelazhurCanada  Scarlett
Nov 10Nov 12WESG 2016 - Asia-Pacific Qualifier WESG$27,42816South Korea GyeonggiSouth Korea  TYSouth Korea  Maru
Nov 9Nov 14StarCraft II Cataclysm Tournament: The Beginning$6,47016South Korea Online/OfflineSouth Korea  ZestSouth Korea  ByuL
Oct 21Oct 23WESG 2016 - North & South America Qualifier WESG$27,42811Brazil São PauloCanada  ScarlettMexico  MajOr
Oct 20Oct 21TaKe's Penthouse Party$4,35032Germany KrefeldFinland  SerralGermany  HeRoMaRinE
Oct 13Oct 14Copa América 2016 Grand Finals$10,0008Brazil São PauloBrazil  KelazhurMexico  Cham
Oct 11Oct 232016 Kung Fu Cup Season 2$23,00016China OnlineSouth Korea  TRUEChina  TooDming
Oct 6Oct 9WESG 2016 - Europe & CIS Qualifier WESG$27,42820Ukraine KievPoland  NerchioPoland  Elazer
Oct 1Oct 4WESG 2016 - Asia-Pacific China Qualifier WESG$8,08818China SuzhouChina  iAsonuChina  XY
Sep 25Sep 25Kings of the North Season 3 KOTN$3,832.228Canada TorontoCanada  ScarlettBrazil  Kelazhur
Sep 19Nov 11World Cyber Arena 2016: China Season 3 WCA$15,3508China Online/OfflineChina  TooDmingChina  Coffee
Aug 26Aug 28WESG 2016 - Africa & Middle East Qualifier WESG$27,4288United Arab Emirates DubaiFrance  StephanoSouth Africa  Drager
Aug 19Aug 20Bonjwa Cup$6,229.0112Germany Online/OfflineGermany  ShoWTimEGermany  HeRoMaRinE
Aug 9Aug 27World Cyber Arena 2016: Europe Qualifier WCA$15,082.3716Europe OnlineFrance  PtitDrogoPoland  Nerchio
Aug 1Aug 7NEO Star League 2016 International NSL$62,30016China ShanghaiNorway  SnuteChina  Cyan
Jul 23Jul 24Cheesadelphia Summer 2016$4,00064United States PhiladelphiaSouth Korea  TRUEBrazil  Kelazhur
Jul 8Jul 92016 WCS Summer Regional Challengers: Europe$10,00016Europe OnlineGermany  ShoWTimESweden  SortOf
Jul 8Jul 92016 WCS Summer Regional Challengers: North America$10,00016Americas OnlineUnited States  NeebSouth Korea  Hydra
Jun 27Jul 9Copa América 2016 Season 3$10,00016South America OnlineMexico  MajOrBrazil  Kelazhur
Jun 27Aug 28ESL Meisterschaft - Summer Season 2016$4,816.438Germany OnlineGermany  GunGFuBanDaGermany  HaNfy
Jun 26Jul 32016 WCS Summer Regional Challengers: Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau WCS$9,31716Taiwan OnlineTaiwan  HasTaiwan  Nice
Jun 23Jul 3GPL 2016 Season 2 GPL$14,12032China ShanghaiChina  TooDmingChina  XY
Jun 18Jun 18E-Sport SM 2016 Finals$4,800.772Sweden OfflineSweden  ZansterSweden  SortOf
Jun 18Jun 192016 WCS Summer Regional Challengers: Oceania, SEA, Japan WCS$10,00016Oceania OnlineAustralia  SeitherAustralia  iaguz
Jun 8Aug 7Ting Open Season 2$5,00036United States OnlineSouth Korea  ByuNSouth Korea  Solar
May 30Sep 4World Cyber Arena 2016: China Summer Qualifier WCA$15,3508China Online/OfflineChina  iAsonuChina  XY
May 23May 31BaseTradeTV Map Test Tournament$4,05016World OnlinePoland  NerchioNetherlands  uThermal
Apr 16Apr 172016 WCS Spring Regional Challengers: Oceania, SEA, Japan WCS$10,00016Oceania OnlineAustralia  iaguzPhilippines  EnDerr
Apr 14May 20World Cyber Arena 2016: Asia Spring Qualifier WCA$15,3508China Online/OfflineSouth Korea  PatienceSouth Korea  ByuN
Apr 8Apr 92016 WCS Spring Regional Challengers: Europe WCS$10,00016Europe OnlinePoland  NerchioGermany  ShoWTimE
Apr 8Apr 92016 WCS Spring Regional Challengers: North America$10,00016Americas OnlineUnited States  NeebUnited States  puCK
Apr 6Apr 62016 WCS Spring Regional Challengers: China WCS$10,00032China OnlineChina  XYChina  TooDming
Mar 31May 232016 Kung Fu Cup Season 1$23,00016China OnlineSouth Korea  StatsSouth Korea  TY
