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Map of the Month

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What is MotM?[edit]

Map of the Month (MotM for short) is an organization devoted to encouraging well-made maps and giving great maps the publicity they deserve. It was created in response to Battlenet 2.0's custom maps system, and the imbalance of many ladder maps.

MotM has a monthly map pool and a tournament that uses the map pool. The map pool changes completely each month, however the winning map is added to the all-time map pool.

Rewarding mappers is a big part of MotM's mission. It aims to encourage mappers to put as much effort as they can into mapping. Every 6 months, the previous 5 winners will square off in a map-making tournament for a cash prize. Currently, the prize pool is $25.

Getting maps played by the community is a difficult task. The MotM Tournament complementing the map competition each month is designed to involve the community in a high-level tournament. High-level players compete in a live-cast tourney for a separate cash prize ($100 as of the MotM 3). The maps are also hosted with a "MotM-" tag attached, making it easy to find them online. Replays submitted by community members are also cast during the tournament.

Board of Directors
iGrok Barrin LSPrime FlopTurnReaver monitor
Boomstevo prodiG dimfish
All-Time Map Pool
January 2011 February 2011 March 2011 April 2011 May 2011 July 2011 August 2011 September 2011
(2) The Crucible (4) Marshlands (4) Sanctuarium (3) The Eighteenth (2) Hysteria (2) Odyssey (4) Artifice
dezi NullCurrent funcmode Silence- Antares777 lefix Funcmode


MotM was originally brainstormed by Cyber_Cheese. From his idea, iGrok, BoomStevo, dimfish, FlopTurnReaver, and prodiG spent several months crafting the MotM organization, including Tournament guidelines, submission schedule, judging specifics, etc. They currently sit on the judges panel, although they rotate out with other respected mappers and players to submit their own maps to MotM. Their role is to provide a framework for the community, who votes for which maps they like, and which they don't. From this, the future of SC2 maps will be directed.


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