Mar 31Apr 9Copa América 2016 Season 2$10,00016South America OnlineMexico  ChamBrazil  Kelazhur
Mar 28Apr 232016 WCS Spring Regional Challengers: Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau WCS$9,2758Taiwan OnlineTaiwan  HasTaiwan  Sen
Mar 14May 19World Cyber Arena 2016: China Spring Qualifier$15,3308China Online/OfflineChina  CyanChina  TooDming
Mar 8May 8ESL Meisterschaft - Spring Season 2016$6,2728Germany OnlineGermany  HeRoMaRinEGermany  Lambo
Feb 18Mar 16Ting Open Season 1$5,00032United States OnlineSouth Korea  RoguePoland  MaNa
Feb 13Feb 142016 WCS Winter Regional Challengers: Europe$9,80016Europe OnlineRussia  HappyPoland  Nerchio
Feb 13Feb 142016 WCS Winter Regional Challengers: North America$9,80016Americas OnlineUnited States  NeebSouth Korea  Hydra
Feb 13Feb 142016 WCS Winter Regional Challengers: Oceania, SEA, Japan WCS$10,00016Oceania OnlineAustralia  PiGAustralia  iaguz
Feb 8Feb 17Copa América 2016 Season 1$10,00016South America OnlineBrazil  KelazhurMexico  MajOr
Feb 1Feb 2IEM Season X - Taipei IEM$25,0008Taiwan TaipeiSouth Korea  sOsSouth Korea  ByuN
Jan 9Jan 24GPL 2015 - Grand Finals GPL$20,5008China ShanghaiChina  XiGuaChina  TooDming
Jan 7Feb 12016 WCS Winter Regional Challengers: Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau WCS$10,0008Taiwan OnlineTaiwan  HasTaiwan  Rex


Dec 18, 2015Jan 3, 2016GPL 2015 Season 3 Premier League GPL$7,50016China OnlineChina  JieshiChina  Cyan
Nov 15Nov 21GPL 2015 International Challenge GPL$34,5008China ShanghaiNorway  SnuteChina  iAsonu
Nov 13Nov 15SanDisk SHOUTcraft Invitational II$20,0008South Korea OnlineSouth Korea  SolarSouth Korea  TY
Oct 13Dec 5ESL Meisterschaft - Winter Season 2015$3,5918Germany OnlineGermany  ShoWTimEGermany  HeRoMaRinE
May 15, 2015Apr 18, 2016Legacy of the Ultras$7,50022Germany OnlinePoland  NerchioSouth Korea  TRUE

Heart of the Swarm Tournaments[edit]


Nov 5Nov 8National Electronic Sports Open 2015 NESO$11,05526China ShanghaiChina  TooDmingChina  MacSed
Oct 30Oct 31Copa América 2015 Grand Finals$10,0008South America OnlineMexico  MajOrBrazil  Kelazhur
Oct 12Oct 262015 Kung Fu Cup Season 2$18,70016China OnlineSouth Korea  LifeSouth Korea  Stats
Oct 6Oct 9World Series of Video Games Maldives 2015$20,0008Maldives MaldivesUnited States  JonSnowChina  MacSed
Sep 24Sep 25Gfinity Summer Masters II$10,0008United Kingdom OfflineSouth Korea  KeeNFrance  MarineLorD
Sep 7Sep 9World Leisure Games 2015 Iron Curtain Cup$14,11622China QingdaoSouth Korea  LeenockChina  TooDming
Aug 21Aug 23Hell, It's Aboot Time$17,00016Canada TorontoSouth Korea  HyuNSouth Korea  Jaedong
Aug 8Aug 9Gfinity Summer Masters I$10,0008United Kingdom OfflineSouth Korea  DePartureSouth Korea  First
Jul 30Jul 31ASUS ROG Summer 2015$15,00032Finland HelsinkiSouth Korea  LosiraFrance  PtitDrogo
Jul 27Sep 30ASL Season 5 Prime League$5,00031United States OnlineSouth Korea  ImpactSouth Korea  HyuN
Jul 27Sep 54Gamers StarCraft II Tournament$9,47631Taiwan TaipeiSouth Korea  HyuNSouth Korea  Bomber
Jun 9Aug 9ESL Meisterschaft - Summer Season 2015$3,496.648Germany OnlineGermany  HeRoMaRinEGermany  Lambo
May 31Jun 133rd Hong Kong Esports Tournament$10,00016Taiwan TaipeiSouth Korea  PartinGSouth Korea  Leenock
May 29Jul 292015 WCS Season 3 Challenger League$62,00062World Online/OfflineFrance  MarineLorD
May 16Jun 13E-Sport SM 2015 - Finals$12,1724Sweden OfflineSweden  ZansterSweden  SortOf
May 9Jul 112015 G-League$14,5268China Online/OfflineChina  iAsonuChina  XY
May 8May 30GPL 2015 Season 2 Premier League GPL$10,560China Online/OfflineChina  JimChina  iAsonu
May 1May 3Gfinity Spring Masters II$10,00016United Kingdom LondonSouth Korea  SolarSouth Korea  Hydra
Apr 18Apr 302015 WCS Season 2 Challenger League$62,00062World Online/OfflineNorway  Snute
Apr 8Jun 212015 Kung Fu Cup Season 1$21,12032China OnlineSouth Korea  TrapNorway  Snute
Apr 4Apr 6Gamers Assembly 2015$5,49572France OfflineFrance  FireCakeSouth Korea  TRUE
Apr 1Apr 3Copenhagen Games 2015$10,00035Denmark OfflineSouth Korea  PartinGSouth Korea  FanTaSy
Mar 27Mar 29Gfinity Spring Masters I$10,00016United Kingdom LondonSouth Korea  PartinGSouth Korea  Hydra
Mar 20Apr 19GPL 2015 Season 1 Premier League GPL$10,56020China Online/OfflineChina  iAsonuChina  TooDming
Mar 8Apr 12Fragbite Masters Season 4$11,32516Sweden OnlineDenmark  BunnyRussia  Happy
Mar 2May 2ASL Season 4 Prime League$5,00032United States OnlineSouth Korea  RainSouth Korea  Journey
Feb 24May 9ESL Meisterschaft - Spring Season 2015$3,599.048Germany OnlineGermany  LamboGermany  HeRoMaRinE
Jan 14Jan 252015 WCS Season 1 Challenger League$64,00064World Online/OfflineFinland  Welmu


Dec 12, 2014Feb 8, 2015Taiwan eSports League 2014-2015 Season 2$9,94712Taiwan OfflineSouth Korea  RuinSouth Korea  Check
Dec 11, 2014Jan 24, 2015Starcraft 2 Online-Championships 2013-2014: Grand Finals$12,907.3416China Online/OfflineChina  JimChina  MacSed
Dec 5Dec 7National Electronic Sports Open 2014 NESO$11,41026China QingdaoChina  JimChina  MacSed
Nov 23Dec 21Kung Fu Cup 2014 #1$4,89616China OnlineSouth Korea  PartinGTaiwan  Sen
Nov 19Dec 7Fragbite Masters Season 3$20,30016Sweden OnlineSouth Korea  MMAGermany  GunGFuBanDa
Nov 17Nov 25PughCraft Invitational #2$4,50032United Kingdom OnlineSouth Korea  RainSouth Korea  Trap
Nov 15Nov 16Copa América 2014 Grand Finals$11,0008Peru OfflineMexico  MajOrCanada  HuK
Nov 13Nov 16IeSF 2014 World Championship$15,00021Azerbaijan BakuSouth Korea  ZestSweden  Zanster
Oct 30Nov 2National Electronic Sports Tournament 2014$15,400.498China KunshanChina  XYChina  iAsonu
Oct 19Nov 2332 Boys 1 Cup$4,00032Canada OnlineSouth Korea  PartinGSouth Korea  GuMiho
Oct 19Oct 26BoGou Cup: Grand Finals$6,547.2316China onlineChina  TopChina  XY
Oct 11Dec 7Taiwan eSports League 2014-2015 Season 1$10,37012Taiwan OfflineSouth Korea  RuinTaiwan  Has
Oct 8, 2014Jan 25, 2015GPL 2014 Season 2 Premier League GPL$12,98164China Online/OfflineChina  TooDmingChina  Top
Oct 3Oct 42014 Gigacon$10,00010Norway OfflineNorway  TargANorway  Snitchables
Oct 1Dec 12ESL Pro Series Germany - Winter Season 2014$7,9738Germany OnlineGermany  ShoWTimEGermany  HeRoMaRinE
Sep 29Oct 3Connecting Professional E-sports #1$6,50016South Korea OnlineSouth Korea  SolarSouth Korea  Dear
Sep 23Dec 282014 G-League$14,6258China Online/OfflineChina  JimChina  iAsonu
Sep 15Oct 21WECG 2014: South Korea Qualifier$9,480.0296South Korea SeoulSouth Korea  StatsSouth Korea  herO
Sep 5Sep 7Who's The Best European$4,00016Canada OnlinePoland  MaNaFrance  Lilbow
Aug 8Aug 10Red Bull Battle Grounds: Global$9,0006United States Santa MonicaSouth Korea  DongRaeGuSouth Korea  Solar
Aug 7Aug 302nd Hong Kong Esports Tournament$10,00016Hong Kong OfflineSouth Korea  RagnaroKSouth Korea  Hurricane
Aug 5Aug 10Destiny I$4,00016United States OnlineSouth Korea  INnoVationCanada  HuK
Aug 2Aug 3Gfinity G3$30,00012United Kingdom OfflineDenmark  BunnySouth Korea  HyuN
Jul 29Aug 12014 WCS Season 3 Europe Challenger League WCS EU$9,60032Germany OnlineNetherlands  uThermal
Jul 23Jul 25The Big One$5,00016Canada OnlineSouth Korea  LifeSouth Korea  HyuN
Jul 21Sep 27GPL 2014 Season 1 Premier League GPL$12,98164China OnlineChina  JimChina  XiGua
Jul 21Jul 232014 WCS Season 3 America Challenger League WCS AM$9,60032United States OnlineCanada  HuK
Jul 19Jul 202014 ACL Pro Sydney$7,04724Australia OfflineSouth Korea  KingKongAustralia  iaguz
Jun 18Aug 13ESL Pro Series Germany - Summer Season 2014$8,018.408Germany OnlineGermany  HeRoMaRinEGermany  ShoWTimE
Jun 17Jun 19Red Bull Battle Grounds: North America$9,0006United States Santa MonicaCanada  ScarlettSouth Korea  Polt
Jun 5Jun 8SanDisk SHOUTcraft Invitational$10,0008South Korea OnlineSouth Korea  herOSouth Korea  Flash
May 9Jul 6Taiwan eSports League 2013-2014 Season 4$10,37012Taiwan OfflineSouth Korea  DaisyTaiwan  Sen
May 4May 17Fragbite Masters$24,50016Sweden OnlineSouth Korea  HyuNSpain  VortiX
May 3May 4Lone Star Clash 3$15,00016United States OfflineSouth Korea  JaedongSouth Korea  Polt
May 3May 4TaKeTV ULTRA Invitational$6,05032Europe Online/OfflineNorway  SnuteSouth Korea  HyuN
Apr 29May 22014 WCS Season 2 Europe Challenger League WCS EU$9,60032Germany OnlineRussia  Happy
Apr 29May 72014 WCS Season 2 America Challenger League WCS AM$9,60032United States OnlineSouth Korea  viOLet
Apr 19Apr 20Gamers Assembly 2014$4,144.3881France OfflineSouth Korea  ForGGFrance  Dayshi
Apr 18Apr 20Insomnia51 Multiplay StarCraft 2 Tournament$4,198.9816United Kingdom OfflineNetherlands  HarstemPoland  Tefel
Apr 17Apr 19Copenhagen Games 2014$9,958.4532Denmark OfflineSouth Korea  HyuNRussia  Happy
Mar 22Mar 23Vasacast Invitational 2014$5,00032Italy OnlineSpain  VortiXSouth Korea  jjakji
Mar 7Mar 9SeatStory Cup$15,00016Germany OfflineNorway  SnuteSouth Korea  HyuN
Mar 1May 4Taiwan eSports League 2013-2014 Season 3$10,26212Taiwan OfflineSouth Korea  SanTaiwan  Sen
Feb 19May 2ESL Pro Series Germany - Spring Season 2014$8,877.438Germany OnlineGermany  ShoWTimESouth Korea  Patience
Feb 14Feb 17bLAN 2014 Winter$5,76012Norway OfflineNorway  SnuteNorway  TargA
Feb 11Feb 16MLG GameOn Ender's Game on Blu-ray Tournament$5,00016United States OnlineCanada  MaSaUnited States  State
Feb 5Feb 9Twitch Ender's Game on Blu-ray Tournament$5,90016United States OnlineUnited States  MinigunUnited States  Astrea
Jan 23Feb Invitational$6,00016Europe OnlineSouth Korea  MCSouth Korea  HerO
Jan 21Feb 62014 WCS Season 1 Europe Challenger League WCS EU$14,40048Germany OnlineRussia  Happy
Jan 21Jan 292014 WCS Season 1 America Challenger League WCS AM$14,40048United States OnlineCanada  HuK
Jan 19Jan 26MLG GameOn Invitational 2014$5,00016United States OnlineCanada  ScarlettMexico  MajOr
Jan 3Jan 7Red Bull Esports Champion League 2013: Grand Finals$18,00012China BeijingTaiwan  SenChina  MacSed


Dec 21Dec 22Numericable M-House Cup 3$8,193.608France OfflineSouth Korea  JaedongSouth Korea  Solar
Dec 14Dec 14Svenska E-sportcupen 2013 Grand Finals Göteborg$30,6004Sweden OfflineSweden  NaNiwaSweden  Bischu
Dec 7Dec 8SHOUTcraft America Winter$5,0008United States OnlineCanada  HuKCanada  MaSa
Nov 20, 2013Jan 18, 2014G-League 2013$14,8808China Online/OfflineChina  JimChina  MacSed
Nov 16Nov 17Copa América 2013 Grand Finals$6,2008Argentina OfflineMexico  MajOrMexico  JimRising
Nov 15, 2013Jan 12, 2014Taiwan eSports League 2013-2014 Season 2$14,63512Taiwan OfflineSouth Korea  SanTaiwan  Sen
Nov 14Dec 172013 Dailymotion Cup$7,50032France OnlineSouth Korea  SquirtleSouth Korea  San
Nov 8Nov 9National Electronic Sports Tournament 2013$9,862.2216China ShanghaiChina  TopChina  Loner
Nov 7Dec 7Liga Éxodo 2013$20,00032Mexico Online/OfflineMexico  MajOrVenezuela  ByRada
Oct 26, 2013Jun 15, 2014E-Sport SM 2013-2014$22,594.918Sweden JönköpingSweden  ZansterSweden  ThorZaIN
Oct 12Oct 13IEF 2013$18,00011South Korea OfflineUnited States  XenociderFinland  Welmu
Oct 11Oct 13WCG 2013 Chinese Qualifier WCG$14,737.0816China OfflineChina  JimChina  MacSed
Oct 8Dec 15ESL Pro Series Germany - Winter Season 2013$13,75112Germany OnlineGermany  HeRoMaRinEGermany  Socke
Oct 2Nov 32013 WCS Season 3 America: Challenger League WCS AM$4,80040United States OnlineUnited States  Minigun
Sep 30Oct 3Sørlanet 2013$5,886.9813Norway OfflineNorway  SnuteNorway  TargA
Sep 30Oct 232013 WCS Season 3 Europe: Challenger League WCS EU$4,80040Germany OnlineSlovenia  Starbuck
Sep 17Dec 9Fragbite Masters$24,70032Sweden OnlineSouth Korea  StarDustSweden  NaNiwa
Sep 14Nov 10Taiwan eSports League 2013-2014 Season 1$14,92112Taiwan OfflineTaiwan  SenSweden  SaSe
Aug 31Aug 31Hong Kong Esports Tournament$12,9008Hong Kong OfflineSouth Korea  HurricaneSouth Korea  KingKong
Aug 28Nov 1StarsWar League Season 3$16,00016China OnlineSouth Korea  PartinGSouth Korea  HerO
Aug 17Aug 18LANHAMMER 2013$7,50048United States OfflineCanada  HuKUnited States  Minigun
Aug 15Sep 20Millenium Show Cup$4,05716France Online/OfflineSouth Korea  ForGGNorway  Snute
Aug 12Aug 182013 WCS Season 2 Europe: Challenger League WCS EU$4,80040Germany OnlineSlovenia  Starbuck
Aug 2Aug 3CPL Championship 2013$6,5008China OfflineChina  JimSouth Korea  MarineKing
Jul 28Aug 18WCG 2013 South Korea Qualifier WCG$00South Korea OfflineSouth Korea  PartinGSouth Korea  Sora
Jul 27Jul 27Taiwan eSports League 2013 TWOP$3,34312Taiwan OfflineSouth Korea  GeniusSouth Korea  TY
Jul 26Jul 28Red Bull Training Grounds #2$10,0008United States OfflineNorway  SnuteCanada  HuK
Jul 2Sep 52013 WCS Season 2 America: Challenger League WCS AM$4,80040United States OnlineSouth Korea  NesTea
Jun 29Jul 22013 Asian Indoor-Martial Arts Games$08South Korea OfflineSouth Korea  sOsSouth Korea  Flash
Jun 21Jun 23Red Bull Training Grounds$8,6008United States OfflineSouth Korea  GoldenSouth Korea  Sound
Jun 18Aug 22ESL Pro Series Germany - Summer Season 2013$13,342.9912Germany OnlineGermany  HasuObsGermany  Tarrantius
Jun 15Jun 18E-Sport SM 2012-2013$23,420.598Sweden OfflineSweden  NaNiwaSweden  ThorZaIN
Jun 8Jun 92013 Gigabyte Pro League #1$3,973.808France OnlineSouth Korea  SquirtleNorway  Snute
Jun 8Jul 282013 Ritmix Russian StarCraft II League Season 5$9,00032Russia OnlineSouth Korea  LifeSouth Korea  Bomber
Jun 1Jun 2Numericable M-House Cup2$7,826.408France OfflineSouth Korea  CuriousSouth Korea  ForGG
May 21Jun 52013 WCS Season 1 Europe: Challenger League WCS EU$4,80040Germany OnlineSouth Korea  MMA
May 18May 19GeForce E-Sports 2013$10,5954China OfflineSouth Korea  YoDaChina  MacSed
May 13Jun 212013 WCS Season 1 America: Challenger League WCS AM$4,80040United States OnlineCanada  Scarlett
May 10Jul 7Taiwan eSports League 2012-2013 Second Half – Season 2$14,621.8812Taiwan OfflineSouth Korea  SanTaiwan  Sen
May 5May 21SHOUTcraft America$10,00016United States OnlineCanada  KaneUnited States  State
May 1, 2013Aug 16, 2014ESET Masters 2013$20,00032Europe Online/OfflineSouth Korea  StarDustSouth Korea  Golden
Mar 23Mar 24ESET UK Masters$15,07224United Kingdom OfflineNorway  SnuteSouth Korea  Sting
Mar 2May 5Taiwan eSports League 2012-2013 Second Half – Season 1$14,728.0312Taiwan OfflineTaiwan  SenTaiwan  Ball

Wings of Liberty Tournaments[edit]


Feb 19May 10ESL Pro Series Germany - Spring Season 2013$6,125.9812Germany OnlineGermany  HasuObsGermany  Socke
Feb 12Mar 312013 Ritmix Russian StarCraft 2 League Season 4$7,50024Russia OnlineSouth Korea  HyuNSpain  LucifroN
Jan 11Jan 13Esports Champion League 2012: Grand Finals$5,952.674China OfflineChina  XluoSChina  Jim
Jan 8Jan 9HyperX 10-Year Tournament$15,0006United States OfflineSouth Korea  JaedongSouth Korea  MC


Dec 24, 2012Jan 18, 2013NEO Star League 2012 Season 2 NSL$13,31516China OfflineSouth Korea  LureChina  XiGua
Dec 15Dec 16Numericable M-House Cup$7,847.408France OfflineSouth Korea  MarineKingUkraine  DIMAGA
Dec 11Dec 13MSI Pro Cup Worldwide$6,533.508France OnlineSouth Korea  HyuNCanada  Scarlett
Dec 8Dec 9THOR Open 2012$22,9888Sweden OfflineSpain  VortiXNorway  Snute
Dec 3Dec 20MLG Tournament of Champions MLG$7,0008United States OnlineSouth Korea  PartinGSouth Korea  Rain
Dec 1Dec 2ESET UK Masters$8,06516United Kingdom OfflineUnited Kingdom  BlinGGermany  KrasS
Nov 30Dec 2Norwegian Championship SpillExpo 2012$5,284.058Norway OfflineNorway  TargANorway  Eiki
Nov 27Dec 282012 Ritmix Russian StarCraft 2 League Season 3$7,50024Russia OnlineSouth Korea  OzSpain  VortiX
Nov 16Nov 16Acer StarCraft Challenge$7,350.808Germany BerlinSouth Korea  SageNorway  Snute
Nov 10Nov 11Lone Star Clash 2$15,00016United States OfflineFrance  StephanoSouth Korea  Bomber
Nov 8, 2012Mar 9, 2013G-League 2012 Season 2$14,4008China OfflineChina  JimChina  XiGua
Nov 1Nov 3IEF 2012$17,00012China OfflineSweden  SaSeChina  TooDming
Oct 26Oct 28WCG 2012 Chinese Qualifier WCG$7,216.3822China OfflineChina  XluoSChina  MacSed
Oct 25Oct 27World e-Sports Masters 2012$31,0008China OfflineSouth Korea  LeenockSouth Korea  JYP
Oct 18, 2012Jan 19, 2013ESET Winter Masters 2012$12,00016Germany OfflineSouth Korea  StarDustGermany  GoOdy
Oct 13Oct 14ASUS ROG The GD Invitational$10,0008Sweden OfflineSweden  ThorZaINFinland  elfi
Oct 9Dec 8ESL Pro Series Germany - Winter Season 2012$14,995.7812Germany OnlineAustria  monchiGermany  XlorD
Oct 3Oct 4IeSF 2012 World Championship$4,49028South Korea OfflineAustria  monchiRomania  NightEnD
Sep 27Nov 12012 MLG vs Proleague Invitational$10,00048United States OnlineSouth Korea  soOSouth Korea  Oz
Sep 10Dec 16Evil Geniuses Master's Cup Series League VIII$10,0000World Onlineteam liquidrox
Sep 3Sep 5EPS Berlin Open$12,596.5012Germany OfflineGermany  HasuObsRussia  sLivko
Aug 30Sep 152012 WCG Korea National Finals WCG$016South Korea OfflineSouth Korea  YongHwaSouth Korea  MarineKing
Aug 27Nov 122012 Ritmix Russian StarCraft 2 League Season 2$7,50032Russia OnlineSouth Korea  LeenockCanada  Scarlett
Aug 24Aug 252012 StarCraft II World Championship Series: North America Finals$60,00032United States RaleighCanada  ScarlettUnited States  ViBE
Aug 22Aug 25Campus Party$25,00016Germany OfflineSouth Korea  SuperNovaNorway  Snute
Aug 21Dec League$8,9009Europe OnlineSpain  LucifroNUkraine  Kas
Aug 12Aug 122012 StarCraft II World Championship Series: Oceania Finals$15,0008Australia SydneyAustralia  mOOnGLaDeAustralia  MaFia
Aug 7, 2012Feb 7, 2013Asia StarCraft League$3,833128Taiwan OnlineSouth Korea  MaruSouth Korea  BBoongBBoong
Jul 28Jul 292012 StarCraft II World Championship Series: Singapore Nationals$10,20016Singapore OfflineSingapore  RevenantSingapore  Yekke
Jul 15Sep 9FXOpen Invitational Series #6$5,00064South Korea OnlineSouth Korea  SquirtleSouth Korea  PartinG
Jul 14Jul 152012 StarCraft II World Championship Series: South America Finals$30,60016Brazil São PauloChile  KiLLeRPeru  Fenix
Jul 7Jul 7Fight Club at Hot Import Nights$10,0004United States OfflineSouth Korea  HerOSouth Korea  DongRaeGu
Jun 16Jun 17GIGABYTE StarsWar 7$5,815.014China OfflineChina  MacSedTaiwan  Sen
Jun 16Jun 17E-Sport SM 2011-2012$14,360.578Sweden OfflineSweden  ThorZaINSweden  SortOf
Jun 15Jun 17GIGABYTE ESPORTS LAN Invitational$11,00024United States OfflineSouth Korea  MonsterSouth Korea  Sleep
Jun 11Sep 1ESL Pro Series Germany - Summer Season 2012$12,510.9912Germany OnlineGermany  HanfyGermany  HasuObs
May 21Jul 152012 Ritmix Russian StarCraft 2 League$7,00024Russia OnlineUkraine  KasUkraine  fraer
Apr 29Apr 30NVIDIA Gaming Festival 2012$8,0008China OfflineChina  MacSedSouth Korea  Moon
Apr 23Aug 11G-League 2012 Season 1$14,1208China OfflineSouth Korea  TAiLSChina  TooDming
Apr 20Apr 222012 MLG Spring Arena 1$10,9008United States New YorkSouth Korea  DongRaeGuSouth Korea  MarineKing
Apr 10Dec 19GGA Finals Season 1$5,00032United States OnlineSouth Korea  HyuNSouth Korea  Revival
Apr 5Apr 7Copenhagen Games StarCraft 2 Challenge$8,511.7623Denmark OfflineUkraine  KasFinland  Welmu
Apr 4Apr 8The Gathering 2012$17,212.8248Norway OfflineSpain  LucifroNRussia  Brat_OK
Mar 22Apr 15NEO Star League 2012 Season 1$13,16616China OfflineChina  LoveCDChina  Loner
Mar 17Mar 18Lone Star Clash$10,00016United States OfflineFrance  StephanoSouth Korea  Polt
Mar 13Apr 3IPL Tournament of Champions$12,00016United States OnlineSouth Korea  jjakjiSouth Korea  Creator
Mar 5Jul 1Evil Geniuses Master's Cup Series League VII$10,0000World Onlinecol.mvpfnatic
Feb 13Apr 29ESL Pro Series Germany - Spring Season 2012$13,190.9912Germany OnlineGermany  HasuObsSwitzerland  biGs
Jan 21Feb 12FXOpen Invitational Series #5$5,00032South Korea OnlineSouth Korea  DongRaeGuSouth Korea  MarineKing
Jan 2Jan 5The King of Kongs$3,150.738South Korea OnlineSouth Korea  DongRaeGuSouth Korea  KangHo


Nov 20Nov 20IGN ProLeague Season 4 UK Qualifier$20,00032United Kingdom OfflineFrance  StephanoSouth Korea  TAiLS
Nov 18Nov 20MLG Global Invitational Finals$4,0004United States ProvidenceSweden  NaNiwaSouth Korea  NesTea
Nov 12Nov 12Battle in Berlin$10,0008Germany BerlinPoland  NerchioGermany  GoOdy
Nov 7, 2011Jan 7, 2012G-League 2011 Season 3$13,95010China OnlineChina  XiGuaChina  LoveCD
Nov 4Nov 6ASUS ROG Stars Invite$10,0008Finland HelsinkiUnited States  IdrASouth Korea  SeleCT
Nov 3Nov 13Team Ace Invitational$17,576.5520South Korea OnlineSouth Korea  MvpSouth Korea  GanZi
Nov 1, 2011Jan 13, 2012World GameMaster Tournament 2012$6,10320China BeijingSouth Korea  LynChina  XiGua
Oct 15Oct 15G-League 2011 Season 2$28,237.238China OfflineSouth Korea  LynChina  LoveCD
Oct 7Oct 9IeSF 2011 World Championship$25,00021South Korea OfflineSweden  SjoWNetherlands  Grubby
Oct 7Oct 9Samsung European Championship 2011$6,00016Poland WarsawFrance  ToDPoland  Nerchio
Sep 17Oct 2Arena of Legends$5,419.1212South Korea OnlineSouth Korea  MarineKingSouth Korea  DongRaeGu
Sep 17Sep 17DreamHack SAPPHIRE AMD Valencia Invitational$15,1228Spain ValenciaSouth Korea  DongRaeGuSweden  ThorZaIN
Sep 17Sep 18SEA / ANZ StarCraft II Invitational 2011$13,0008Australia OfflineAustralia  mOOnGLaDeNew Zealand  JazBas
Sep 3Sep 4China 1st 3D Electronic Games$19,7128China BeijingChina  LonerSouth Korea  Moon
Aug 26Sep 10Taiwanese Invitational 2011$24,50016Taiwan TaipeiTaiwan  SenTaiwan  Nifi
Aug 17Aug 21Champions Trophy KotH$8,0008Germany CologneUkraine  Kas
Aug 15Dec 4ESL Pro Series Germany - Winter Season 2011$15,955.6416Germany OnlineGermany  SockeGermany  GoOdy
Aug 12Aug 13North American Invitational 2011$24,0008United States OfflineSouth Korea  SeleCTUnited States  Sheth
Aug 10Aug 11Latin American Invitational 2011$24,0008United States OfflineMexico  MajOrChile  KiLLeR
Aug 9Aug 20Chinese Invitational 2011$18,00032China OfflineChina  XiGuaChina  Uhen
Aug 6Aug 7European Invitational$24,5008Poland OfflineNetherlands  RetSweden  NaNiwa
Aug 5Aug 7CPL Invitational 2011$7,40010China OfflineSouth Korea  MarineKingSweden  SaSe
Aug 5Aug 7WCG 2011 Chinese Qualifier$6,956.7416China OfflineChina  XiGuaChina  F91
Jul 12Jul 16Torneo ESL Starcraft 2$13,205.4516Spain ValenciaGermany  HasuObsGermany  Socke
Jul 3Jul 3Master Series Finals 2010/2011$6,233.7112France LillesFrance  StephanoFrance  KenZy
Jun 23Jun 26HomeStory Cup III$7,085.1532Germany KrefeldCanada  HuKSweden  NaNiwa
Jun 23Sep 29GeForce Starcraft II Pro/Am$15,00048United States OnlineSouth Korea  MMASouth Korea  Mvp
Jun 14Jun 18LG Cinema 3D Special League$34,96016South Korea SeoulSouth Korea  DongRaeGuSouth Korea  sC
Jun 11Jul 2FXOpen Invitational Series #4$5,00016United States OnlineSouth Korea  MarineKingSouth Korea  TheStC
Jun 2Jun 25G-League 2011 Season 1$27,80016China OnlineChina  XiGuaChina  LoveTT
May 2May 31Dailymotion Cup$7,160.9932Europe OnlinePoland  NerchioSweden  MorroW
May 1May 29Tactic 3D Online Tourney$5,00096United States OnlineCanada  ddeUnited States  IdrA
Apr 23Jun 12GIGABYTE StarsWar Killer 6$9,257.6932China Online/OfflineSouth Korea  MCChina  LoveCD
Apr 21Apr 23The Gathering Easter 2011$8,408.6564Norway OfflineSweden  SjoWSweden  SaSe
Apr 21Apr 23Copenhagen Games StarCraft 2 Challenge$9,753.5062Denmark OfflineSouth Korea  MCUkraine  Kas
Apr 21May 1IGN ProLeague Season 1: "Best Of The West"$5,00016United States OnlineUnited States  IdrACanada  KiWiKaKi
Apr 12Apr 12DreamHack SAPPHIRE AMD Stockholm Invitational$15,8758Sweden StockholmSouth Korea  MCUkraine  White-Ra
Apr 1Apr 2NRG Hardcore Gamer$11,42956Australia SydneySouth Korea  AcEAustralia  Light
Mar 21Apr 17Gadget Show Live Invitational$7,2166United Kingdom OfflineSweden  NaNiwaGermany  Socke
Mar 14Jul 23ESL Pro Series France X$7,17920France Online/OfflineFrance  ToDFrance  Adelscott
Feb 15Jun 5ESL Pro Series Germany - Summer Season 2011$17,584.3216Germany OnlineGermany  SockeGermany  HasuObs
Jan 15Jan 16HomeStory Cup II$3,74416Germany KrefeldUkraine  White-RaSweden  NaNiwa
Jan 8Jan European Championship$7,726.2032United Kingdom OfflineGermany  TLOSweden  SjoW
Jan 5Jun 12Black Dragon League$6,00016Europe OnlineSweden  NaNiwaGermany  Socke


Dec 12Dec 12Beeline Cup$16,234.798Russia OfflineRussia  Brat_OKRussia  inNirvana
Dec 12, 2010Jan 9, 2011Gainward SC2 Tournament$8,60032South Korea OfflineSouth Korea  MvpSouth Korea  NesTea
Nov 18Nov 21GOM TV All-Stars Invitational 2010$13,00016South Korea OfflineSouth Korea  KyrixSouth Korea  MarineKing
Nov 15, 2010Jan 6, 2011World GameMaster Tournament 2010$5,28032China OfflineChina  XiGuaChina  xiaOt
Nov 13, 2010Jan 16, 2011Root Gaming's WARZONE$3,50032United States OnlineUkraine  White-RaTaiwan  Sen
Sep 13Oct 11ESL Pro Series France IX$4,892.3016France Online/OfflineFrance  SarenSFrance  AureS
Aug 31Nov 27ESL Pro Series Nordic Season 3$3,80014Europe OnlineSweden  SjoWSweden  MaDFroG
Aug 24Dec 5ESL Pro Series Germany - Season 17$14,380.6616Germany OnlineGermany  SockeItaly  ClouD
Aug 9Oct 9CyberGamer Live Ladder$10,00024World Australia  GLaDeAustralia  Starhunter
Aug 1Aug 8WTA Takedown!$257.8016South Korea South Korea  TheStCSouth Korea  Ensnare